Those Headies Awards Moments When Olamide had something to say and Don Jazzy had something else to say

Those Headies Awards Moments When Olamide had something to say and Don Jazzy had something else to say

Things got very interesting at the 2015 Headies Awards when Olamide (and the whole YBNL crew) escorted Adekunle Gold on stage to collect his award for “Best Alternative Song”.

Leading up to this heated moment, things were already quite tense as everyone anticipated the winner of the coveted “Next Rated Award”. The Next Rated Award comes with a lot of recognition (and the bonus of a brand new Hyundai Car).

While a lot of people expected Lil Kesh to win, the award went to Mavin artist Reekado Banks.

So when Adekunle Gold came on stage with the whole YBNL crew, it was inevitable that the CEO Olamide would take the microphone to speak his mind.

Olamide pulled a Kanye by going off on the Headies, saying the award should have gone to Lil Kesh as he had back to back hit songs all year round. Olamide railed, “Ko ni da fun Iya anybody!” (A Yoruba expletive involving the mother of the recipient) and flipped off the entire hall before throwing his drink on stage and storming off with his crew.

Just when we thought things had ended, Don Jazzy was given a Special Recognition award and in his speech, he stated that he had never liked awards and the only reason he came for the show was to support his “children”. He also stated that he had told Reekado Banks and Korede Bello (who were both nominated for the Next Rated award) that he’d buy cars for them.

Don Jazzy ended his speech with a bombshell, saying, “Egbon Olamide, if you want the car, come and collect it. God bless you.”

The last statement must have struck a nerve in Olamide, because the rapper went on (where else?) twitter to swing at Don Jazzy.

Read what his tweets below:screen twi1screen twi2screen twi3screen twi4screen twi5screen twi6screen twi7

LOL. Never a dull moment in the entertainment industry. Olamide dey vex ghan! Methinks this beef has been simmering for a while now, what do you think?

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  1. ken
    January 02, 06:34 Reply

    Wow I can tell this year is sooo gonna be exciting in naija entertainment industry…hehehe

    But seriously I think olamide needs to shut up! The insults were unnecessary and his actions kinda childish

    • Pink Panther
      January 02, 06:35 Reply

      True. Very true. Abeg he let his temper run unnecessarily wild.

      • ken
        January 02, 06:46 Reply

        Did you sense he began to regret his earlier ridiculous rants towards the end. I just love the way djazzy didnt reply him.

        Djazzy my sweet boo! 🙂

  2. Mike Daemon
    January 02, 06:35 Reply

    Who is managing these artistes I wonder, so fucking unprofessional…

  3. johnny
    January 02, 06:44 Reply

    wow. I missed a lot sha. Olamide has fallen my hand, I like this guy die. So all these artistes don’t have common sense. Lil kesh is doing rubbish, If that’s what he want to hear.

  4. Kenny
    January 02, 06:49 Reply

    Even though I don’t think Lil kesh deserved the award his songs were big hits even bigger than reekado so I get why olamide was pissed. Now he didn’t call out Don jazzy, I feel he was calling out the organizers of the show and it was wrong for Don jazzy to react the way he did. Fine he was supporting his artist but he could have done it with class? Telling Olamide to come and have the car was just plain childish!

    • Oluwadamilare Okoro
      January 02, 08:35 Reply

      But Olamide should know it is not about hits but about votes … He should just have put his all into publicity for fans to vote … Which is what don jazzy did … Now mavin fans then chose reekardo over korede!

  5. yinkss
    January 02, 06:50 Reply

    Dunno y everybody kept saying lil kesh deserve to win. Although he has more hits but his songs are trash. Left to me, he deserves no award. I was expecting Kiss Daniel to win sha.

    • ambivalentone
      January 02, 10:35 Reply

      Maybe I av not read thru these comments, but the part where Lil Kesh doesn’t deserve any award is true. Who dash Kiss Daniel sef? Nonsensical lyrics, same beats and A LOT of noise. Iranu and Abasha. Why anyone likes Olamide still surprises me. Mtcheeeewwwwww

  6. #TeamKizito
    January 02, 06:56 Reply

    This is what you call #Painment

    Wadne. Punlicity. Ur a lebel.


    Methinks Olamide is really the childish one here. He should take just one sit and shut up; There’s no Steve Harvey that can happen now.

    Fuck boy. Fucking boy. Fuck boy. Fucking boy. Please!

    Redhead should have won sef.

    You don’t know now? I wanna tell you something: That award looks like the head of Sound Sultan.

    • Oluwadamilare Okoro
      January 02, 08:43 Reply

      Hi kizito. My bae was a drunk and angry rapper … Spell-check and his thumbs were disagreeing big time.

      But he shouldn’t have gone on twitter to make all those rants!

      Does he even have a manager? Or a PR team #sigh!!!

  7. Zage
    January 02, 07:00 Reply

    All this drama na publicity stunt, and that’s what sells in the entertainment business.

    • #TeamKizito
      January 02, 07:14 Reply

      Actually, this kind of drama can mar one’s image/reputation in the entertainment business.

      • Oluwadamilare Okoro
        January 02, 08:45 Reply

        Image and persona doesn’t count for a lot in the Nigerian music scene.

        Plus these two people have a wide fan base.

  8. Dennis Macaulay
    January 02, 07:17 Reply

    I am not big on Nigerian entertainment scene but from what I gathered the winner in that category is decided by voting online and Mavins clearly had a bigger following online especially as Don Jazzy is Santa online!

    I think the Olamide guy was a tad childish with his rant on stage, and throwing the microphone on the floor was very disrespectful!

    Meanwhile did anybody see Korede baby? *sigh*

      • Dennis Macaulay
        January 02, 07:46 Reply

        *Dabs eye with tissue*

        How can I not miss that cute face and that smile!

        • Pink Panther
          January 02, 07:48 Reply

          :O Whatever happened to when someone is your ex, you shut the door and move on. #InShock

  9. Mandy
    January 02, 07:17 Reply

    Ehen, so what if Don Jazzy called your name? Can’t you take a shade like a player, brush it off and keep going. This Olamide is such a child abeg. Good a thing Don Jazzy didn’t it even deem it fit to respond to him.

  10. Alves
    January 02, 07:23 Reply

    Why am I not surprised? Well Olamide was childish, but Don Jazzy, being the elder, shouldn’t have called him out.

  11. Masked Man
    January 02, 07:36 Reply

    Are you fucking kidding me right now?
    Reekado Banks?
    Are you for real?
    And that senseless video called catapult even snagged video of the year?
    Biko who’s responsible for giving these awards?
    I mean, who decides who wins?
    2014/2015, Lil Kesh was a bigger artiste than Reekado Banks.
    At least, Korede Bello should have won, not Reekado Microfinance.

    But Olamide sha…

    • Dennis Macaulay
      January 02, 07:41 Reply

      Don’t make noise, it was by voting oga! If you people really loved olamide and his crew you should have voted for them online.

      In that whole mix korede is the only one I know and whose song I have listened to so I cannot comment on who is better, however like I said, it came down to online votes and Mavins are clearly more popular online!

      • Masked Man
        January 02, 07:46 Reply

        Oga camdan. Lemme make noise. E reach to make noise.

        How do we know who was more voted for?
        We do we even have reviews?

        The Reekado guy and his kataput song; I think I’ve only stumbled on them once.

        • Dennis Macaulay
          January 02, 07:51 Reply

          Honestly I don’t know any of these people and their music besides my baby korede ofcourse!

          But like I said it came down to online voting and the most popular not the most talented will win. Yesterday alone Don Jazzy gave out 500k free on twitter! Through out 2015 he gave out more airtime on twitter than the mallam on your street sold. How do you really gather more votes than him in an online poll?

          I also heard the votes very collated and verified by an independent auditor before the awards, I will find out the auditor who did the job.

          Next time if you people love someone nominated for an award, vote them!

          • Pink Panther
            January 02, 07:53 Reply

            But then, you have to wonder at why fans voted more for Reekado and not for Korede Bello. IMO, Korede Bello’s music made more sense this past year than Reekado’s.

          • Masked Man
            January 02, 07:55 Reply

            The same way Beck was voted for abi, that made him win Album of the Year. Because I have seen how much of a philanthropist he is.

            • Dennis Macaulay
              January 02, 08:03 Reply

              My dear I don’t even know who Beck is, I am the worst person to critic Nigerian music because I really don’t listen much. Nigerian music is however great for exercise and Chestnut my boo gave me a great playlist of Nigerian songs recently which I use to run/cycle/work out, other than that….!

              On this matter however Olamide has no point, he was childish and disrespectful! Plus Don J doesn’t know how to throw shade, he would have thrown that sub without mentioning names and e go still enter!

              • Masked Man
                January 02, 08:11 Reply

                Beck is not a Nigerian.

                You hardly listen to music. I shouldn’t argue with you.

                Hi Peak. No sef, this one will come and give me lil Kim madness.

                Aha! Lothario, where are you?

                • Oluwadamilare Okoro
                  January 02, 08:28 Reply

                  Hi Masked Man. I am with Dennis on this one … It was a voting category … It’s all about the votes … And after 10yrs of giving out this category, why is it this particular one?

                  YBNL was just pained … And they were drunk/tipsy!

                  • Masked Man
                    January 02, 08:32 Reply

                    Voting my ass.
                    Nigerians have not even finish voting for their leaders, na Reekado Banks.
                    You both should just hold hands and sashay away.

    • Peak
      January 02, 10:01 Reply

      @Masked Man, nominations and eventual winners at the Grammys are decided by a committee of stakeholders in the music/entertainment business. That’s why Beck won instead of the more renowned acts.
      Unlike other awards like the VMA, EMA, teen choice etc, most awards these days are given out based on votes. Other than the Grammys that uses a committee of experts and the billboard awards that uses sale/streams/chart positions to decide winners, every other music awards is based on voting.

  12. Dennis Macaulay
    January 02, 07:45 Reply

    Meanwhile I am waiting for Oluwamidare Okoro!

    Biggest Olamide fan I know, oya come and voltron for your bae!

    • Oluwadamilare Okoro
      January 02, 08:11 Reply

      Hi Dennis. You know me to an extent … I am certainly not a robotic voltron!

      Me and Olamide’s relationship is on the rocks now because I don’t subscribe to childishness! He is presently downstairs at my house singing “melo melo” and begging me … He is still bae but he has to sweat it.

      • Dennis Macaulay
        January 02, 08:21 Reply

        Lol! I know how much you love him na which is why I called your attention!

        He was definitely childish, very much so!

        He is begging you “downstairs”? Okay!

  13. sinnex
    January 02, 08:13 Reply

    The question here is, how many of those ranting online voted?

    I love Lil Kesh and Olamide and want to do some bad things to them in ways you can’t imagine, but Lil Kesh sings thrash. Yes, his songs are popular and all, but this award is not about popularity. Rekaado Banks is better than Lil Kesh and it doesn’t help that he is my kinda guy. I even prefer Rekaado Banks to Korede Bello because I think he is the next big thing. We should not let our emotions cloud our judgments.

    I am Not a fan of Don Jazzy but my respect for him increased notches higher. That’s what you’d call a TKO. No one can hold anyone for a Ransome.

    Anytime I hear of The Headies, I just remember what PSquare said some years ago when they didn’t win any award. They said The Headies was a ‘Yoruba Award’. Surprisingly, that was the first thing that came to my mind when this happened.

    • sinnex
      January 02, 08:20 Reply

      I don’t really care about the Award, but just glad that Adekunle Gold won an Award. His Sade song was my favourite for some part of the year. I loved it from the first time I watched the Video.

      Also, I am also happy that Timi Dakolo is gaining wide acceptance by the populace. Who would have thought!!!

      I am happy for them both.

      I was a little worried that Adekunle Gold was signed onto YBNL..

      • Dennis Macaulay
        January 02, 08:24 Reply

        It was the same narrative at the last Elections, people ranting about how Jonathan was their hero and their brother yet they didn’t even bother to go and collect their PVC, meanwhile every hausa man literally vanished from Port Harcourt because they wanted to go vote Baba!

        Next time, #VoteDontRant

  14. Oluwadamilare Okoro
    January 02, 08:23 Reply

    As an olamide die-hard, I am highly disappointed that he couldn’t keep it together … Flipping the stage is what I will never support … I believe in being prim n proper like that.

    Then Don jazzy should go and learn how to throw shades jare … Calling names was uncalled for … As Olamide’s rant made it seem he was attacking the show’s organizers (but we all know it was a shade).

    Now about that next rated category … Hmmmm …. It’s a category for a bright star that is expected to do big things in d future … Has little to do with present status and what the artists has churned out so far (ofkos what they doing now projects then for the future) … Then come to d most important part, IT IS A VOTING CATEGORY!!!!!!!!

    It means even if vicO, as useless as he is was mistakenly nominated and he rallied his fans surprising vote for him more than others …. He will get the award!!!

    While I love lil kesh’s music while dancing n polishing my shoki skills (he also belongs to olamide my bae’s record label) … Puliz I prefer reekado banks as a better artiste though he might have less popular songs.

    And the irony? I was rooting for CYNTHIA Morgan … Love that bitch to pieces!!!

      • Masked Man
        January 02, 08:29 Reply

        Hahaha, Dennis oh.
        Cynthia is bae.
        And RuPaul is everything.
        How dare you?

        • Dennis Macaulay
          January 02, 08:41 Reply

          Bike Cynthia Morgan and Victoria Kimani should be contestants on RuPaul’s drag race!

          They will fit right in!


          • Masked Man
            January 02, 08:46 Reply

            Trust me, if they contest, they’ll be booted out in the first week.

      • Peak
        January 02, 10:08 Reply

        Dennis, I’m not exactly a fan of Nigerian music, but Cynthia is that BITCH abeg!
        No joke, that girls goes HARD!!!

  15. Mr. Fingers
    January 02, 08:26 Reply

    Wow. I used to think Olamide is a humble guy, even after his rant at linda ikeji a few years ago. Anyway I get its the alcohol. Can these people just allow someone manage their career properly? No matter how talented young Olamide is this incident won’t be forgotten. The Internet never forgets.

    By the way with the Davido baby drama, Flavour Nabania’s wedding rumours and now this Nigerian bloggers are really smiling to the bank this period.

    • Oluwadamilare Okoro
      January 02, 08:32 Reply

      That manager bit … Gbam!

      But then Nigerians are not Americans … Tomorrow we are out dancing to their next party tracks n inviting them to all shows!

  16. Dennis Macaulay
    January 02, 08:46 Reply

    If it was Tekno that they cheated eh? I for tear Pant this morning!

    So let me go and drink coffee abeg!

  17. bruno
    January 02, 08:55 Reply

    saw that headline and had to double check to make sure i was on the right site… oh well, carry on

  18. #Chestnut
    January 02, 09:04 Reply

    Oh, Olamide tried it this time! I used to like him (b4 this morning), but how dare u try to check don jazzy? As in DON JAZZY???? How dare u?! I’m sure he’s lost a lot of luv from fans with this foolishness! I’m so glad don jazzy didn’t even reply him. Stupid small boy that thinks he can now run mouth with his elders! Mscheeew…I’m so annoyed!

    OAN: Dennis bae, u’re welcome for that work-out playlist *wink*…anytime u need more ratchet naija songs, I gat u; plenty “gala” and “booze” left to share,here. Hehehe…(But don’t ever come for Cynthia Morgan again,if not, we’re goin to have a major pro’lem!)

    • Dennis Macaulay
      January 02, 09:17 Reply

      Cynthia Morgan and Victoria Kimani always give me drag Queen glam! I’m over it!

      Maybe we should have a sweaty nude zumba session along to “share the gala share the booze”

  19. Delle
    January 02, 09:47 Reply

    Hollup, hollup, hollup! Now I know why this Olamide guy resorted to producing his own dictionary of words (slangs btw)…the dude can’t even speak Anglais! Lmao

    Don Jazzy just proved why he’s the Don. You don’t expect he’d start bickering with that unlearned street urchin, Olamide whatever. Fine, Lil Kesh may have deserved the award better (I hate street pop though), but Reekado is just a talented artiste and I guess that’s why he won…durrgh! And bringing up the incident with D’banj was so wrong on all levels. Childish much?
    Ride on Jazzy, the Igbos are solidly behind you on this…lol

      • Delle
        January 02, 13:20 Reply

        Lol durrgh! *flips weave and walks off*

    • Jeova Sanctus Unus
      January 02, 17:51 Reply

      Sorry, there’s nothing street about that pop.

      *Street Pop isn’t a music genre. Lil Kesh makes Pop (Afro-Pop) songs. He is a rapper who does Pop.


      • Delle
        January 02, 18:24 Reply

        To me Lil Kesh and the whole of YBNL do not make music that require genre classification. Baseless lyrics, shabby and repetitive beats do not require a genre, it’s so wrong as to classify their songs Afro pop. They sing Street pop and nothing more.
        I don’t need your thanks, pls keep it.

  20. Max 2.0
    January 02, 10:08 Reply

    We’re seriously discussing Nigerian music here? Priorities pinky, priorities…
    The Olamide guy was being silly and childish.

    • Dennis Macaulay
      January 02, 10:28 Reply

      Yes we are seriously discussing Nigerian music! I was not aware that there are a list of things we should not discuss here!

      • Max 2.0
        January 02, 13:00 Reply

        Yes there are @Dennis. There’s a more appropriate blog to discuss things like this.

  21. Peak
    January 02, 10:26 Reply

    I don’t really understand how the music scene in Nigeria really works, but there is such a thing as demography. Mavin has an upper class following. Mavin is like a high luxury brand compared to YBNL. Lil kesh is most likely to have a fanbase made up of area boys, “agberos” town boys, and party animals. While Mavin is likely to have a fan base that cuts across the board with a Legion of “high class babes and groupies” it’s these so called “high class and groupies” that actually have time to go online and cast their votes. You cant be on the street or in the clubs jamming to the songs when winners are decided based on votes, then show up the next day to shout “ojoro”.
    Reekado is the more superior and versatile act, hence his win is well deserved.

    In other related development, have you all noticed how we are using the word “childish” to qualify their actions because they are men and straight? If this were to be women or gay men, “bitch, bitchie and bitch move” would have been the choice of adjective. Stereotype anyone?

    • Jeova Sanctus Unus
      January 02, 17:57 Reply

      They are straight, when did that happen?

      BTW, both labels court the same demography — esp party-goers.

      Each label just follows the personality of their boss.

      • Peak
        January 02, 21:37 Reply

        You do realise that we have different social class of “party goers”?

        One is busy forming “street” while the other is all about being a “Don/boss” . They represent different brands and that reflects on the class of following they attract.

    • Pink Panther
      January 02, 19:45 Reply

      Lol @Peak. You’re so right. Childish for heteros, bitchy for homos. Tsk tsk

  22. Timi LEO
    January 02, 10:26 Reply

    Lol…..waow we should expect tackles in music dix year….whhooolaaa… let the drums start rolling

  23. Hema
    January 02, 10:26 Reply

    Olamide threw that shade at Reekado Banks, and indirectly at Don Jazzy. Don Jazzy came up and cleared the air.
    Following his TWITTER rants, you would see that Olamide had been looking for an opportunity to say all of that trash he put out. He had it for Don Jazzy all along. Why would Olamide involve D’banj and Wande Coal In demeaning tweets that do not even concern them?
    Don Jazzy is the Sugar Daddy of Twitter. Everyone gives him their votes all the time.
    Lil kesh sings trash.
    The same Nigerians following and retweeting VicO suddenly think they know what good music sounds like… Please!

  24. kacee
    January 02, 10:47 Reply

    An agbero will always be an agbero.

  25. ambivalentone
    January 02, 10:51 Reply

    I guess this goes to show Nigerians are looking for songs with sane lyrics. That even KB didn’t win in this category indicates that his songs are just trashy (sorry DM but I really think they are). The dude is just a poster boy. YBML shud go back to d drawing table. Less noise, less market quality yoruba ‘rap’ and MORE sense. Whats a year in Nigeria…if u have quality sha

    • peaches
      January 02, 13:07 Reply

      @ambivalentone am so loving u right now for your comment. he wants to take the award, then who is going to pay me for my beats pill, loudspeakers n earphones that their plenty noise n rubbish singing has ruined?eh?. Ha cho e ri m, but na God win.

      • posh6666
        January 02, 13:15 Reply

        Really?their rubbish songs destroyed your “beats” products? Lol when will some kdians drop the unnecessary fakery and exaggeration? Did we really need to know you use beats? Thats if u actually own one.. And please lie small small we both know no song destroyed any speaker,earphone or whatever.

  26. D-boy
    January 02, 11:07 Reply

    Lol @ management. Bad publicity is Good publicity in entertainment. After Olamide’s comment, Twitter had gone awol implying that Don Jazzy bought the award. Did don jazzy need to call Olamide’s name? Nah! Was it entertaining? Hell yes. A little drama to kickstart the new year ☺️

  27. Chizzie
    January 02, 11:12 Reply

    I don’t know any of the people involved, except Donjazzy. I’ve heard of Olumide several times but I don’t listen to Nigerian music so I don’t know any of his songs. And this is precisely why I don’t care for Nigerian artists . They are as uncouth and as unrefined as their songs.

    All they care about is making generic one hit wonders that would guarantee them endorsement deals so that they get to show off on Instagram. They really don’t care for music as a craft or their fans for that matter.

    If you really love music, and see it as an amazing source of expression and art, not a means to just dance, you wouldn’t listen to new age Nigerian music. Give me Nigerian music circa African Queen era, THAT was music not what the industry has become now

  28. Vhar
    January 02, 11:16 Reply

    1. So that’s how D’banj went from Star to somebody they use as example of misfortune, ehkwa?. Issokay. This life is just biurifu.

    2. Olamide comman burn all the bridges in Lagos finish. From TMB to Carter bridge to Lekki-Ikoyi bridge. I see.

    3. What does Olamide and Orubebe have in common?

    4. The first major twitter trend of 2016 is linked to the unrewarding gyrations of lumpenproletarian philistinism. Don Jazzy, Olamide. Dazz right.

    5. “Mo fa pon ran jade, waje bananana, iranu abashaaa.” And that’s music too? Is it a club commercial?…Yes! Award Material?…No! I’m sorry.

    6. Mavins and YBNL are the biggest labels in Nigeria at the moment.. Where’s EME though?

    7. All 4 of Keshs’ singles have done way better than Reekado’s. How else do you judge next rated? – Hairtsyle. Some people like pomo, others don’t. Some are indifferent.

    8. We have not finish Matthias matter, my booboo put mouth. Shey this how 2016 wee start on a beefy note? Okay o. Alobam!

    OAN: Yemi Alade has grown so much. Babe be packing muscle in her thigh region. Serena much? Okay.

    • Stranger
      January 02, 20:36 Reply

      Lol. Your number 4 point, you totally ripped that from Onye Nkuzi.

  29. posh6666
    January 02, 11:19 Reply

    Whatever really I would totally fuck the whole ybnl crew,i love their street songs and bad boy swags the mavins are too passive abeg and the whole guys there give me power btm vibes right from Donjazzy and his brother Dprince down to the baby of the house Korede.
    Rumour has it Dprince can like to suck dick for Africa lol.Lil kesh my baby definitely has more hits than Reekado with his pimple ridden face but the mistake was that he didn’t get enough votes whatever rreally.

    • Mr. Fingers
      January 02, 15:57 Reply

      Drag Queens and stupid gossip. Get a job, read a book or learn a trade, then u won’t bother ur self with who is sucking dick or not.

      • posh6666
        January 02, 16:17 Reply

        Lmao you sound so angry its scary *shivers* have we met? Did i snatch one of your lovers? Not a doctor but this so much hatred and bile isnt healthy sha just for one person.

  30. Adey
    January 02, 12:08 Reply

    As far as I’m concerned, Olamide did nothing wrong. He aired his opinion and his shade was obviously to the show’s organisers. Don jazzy took it too personal and decided to fight for his “children” ?. But Olamide fucked up when he threatened Don J on Twitter, that was uncalled for. All in all, they’re all idiots making MAD money so what they decide to do with their lives is not my business

    • ambivalentone
      January 02, 15:19 Reply

      “four singles…back to back…of high quality trash”. He shud pls take a seat and nurse a big fat chill pill. Rubbish! All puffed up like a fat fowl. Ode buruku.
      And now some twitter idiots be saying Lil Kesh deserved d award because Missy liked shoki??? Who buys phones for these ppl for heaven’s sake?

      • Adey
        January 02, 15:35 Reply

        Hate much… So much vitriol flowing within you, ambivalentone. Rotflmao!!! ????. You’re hilarious.

  31. Masked Man
    January 02, 12:16 Reply

    Nigerians on twitter are so mean.
    Di’ja is being burnt at the stake.

  32. peaches
    January 02, 12:58 Reply

    That Olamide shaaa… Be doing lije broiler, why mention D banj? no one thing works for everybody, if Reekado won the award nad you want to die, pls jump off the mainland bridge biko. It shld have been korede, my sistr to give you the sitback chair. isi ewu.

  33. gabbie
    January 02, 13:58 Reply

    who the hell is opening their maggot infested hole on their acne over populated face to say that lil kesh or whatever deserved that damn award? like have you tried comparing the recycled rubbish in a trash can music this lil kesh guy makes? Comparing it to the music marvin makes?please lil kesh you should be overjoyed to have been mistakenly nominated for that category…so be happy man…as for the headies…probably in your next life you would have considered making good music…for now…being nominated in any award should mean a “grammy” to you…reekado banks will always be a better singer than lil kesh…there’s really no argument…and i guess olamide and lil kesh will realise that soon…after the hangover 🙂

    January 02, 15:52 Reply

    Don jazzy is not a baby in this music industry, home aand abroad!, so @ this age and time I don’t think he shud beat around the bush!, olamide disrespected him by hating on the winner, who happens to be Don’s boy, calling him out right there was the right thing to do, olamide too small abeg!!

  35. Brian Collins
    January 02, 16:14 Reply

    Who said Don Jazzy hasn’t replied Olamide and mehn was it classic. The picture is all over the place. And mehn mothers were involved.

  36. Dickson Clement
    January 02, 17:52 Reply

    I watched the video now from the link Adey posted! Can you compare how Nigerian celebs give their acceptance speech to how dem white folks do it! Please is there any school for ‘on camera presentation” I’d love to attend

  37. Richard Moore
    January 02, 18:29 Reply

    Olamide kept tweeting about “the streets” running things but then I remembered that “the streets” are full of illiterates who can’t spell much less use the internet much less vote.
    *sips Lipton green tea*

  38. Ringlana
    January 03, 19:29 Reply

    Olamide behave like an employee that just got sacked .

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