Remember the hot felon, Jeremy Meeks? Well, there’s more ‘pics’ of him floating around

Remember the hot felon, Jeremy Meeks? Well, there’s more ‘pics’ of him floating around

Here’s a throwback for you and it’s just Tuesday. Last year, when Mr. Meeks’ mug-shot hit the web, it had everyone’s panties and/or boxer briefs in a knot. He was handsome, yes, but we had one question: ‘What dat D look like?’meeks3

Luckily the internet gods heard our faithful cry and answered by and by. The pics came courtesy of some angry ex-girlfriend.

Check them out.



Ok, I’m out. *running off* 😀

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  1. Sinnex
    October 27, 07:19 Reply

    Where are the size queens in the house?

    Is this okay for you guys?

  2. Masked Man
    October 27, 07:24 Reply

    This has been on Aazah for a while now. But there’s a debate, whether the tattoos match. But who cares, it’s a good dick. Drool all you want.

  3. Max
    October 27, 07:25 Reply

    Ok, its good ☺☺☺

  4. Teflondon
    October 27, 07:36 Reply

    I need to know the authenticity of this pic (if truly it’s his) before I invest my emotions into it.

    • ikhines
      October 28, 09:45 Reply

      It isn’t authentic. This is 100% tae’s dick

  5. KryxxX
    October 27, 07:43 Reply

    **Fanning flushed face**

    Oh wow!!!!

    That, up there, just reminded me of what I’ve been missing and how rusted I’ve become!
    I think I need to get laid osiso, O teela……………..

    • Masked Man
      October 27, 07:54 Reply

      No, go two more yrs. Save the cakes for old age na.

        • Francis
          October 27, 08:08 Reply

          Maybe there’s a story there. ??

          • Masked Man
            October 27, 08:11 Reply

            Oh yes there is, and some other story that involves your name. And oh, where’s Keredim? It’s a big story.

            • Francis
              October 27, 08:18 Reply

              E hard to find gist on Saints ?

      • KryxxX
        October 27, 08:41 Reply

        Oh my!

        I asked God for a friend nd instead of giving me one he gave me a bale of Okirika! Akpa okirika! Everyday I open, he drops a new bomb!

        Chi m, y me?!

        For the records, Take everything MM says about me with a bucket of salt! Thank you!

        • Masked Man
          October 27, 08:53 Reply

          So you are no longer crushing on Keredim and Francis?
          This is new.

          • KryxxX
            October 27, 10:02 Reply

            **Jaw drops to the floor**

            Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!

            Una see, my akpa okirika has delivered! he just dropped a new bomb!

            Have it in mind that When I get you, you r gonna die all kinds of death ever imagined in this world! All kinds!

            Anyways, you’d have to prove I said that! See you in court with your #EmpiricalEvidence!

            Kaceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Go get your man!

            • kacee
              October 27, 10:10 Reply

              Bia @Francis and @MM leave kryxxx for me, everything is not sex abeg. kryxxx are u serious about what u said? getting laid Osiso! hmmmm we get talk…

              • Francis
                October 27, 10:15 Reply

                Wait first e be like say we dey operate on different frequencies oh.

              • Francis
                October 27, 11:35 Reply

                By the way you don dey run escort agency? ?

                @Kyrxxx no mind us oh. ?

  6. john
    October 27, 07:44 Reply

    iranu abasha. too small for big boys like me. Cute boys ain’t endowed. you free to hit me

    • Masked Man
      October 27, 07:52 Reply

      Cock crazy horny bitch. Well done. Rep your ministry jare.

      • Francis
        October 27, 08:11 Reply

        *scratch that* Esteban big pass am

        • Masked Man
          October 27, 08:13 Reply

          So you have the name of this porn stars in your head? Well done!!!

          Hi Deola!!!

      • john
        October 27, 10:43 Reply

        wah ris dah? wait o. I do meat not steel. I don’t like it choking me. 2nd class virgin

        • Francis
          October 27, 11:33 Reply

          Entering damage control mode eh? You no wan rep power bottoms again? Lol

  7. Francis
    October 27, 07:45 Reply

    Authentic or not, that’s a well designed penis! ?????

    • kacee
      October 27, 08:02 Reply

      FRANCIS hahahahaha i’ll tell mummy for you

      • Francis
        October 27, 08:07 Reply

        She ma suppose gree say when you see a burriful sontin, you shouldnt hesitate to laud it ??????

    • Max
      October 27, 10:42 Reply

      The penis is really beautiful. I love the two color tone ?

  8. #Chestnut
    October 27, 08:17 Reply

    *in katy perry’s voice* :”I wanna see ur peacock, cock,cock ur peacock cock…”
    I always suspected he had a beautiful…”Architecture”. Angry ex-girlfriend indeed…I aint mad at him tho;market ur merchandise boo!

  9. Chizzie
    October 27, 09:23 Reply

    Nice Nice. Would make a perfect bday gift for yours truly. oh see what I just did there…


    • pete
      October 27, 12:13 Reply

      Happy birthday, Chizzie

  10. peaches
    October 27, 09:35 Reply

    I’m sure gon love the “dirty rhythm” he plays.

  11. posh6666
    October 27, 10:39 Reply

    Lol pinkie u are such a bad gurl.Anyways d pics has been around for a while,the moment his pics hit the net for the 1st time i ran off to google to find his nudes??? mind you that cock isnt even fully erect

  12. Delle
    October 27, 11:12 Reply

    I really do not know what that guy’s offence is (at this point I’m over caring), but whatever it is with a ‘church bell’ like that, pls do it to me 40 times OVER! Dang, u hot!

    *applying finishing touches to flushed make-up*

  13. posh6666
    October 27, 12:25 Reply

    So many thirsty peeps on this blog sha! And i think his outta prison now.

  14. tarter
    October 27, 13:09 Reply

    that’s not him,that’s gay pornstar tae the doug…. by d way haven’t u heard of nbc cancelling the new trans show “i am jazz” on dstv?

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