KITO ALERT: Kito Scum Who Think They’re in a Game of Thrones Movie

KITO ALERT: Kito Scum Who Think They’re in a Game of Thrones Movie

Homophobes like to fantasize about all the ways they could kill the gays.

And apparently, Engineer Ebuka Ibrahim Mohammed (at least according to his Facebook profile) believes in executing Gay People Game-of-Thrones style, by hanging our heads for vultures to feed on.

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    July 09, 22:33 Reply

    Why is it always the ugly ones. Look at his dry face and long mouth like nkakwu(that long mouth rat with bad smell). I wish Nigerian LGBTQ+ will come together as one without fighting each to crub this kito mance. But it is what it is because some Judas in our midst will sabotage it just for dick and ass or be on their good page to keep getting whatever they are benefiting from them. Listening to Judas by Lady Gaga while they are chewing gum getting my Bussy ready for weekend knacks.

  2. FRED
    July 11, 12:47 Reply

    How straight people effortlessly use “kito” in their sentences. 🙄

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