‘I Dream Of A Generation…’ – Kenny Badmus

‘I Dream Of A Generation…’ – Kenny Badmus

63992_10153555709975809_6192961654373154903_nThe following is a Facebook post updated by Kenny Badmus. It was so riveting, I simply had to share. Hopefully, there are people amongst us who share in this same dream. Check on it below.


It’s 4.48 AM here in New York. I just came back home from a long night of clubbing and partying. Or let’s say club hopping. My body is sore from dancing, but I promised myself to write this indescribable experience I had on the train home. Ok, let me try and describe it. I will try.

Four lads got on the train from Times Square. They sat just beside me on the long bench near the door. They were loud but they used no cuss words or profanities. When they referred to each other, they used the word ‘nigger’ or ‘niggy’. They looked like they were in their early 20s. Matching sneakers and shirts. Baseball caps with inscriptions of major leagues and pop artistes. Their pants were below their waistlines. Across the seat from us was a beautiful young lady with a butterfly tattoo on her exposed thigh. She wore just enough dress to cover all the right places but her cleavage.

“Niggy! I ma lick this garl up from head to toe,” one of the lads in the baseball hats said, as he eyed me to get some form of approval.

I slightly turned away, pretending to read a poster on the wall.

“Damn Nigger! You be saying things like that. I been like go do this shit. This nigger needs no approval. You know what I mean,” another lad whispered loud enough.

And the first guy walked up to the lady. He held the train pole close to the lady and went straight in. “Can I give you a nickname, bae? I’ll call you booboo.”

“You been fresh on me, but thanks,” the lady cooperated.

“No need to slow this down, bae. I want to get to know you.”

“Nothing wrong with that. Just so you know I’m a lesbian.”

“Damn… damn you been holding this nigger up.”

“Ain’t no messing with you. I can be your friend but you gotta know.”

“Nuff respect, bae. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. But damn! Lesbians be killing it. One of my niggies be gay too. That one in a baggy pant. We went clubbing on Christopher Street. We went to some of his gay spots and he came to some of our own spots. Lawd knows I ma do anything for them lovelies. That’s how we roll. We got each other like that. Hey Damon, this babe says hello.” The talking lad called the attention of one of the other guys.

“Hello, booboo,” Damon said.

“Your nigger be like making a move on me but I told him I like ’em girls,” the lady said laughing.

“That’s whatz up, booboo. I told him to always use my gaydar, he won’t,” Damon replied, as other guys on the train started to laugh.

Soon the four lads and the lady started to chat about the summer. They exchanged numbers with her, and she told them about some latest parties in town.

I rubbed my droopy eyes. I felt like I just dreamt about the future of my own country.

I dream of Africa where one day, in no distant future, our men and women will be friendly to each other, irrespective of sexual orientations, tribe or class.

I dream of a generation that has no problem being friends with their gay buddy and ready to protect her or him.

I dream of a space and time where there won’t be a need for an exclusive gay club or bar, because all will be welcomed by everyone.

I dream of a generation where the only time you will need to tell someone you are gay is when they make a move on you (or when you don’t want them to make a move on you.)

I dream of a future where our Facebook pages will be devoted to making a world a better place instead of telling people what God wants or not want.

Meanwhile, I write on.

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  1. Raj
    July 06, 04:14 Reply

    Africans are yet to understand the concept of “live and let live”..

  2. Ace
    July 06, 04:57 Reply

    This reminds me of a visit to a phone store recently. One of the sales rep made a homophobic statement while he was describing the ringtone of another female worker. The female rep he was talking to scolded him and told him something like “that is very insensitive of you… In times like this, people shouldn’t say things like that”. She looked very visibly disappointed and made the defaulter know it. I felt happy and wished the same for Nigeria.

  3. Jamie
    July 06, 04:57 Reply

    Worse still, they love expecting that because they belong to a religious affiliation, then it’s a rule for everyone else to belong as well! Then they begin to use the rules the religions spelt out for their private lives to wanna rule someone else’ life. I begin to imagine what the situation would be if we stopped employing morality and political correctness, and every religion began to canvass for their own religious laws to become those for the state!! It’s shit!!!
    And some people gonna be tagging and generalising homosexuals as if they have a lil sanity better than us!!

  4. Max
    July 06, 05:30 Reply

    Thats my dream too. I need to experience this before I die. Doesn’t matter where, I just need to.

  5. Mitch
    July 06, 05:44 Reply

    Wow! This is just so powerful. However, will Nigeria ever get here? I seriously doubt it

  6. pete
    July 06, 07:00 Reply

    I have a dream where people will not be judged by their bedroom activities but by the content of their character

  7. Sinnex
    July 06, 07:04 Reply

    My name is Sinnex and i endorse this message.

  8. kacee
    July 06, 07:20 Reply

    We hope Nigeria will get there someday(sooner than later), I’ve had it up to here*holding neck* to say something to homophobic people(i’m f**king surrounded by them) *in british accent but i can’t say anything, cos of work and loneliness.

  9. Dennis Macaulay
    July 06, 07:32 Reply

    Well research shows that homophobia is on the decline in Nigeria. Did anybody read that document from TIERs? It will take a long time, probably not in my generation but it will happen!

  10. Dennis Macaulay
    July 06, 07:38 Reply

    In other news I just dont get black american english! This is why I dont watch Empire, i barely understand what they are saying. Its just a blurr of words to me!

    • Deola
      July 06, 08:30 Reply

      First it was Pidgin now its Black American english. Issorai.

      • Peak
        July 06, 08:42 Reply

        Deola! Honey shey u de see me see wahala?

        This dude better be walking around speacking Oxford english with proper accent to booth, cos I swear I will jump in front of a moving dangote truck if I eventually find out that he speaks like a commoner like the rest of us. Warrisalldisna? Pidgin last week, american english this week! Father lord what’s next?

    • Peak
      July 06, 08:31 Reply


      Dennis! Really? Are you for 4king real right now?

      I guess we will be filing this new claim among other odd claims you ve made in the ” Diversity section” rather than the …………… section of KD’s archives.

      • Dennis Macaulay
        July 06, 08:47 Reply

        I am not denigrating it, I only said I struggle to read it and I struggle to understand it. How is that a bad thing?

        My favourite book of all time was “Their eyes were watching god” by Zora Neale Hurston and that book took me months to finish because of the language I could not speed read it.

        Try and understand my point before cuming after me (pun intended).

        Deola I dont like pidgin english how is that a bad thing?

        • keredim
          July 06, 10:33 Reply

          It comes across as a tad pretentious

      • posh6666
        July 06, 08:57 Reply

        Haba now are you a learner?the english in empire was very clear to understand like seriously thats why its one of the most watched.

      • Deola
        July 06, 11:55 Reply

        It does come across as a tad snubbish.

        Especially when you and Oga Diablo were in agreement that Pidgin is a Foul language. Surely that was you denigrating that one,if you arent denigrating “Black American English”.

        As for Empire there are many reasons why a lot of people dont like it, its cheesy, soapy, melodramatic etc.
        this is the first i am hearing that the problem is the way they speak…

        So do you avoid every piece of cinema/tv/entertainment with black characters who speak “Black American English”, cause if you do, surely that doesnt leave a lot of options left?.

      • Peak
        July 06, 13:45 Reply

        Lol! Wayrayminit! Are we having a he said, he said situation here?


        U better paddle hard with that backtracking honey. Put ur back into it.

    • Diablo
      July 06, 10:48 Reply

      lol wait, Empire was a blur? The things some of you say to come across as cool.

  11. Williams
    July 06, 07:46 Reply

    We definitely have a long way to go.A couple of days ago I was listening to some OAPs on #nigeriainfoPH and couldn’t believe the magnitude of ignorance,hate and gross homophobia .The focus of discussion was on Mozambique and how african countries may follow the U.S into accepting homosexuality.They kept saying this is ‘unafrican’ and even claimed not to know any notable gay Nigerians.
    If a media house like nigeriainfoPH in all it’s advancement can broadcast homophobia and such high level ignorance ,then indeed we have a long way to go.

    • Dennis Macaulay
      July 06, 07:50 Reply

      Hi sorry did you just use NigerianInfo and advancement in the same sentence?

      Also I did listen to the same broadcast and a (gay) guy whom I know who works there defended the broadcast. Safe to say we are no longer friends

      • Temi Cole
        July 06, 09:21 Reply

        I was listening to the Midday Oasis on Cool FM a while back and the OAPs take on LGBT issues was sad (even for the one that supposedly lived in Jande for a while) endorsing and stoking the fire of an already hostile condition. The road is long but I believe that we will get there, maybe not this generation but some day surely…
        Mr. Kenny Brandmuse… *sigh*

      • Williams
        July 06, 10:37 Reply

        I mean, this could be the end of their popularity or career were they broadcasting hate in a developed society.
        Just wondering if the presenters were speaking for themselves or the radio station…

      • enKAYCEd
        July 08, 02:37 Reply

        Suffice it to say that this conversation wouldn’t hold water if I was on air and it was at my own radio station.
        Besides, That NigeriaInfo fm in PH is nothing like advanced bro.

  12. posh6666
    July 06, 08:27 Reply

    I pray o lol.That will happen in naija only when the over zealous and self righteous over religious lots learn to understand to mind their own bizness,to not judge odas by their sin cos we are all sinners and also know that what two men do in the privacy of their room is actually nobodys bizness.Most gay nigerians will never show affection publicly anyways so atleast lets pray we will get there one day.

    July 06, 09:07 Reply

    I got the message instantly..

    I know Nigeria will get here, soon enough?

  14. Diablo
    July 06, 10:32 Reply

    Isn’t it convenient that he has such a dream miles away from Africa? Dreams for the post part are just dreams till you actively work to achieve them. If he wants change so bad in his country and continent, is he willing to face the consequences and campaign for change on African soil? And the same applies to us all. We want change but are too afraid to enter the fray.

    • keredim
      July 06, 10:42 Reply

      You wanna be the first to step into the fray?

      • Chuck
        July 06, 13:43 Reply

        keredim, simp[ly challenging religious dogma in conversation will go a long way. When that idiot Church elder or preacher shouts in your office, shut them down

      • Chuck
        July 06, 20:01 Reply

        Yes. Nothing wrong with them in a secular state

  15. ruby
    July 06, 20:48 Reply

    I dream of that day too🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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