The guy whose pictures are below goes by the name Prince Onyedikachi Uche on Facebook. Last known location is Aba. And through his scheming, the life of an adult LGBT man is basically ruined, following the public humiliation he suffered and the ousting he got from his landlord. Prince Onyedikachi Uche is reportedly gay, and obviously the kind who seeks fellow gay men he can prey on.

Take note of him and beware. 

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  1. John Adewoye
    July 29, 07:39 Reply

    He is certainly gay, with about 150 mutual gay friends with me.
    But what went wrong?
    The social set of Nigeria?
    The economic stagnation?
    Love gone really a wrong?
    What is the other guy’s story?
    Where is the other guy?Are
    How are both dealing with this fallout?

  2. Ojukwu Jeff
    July 29, 08:06 Reply

    He don’t even have curtains in his house… *SMH*

    • Ernomous
      July 29, 11:47 Reply

      hahahahahhaha ???????
      Twas only lack of blinds you took note of, what if the snapshot was inside a salon?

      • Ojukwu Jeff
        July 30, 11:29 Reply

        I guess his eyebrows are way more bigger than his dick…

  3. Rich
    July 29, 22:24 Reply

    Try that shit with me and see if you’ll not meet your ancestors in 3 days.

  4. ogb
    July 30, 08:35 Reply

    Still baffles me how a gay man will choose to kito a fellow gay man…with all the hate for lgbt people in Nigeria.

    • Pink Panther
      July 30, 08:37 Reply

      Its the kind of grievance I have no respect for. Men like that are scum.

  5. Ojukwu Jeff
    July 30, 11:26 Reply

    Y’all better be faithful to you boyfriends or rather not extend your ministry to someone else’s branch to avoid kitoed… biko kwa ike asiri adirom

  6. Gaia
    July 30, 14:49 Reply

    I don’t really think he’s Gay. Maybe one of those guys who fantasize dicks and latter discovered the benefits in kito business. *just thinking*

  7. Ray
    July 30, 17:44 Reply

    The dude is so damn ugly and fucking street. Geez the victim must be very ugly to go down with a dude with the red sea between his eye lashes. Sick

    • Karh J
      July 31, 08:39 Reply

      Some people are into stuff like that actually… Oh well.. The scumiest of scum they are to actually want to ruin another man’s life like that. They will never know peace, ever!!!!

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