“It’s about standing up for God’s definition of marriage.” Kim Davis counters Obama’s State of the Union Address

“It’s about standing up for God’s definition of marriage.” Kim Davis counters Obama’s State of the Union Address

While Kim Davis initially offered a terse, four-word review of President Barack Obama’s final State of the Union Address on Tuesday, the Kentucky clerk told a Catholic news network how she really felt.

In an interview with EWTN News Nightly picked up by Right Wing Watch, the defiant antigay clerk said she agreed with the president’s call to “stand strong [and] help those that are less fortunate,” as that’s a central tenet of her Christian faith.

But that’s where the presidential praise by the self-avowed “soldier for Christ” ended.

Davis, who spent five days in jail last year for contempt of court after she refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples in Rowan County, Ky., following the Supreme Court’s June marriage equality decision, was predictably displeased with the president’s characterization of nationwide marriage equality as one of the “unique strengths of our nation.”

“He had made the statement that everybody was free to marry who they love, and, of course, that’s the stand that I stood against,” Davis told EWTN’s Jason Calvi. “And it’s not, for me, it never was a gay or a lesbian issue. It’s about standing up for the word of the God and as God had defined marriage from the very beginning as between one man and one woman, and that’s what I stood for.”

Davis attended Tuesday’s address at the invitation of the Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan, who initially claimed he didn’t invite the clerk, but rather gave a ticket to the anti-LGBT Family Research Council, which subsequently gave the ticket to Davis.

Bolstering her position as a right-wing martyr for antigay religious beliefs, Davis seized on the president’s call to reject religious fearmongering and accept those of differing faiths.

“One of the things that he focused on was that we should not discriminate against Muslims or persecute them, but he never once said anything about the people of the Christian faith who are being so tried and tested and being mashed down, literally, with his agenda,” Davis told EWTN.

She did not elaborate on how the president has supposedly oppressed Christians in the country where 70 percent of residents identify with that faith.

Watch EWTN’s interview with Davis below.

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  1. KingBey
    January 17, 06:52 Reply

    I can’t let nsogbu ndii obodo oyibo disturb me this morning. Mbanu ! *prepares for first mass*

  2. ken
    January 17, 06:55 Reply

    This woman is the female version of ISIS. This is their exact mentality – supremacy of one religion over others. Sadly, this is what many pastors and priest and imams preach. And the end result is the terrorism the world is facing now

    • Pink Panther
      January 17, 06:57 Reply

      It’s baffling, especially for militant Christianity, when you remember that they claim to model their faith according to Christ.
      Christ, who is Himself the most tolerant Man that ever walked the earth.

      • ken
        January 17, 07:10 Reply

        Its pathetic really. Modern christianity is so radically different from the life of christ….. Judgemental, discriminatory, shallow and all about hypocrisy.

        Just tell anybody that u didnt go to church on sunday and watch the scorn on their faces. But they will hungrily dive into bed for sex with u.

  3. lluvmua
    January 17, 07:14 Reply

    can’t some body just kill her aiidy??? *sighs*….. na people wey dey do over sabi like this dey, die go hell….mtcheeew….rubbish and ingredients

  4. sisan
    January 17, 07:27 Reply

    I think we all know by now that she’s a dimwit.

  5. MagDiva
    January 17, 08:19 Reply

    Someone should cut off this woman’s oxygen supply already.

  6. Mandy
    January 17, 08:30 Reply

    Oh so because Obama is championing the cause of a minority, he is mashing down a majority? This woman has no shame, aswear. And for her to act like she’s the voice of God makes her a joke.

  7. Dickson Clement
    January 17, 08:32 Reply

    @ PP, I don’t know if Christ was that tolerant oo! Do not forget to remember that he actually flogged the devil out of the men making sales in his father’s house. A house he did not physically build!

    • Vhar.
      January 17, 10:10 Reply

      Dickson Clement, why not read and understand Jesus’ reason for driving people out from the temple courts? 🙂

      Here’s what I found out:

      What had begun as a service to the worshipers had, under the corrupt rule of the chief priests, degenerated into exploitation and usury. Religion had become external, crass, and materialistic; the temple of God had become a “robbers’ den” ( Matt. 21:13).

      As He surveyed the sacred temple grounds now turned into a bazaar, Jesus was appalled and outraged. The worshipful atmosphere that befitted the temple, as the symbol of God’s presence, was completely absent. What should have been a place of sacred reverence and adoration had become a place of abusive commerce and excessive overpricing. The sound of heartfelt praise and fervent prayers had been drowned out by the bawling of oxen, the bleating of sheep, the cooing of doves, and the loud haggling of vendors and their customers.

      Realizing that the purity of temple worship was a matter of honor to God, Jesus took swift and decisive action. Makinga scourge of cords(probably from those used to tie the animals), Hedrove allthe merchantsout of the temple,alongwiththeirsheep and oxen.In addition,He poured out the coins of the money changers and overturned their tables,an amazing feat for one man in the light of the resistance that must have come.

      Jesus’ display of force would have immediately created pandemonium in the temple court: the animal sellers frantically chasing their beasts, which were running aimlessly in all directions; the startled moneychangers (and, no doubt, some of the bystanders) scrambling desperately on the ground to pick up their coins;those who were selling the doveshastily removing their crates as Jesus had commanded them; the temple authorities rushing to see what all the commotion was about. Yet Jesus was neither cruel to the animals (those who object to His mild use of force on them have never herded animals), nor overly harsh with the men. Apparently the uproar He created was contained enough not to alert the Roman garrison stationed in Fort Antonia, which overlooked the temple grounds. Watching Romans may have found some satisfaction in this assault on the temple system and its leaders, who gave them so much grief.

      At the same time, the intensity of His righteous indignation was unmistakable. Christ would not tolerate any mockery of the spirit of true worship. His indignant wordsto those who were selling the doves, “Take these things away; stop making My Father’s house a place of business,”applied to all who were polluting the temple and corrupting its intended purpose. Jesus’ reference to God as His Father was a reminder both of His deity and His messiahship; He was the loyal Son purging HisFather’shouse of its impure worship (an action that prefigures what He will again do at His second coming [ Mal. 3:1–3; cf. Zech. 14:20–21]).

      • Chuck
        January 17, 13:07 Reply

        Using a Christian account of events to determine what happened is like asking the Audu boy if he raped Sugabelly. You will get a biased account.

        It’s always interesting how many logical hoops you are prepared to go through to justify your doctrine with the thin evidence available

        • Keredim
          January 17, 16:09 Reply

          And here we go again?

          I don’t suppose you care to share your own version of the said events?

          I suppose it’s too much for you to share the doctrine on which you stand, to counter this particular doctrine.

          Jeez man…???

          • Pink Panther
            January 17, 17:31 Reply

            He prefers to hack away, K. Just hack hack hack. And offer no resolution.

            • Chuck
              January 17, 18:52 Reply

              I’m not advocating for any version of Christianity. The point is that the Bible is developed from the religious beliefs and not the other way round.

              Every divine revelation and religious mandate should be taken with a grain of salt. It’s not verifiable.

            • Keredim
              January 17, 19:08 Reply

              Leave am ojare.

              Chuck O’Haka. ??

  8. JustJames
    January 17, 08:37 Reply

    That hair.. Attempting to channel Sasha Fierce meets crazy white chic realness, is we?

  9. Delle
    January 17, 09:33 Reply

    Next to Mugabe, this woman wouldn’t make it to heaven with me standing on guard!

  10. Max 2.0
    January 17, 12:57 Reply

    This joker again? **walks out*


  11. Ichie RedEyes
    January 17, 15:58 Reply

    osheyy kimmy baby, keeper of God’s dictionary.
    Hope when you die, this imaginary God you oppress people with will be real.

  12. Henrie
    January 18, 11:21 Reply

    Who unearthed this bigot again to grant them an interview? I thought we were done with her for long now.

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