Kito Alert: More About Stanley

Kito Alert: More About Stanley

The last time he was featured here, we didn’t have enough information about him other than that his name is Stanley and he operates on 2go, Grindr, Tinder and anywhere else gays are found. He was also the kito perpetrator in this story, Escaping Kito.

His numbers are 08057618954, 09019367251 and 09032265292.

He stays around Toll Gate, but also has a base in Ikeja.

Recently though, a KDian reached out to verify the identity of a person he was chatting with, and it turned out to be him. This KDian had more information which is basically his Facebook ID where he goes by the name Omo Stanley, and along with it, more pictures of him.

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  1. Ken
    July 09, 08:58 Reply

    Another way to tackle this kito beasts is to get specialized hackers that will drain all their bank accounts once their identity is confirmed. Sort of like an LGBT hushpuppi syndicate

    Except we fight back and these scum know revenge can meet them anywhere, these animals will keep perpetrating their evil. Gosh I wish I was an hacker

    • Bliss
      July 09, 10:23 Reply

      I swear bro. If only we’re hacker or we know someone. That will be the beginning of what i will do to them.

    • Olly
      July 09, 12:01 Reply

      These guys are broke. You’ll only find coins in their accounts. I wouldn’t mind breaking a few legs and hands though. We have to make people like this feel pain at some point.

  2. Raven
    July 09, 10:42 Reply

    This guy isn’t fine tho. Who is hooking up with him?

    • Blackie
      July 09, 14:07 Reply

      But some guys and their choice though! I dont know that neanderthals still exsist and that they aslso kito real

  3. Blaze
    July 09, 13:37 Reply

    Such ugliness. Tueh
    Hideous beat

  4. Tristan
    July 10, 23:07 Reply

    Some guys love it rough, uncivil and ugly. It will amaze you to know what’s on their choice list.

  5. Rudy
    July 11, 06:48 Reply

    The Category is Sad, hopeless, wrinkly, “am I deserving of love”, scrawny, internalised homophobic looking imp…..
    *MIC DROP*

    Pray Tell: Baby nobody want you! Wipe that thing you call “yourself” off the run way in that unforgivable weeds mistaken for dreads back into the brood of degenerates you crawled back from.

    In all seriousness, aside exposing these psychos, we got to find a way out to pay them back pound for pound in their own coin.

    We should register in their minds not to ‘F’ with the Gays!!!

  6. Rock
    July 12, 05:11 Reply

    Can we leave how he looks and worry about what he did/does?
    Trust me some gays like the rough and ‘ugly’ looking guys.Maybe he has other selling points?

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