The kito alert that exposed the shenanigans of the guy who goes by many names – primarily Goodluck (real name) and Repented Ageless and Davis Alvan (Facebook names) – has been causing quite a stir in the gay community.

In the face of all the overwhelming testimony of all the wrongs – including thieving, extortion and blackmail – that he has apparently gotten away with, there have been those who have come out to defend him based on nothing but “But I have met him and he did not do anything to me” and “But I know him. He is not capable of being kito”.


This particular character has also since then apparently made several posts threatening me, screenshots which have found their way to me. He has also sent me messages, threatening me with bodily harm.


Moving on, I want to point out what appears to be a gang of kito scum. Maybe they work together. Maybe they are just friends. Maybe they just know someone who knows the other.

But all of them have one thing in common: they have been exposed as kito scum right here on Kito Diaries, and they all seem to move in the same circles.

This is however a refresher post to let you know who these guys are:

1 DAVIS ALVAN (OR REPENTED AGELESS, an account which it appears he has either deleted or deactivated)



4 MARIO DEL RIO (Except he has now changed his Facebook name to FUNTIEO MARIO)


6 PRINCE HILLS (Goes by PRINCE HILLS (Youngxy) on Facebook)

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  1. Mitch
    January 02, 07:49 Reply

    What an unfortunate wawu!
    6 fools who’ve decided to do nothing better with their lives than be scum. Complete wastes of oxygen, these ones.

  2. Kaycee blinks
    January 02, 09:16 Reply

    I know ageless and warri very well…..they are tbz too…. and they have tried to kito me before in an uncompleted building……but my friend saved me…I didn’t go again

    • Pink Panther
      January 02, 09:26 Reply

      Please what happened? How did they try to kito you?

      • Kaycee blinks
        January 02, 09:37 Reply

        They asked me to come….. Ageless in particular he chatted me on Facebook and was persuading me to come… after failed attempts to convince me..he requested for my number…cos I told him that my instincts tells me to stay back so we had a video call….there I saw the uncompleted building he was…I still refused…he then called warri to try convince me immediately i saw warri…I screenshot thier faces…cos I’ve met warri before in a friend’s house…I called my best friend who knows better than me and explained to him …he was the one that told me what they do….. meanwhile my friend was already in thier hands that same day…….

        • Mariposa
          January 02, 11:48 Reply

          Thank GOD you’re safe… It’s so disappointing that someone would prefer Money than Life… Has it gotten to this…

  3. Figure
    January 02, 12:57 Reply

    These fools are all gays and the fact is that they are kitto too.belive it.thats the truth.

  4. Hercules.
    January 05, 13:44 Reply

    I just might invest time and money into getting back at these idiots this year.

    I met Ageless in 2016, bought him some food, a little shopping, back to my place and he was refusing to get intimate, I walked him out of my house, and that was it… Maybe I’ll make him a target this year, i just might be the karma some of these nuisances deserve.

  5. Ashawo
    January 31, 18:09 Reply

    Ageless, haha. I see him on my streets, World bank in Owerri, almost every day.
    I had my experience with him some years back he tried to attack me with his gang in a certain gay man’s birthday party, claiming I had insulted him on Grindr and called him a HIV Positive and a thief (meanwhile I wasn’t on Grindr then as it seems someone was using my photos and impersonating me on the yellow app), but the attack was futile as I had plenty of my friends around too, and it was going to be a dirty clash had he started a fight, because practically a major percentage of everyone there had nothing good to say about him.
    Karma is coming y’all.

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