Lamar. Remember Lamar? That pretty boy that kept me waiting for three hours and thirty minutes… Well, he had me on his bitch-you-are-mine hook. I liked him so much, but I wasn’t in love with him. At least, I wasn’t sure I was. Of course he possessed sexy features – tall, baby face, luscious lips, big, long, thick dick, nice biceps, yada-yada.

I was hooked. I did his bidding like a mumu sometimes; going as far as…well, inside Lagos to receive sugary tea, bread and eggs, watch a few scenes from a vampire movie, and then receive a nasty banging from that sizeable reproduction pole with which he feels like a porn-star.

Unfortunately, sex with him isn’t fun.

And after all this, I have to get back home to receive some major scolding from Ma and Pa.

God punish Lamar!

But, I was still hooked. *sigh*

But juju must have an expiry date. The day Lamar’s spell on me expired was when he invited me to Jonah’s place.

It was a lovely afternoon, and the distance to Jonah’s place was reasonable. I got there and was welcomed by Lamar, Jonah, and a bitch. I don’t know what it was, but I lost something inside me sharp-sharp upon getting in there.

Soon, Lamar began lacing mixing drinks. I took a few sips of what he offered me, and minutes later, I was feeling sick. Though my eyes were on the TV screen, I knew when Jonah took Bitch into the inner room; I could imagine what was about to go down in there.

Lamar came over to me and tried to work me up, but I wasn’t giving in. And then, he kissed me passionately, and something was reset in my brain. That voodoo kiss did the job. I succumbed to his will. Within seconds, Lamar was in and out with a bottle of cream and a condom.

Sex freak! I was a hard nut to crack, but not an impossible one. My chi punished me with Lamar, because sex with Lamar is punishment. Not fun. I winced repeatedly and pleaded inwardly for the punishment to end soon. I was still feeling sick. But the freak didn’t care. I came after a while, but he wouldn’t come with me. My chi, why?

I became weakened and more vocal with my plea. I gasped for freedom, for his grasp was too tight and his thrusts were too aggressive. But he wouldn’t let up. Jonah soon appeared and took the wheel. Lamar disappeared into the inner room; obviously Bitch was more fun. Jonah soon got bored and let go of the wheel, and I felt much relief.

But my chi wasn’t done punishing me, because Lamar came back out and put his arms round my midriff, and with one straight, sharp thrust, his reproduction pole was inside me again. Lord! I yelped. I could feel it in my colon.

“Stop…Stop! Stop…!” I gasped. But he was momentarily deaf and blind to my pain. I was pleading for my dear ass. “Please…I’m feeling sick…Stop, please…!”

Bitch and Jonah were now right in the room, enjoying the show. Tears pricked my eyes, saliva filled my mouth. I was gasping for air. Jonah came over and began caressing me. I cursed him and his future generations in my mind. The dirty pig!

Lamar the porn-star finally came when I felt like I was about to give up the ghost. It was bad. I felt like a raped virgin. I felt dirty.

On the bus home, I felt very transparent. I knew I stank. But my struggle was to fight back tears. When I got home, there was nobody around. Thank God. I went straight to the bathroom, threw up and shed some tears. An acquaintance called my phone afterwards; I was still feeling so vulnerable. I told him what I’d experienced. He listened well and spoke, “You were molested and taken advantage of. Don’t cry. Try and put it behind you… It’s a lesson that will be hard to forget. But just let it go…”

And I let it go.

I. Let. It. Go.

Written by Kizito

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  1. Max
    July 24, 05:47 Reply

    What we do to each other all in the name of sex.. And also fear of saying NO on the part of the victim.
    It’s sad..
    Atrocities like this are committed by the so called “strictly” tops.. And the victims are usually hoes who can’t say NO to thirst..

    So from this story, you were fucked by two different people, unplanned. Thats sounds typical.
    How do people have sex when a third party is in the house? I honestly can’t understand.

    • Mandy
      July 24, 06:09 Reply

      I don’t think thirst was the reason Kizito couldn’t say No. There’s no amount of thirst that will make any bottom endure sexual assault, IMO. i just think he got to cowed to exercise his will.

  2. Mandy
    July 24, 06:07 Reply

    Kizito, you know, for someone who was able to firmly say No that other time Lamar made the moves on you with his friend, you sure were a wimp in this situation. You had the presence of mind to say No to an unplanned threesome, but couldn’t say No to this flagrant sexual assault? I want to feel sorry for you, I really do, but this could have been avoided if you’d exercised the will you did before. I’m not of course excusing your rapist. That Lamar deserves to have that his reproduction pole put through the wringer.

    • pete
      July 24, 06:39 Reply

      he wasn’t raped. he gave consent even to the second partner. why should Lamar’s tool be put through the wringer? it should be Kizito’s ass until he learns to say no & always take charge of his body.

      • Pink Panther
        July 24, 06:48 Reply

        Pete, there are different shades of rape. He gave his consent, yes. But during the act, he began to protest. He cried for crissakes. When you persist after clearly noticing that your partner is in distress, it has crossed from consensual to rape.

        • pete
          July 24, 06:51 Reply

          he cried/protested? people do that & when you pull out, they want it back. he should be firmer with his protests next time

          • PEREZ
            July 24, 07:22 Reply

            “People do that, and when you pull out, they want it back”…


          • MagDiva
            July 24, 08:00 Reply

            Are you frigging serious with this statement?? No is NO!!! Whether he’s firm with it, sings it or coos it. It is still no and should be respected!!!! People need to learn some darn self control.

            • Brian Collins
              July 26, 19:31 Reply

              Like how Olivia Pope coos her nos to Fitz? cos i didn’t see anything like rape after that

          • pete
            July 24, 08:15 Reply

            magdiva, I’m serious. if you must say no, it should be firm. some NOs actually mean readjust not pull out/stop completely

            • Pink Panther
              July 24, 13:57 Reply

              Pete, when a top hears No, he should Stop. Simple as that. If it so happens that the bottom actually meant readjust, is it not the bottom who’ll then encourage him to continue? No should never be misinterpreted. You hear no, you stop.
              I don’t believe you. It’s your reasoning that gives heterosexual rapists wriggle room to lay the blame on their female victims.

          • pete
            July 24, 14:13 Reply

            Pinky & make the sex a stop-start thing? mbanu, I’ll get up & that’s the end.

            • Francis
              July 24, 14:20 Reply

              @Pete you need serious reorientation/deliverance or you need to bottom for some 12 inch fat dicks for some first hand experience. This one you are still justifying rape aggressively. O ga oh

              Abi na you be the Lamar wey Kizito dey talk about sef? *this one Obed show up yesterday anything possible*

          • pete
            July 24, 15:34 Reply

            Francis, I’m not trying to justify ‘rape’. I have bottomed but can’t for the type of dick you just mentioned. if it hurts that I can’t take it, that’s the end. that’s all I’m saying Kizito should have done. say NO, it’s your body.

            • Pink Panther
              July 24, 15:39 Reply

              He said No.

              But apparently, according to you, there’s No and there’s No.

              • Francis
                July 24, 15:50 Reply

                Nna I tire oh.

                @Pete kindly scroll back and read all your comments. You’re still missing the point. In your opinion his No was not enough as Pinky said.

          • pete
            July 24, 16:27 Reply

            Francis, read Pinky’s comment on 6:46am & know how to say some certain no

            • Francis
              July 24, 16:56 Reply

              @Pete in other words you’re advocating for an aggressive no, not a weak one? Bros na still the same thing you dey yarn. No no suppose get levels. NO = NO unless you guys are into S&M

          • pete
            July 24, 17:31 Reply

            I’m tired of these front & back. do what makes you happy. don’t come to kd & expect me to see it from one aspect alone. I’m only saying Kizito should have gotten the guy off him since he was in unbearable pain

        • Tiercel de Claron
          July 24, 12:28 Reply

          I see it as a violation of sort,but not rape.Heck,he stayed the course when the other guy took the wheel.

  3. pete
    July 24, 06:35 Reply

    it’s time you learn how to own your body. you are not enjoying it,please stop before you cause more damage. hope you learnt your lesson

  4. Diablo
    July 24, 06:41 Reply

    As a bottom, you should ALWAYS be in control in the bedroom, but then it can be hard because tops are extremely relentless . When turned on, their ultimate aim must be penetration-its almost like they become possessed .There is nothing i haven’t cooked up to get my way out of sex, I’ve used the what if i have HIV line, that didn’t work, I haven’t douched- that never works. The best thing is to avoid situations where you do not have the upper hand in the bedroom, and if that doesn’t work, lock yourself up in the bathroom ( preferably while playing candy crush with your phone) till they come back to thier senses.

    • Pink Panther
      July 24, 06:46 Reply

      Why do I even need an excuse to get out of unwanted sex? What am I, a weakling? Don’t I have the same strength the top does? If he won’t simply take No for an answer, I’ll bulldoze him off my body. See o.

      • kacee
        July 24, 07:48 Reply

        candy crush lol, PP the bulldozer LMAO

    • Peak
      July 24, 07:03 Reply

      Lmao. @ candy crush. Yea: when the blood leave the North and flows south, it can be quite hard to rein your self in.

      @Diablo what happens if Waiting out the storm fails? Cos if conji hold nwa boy, all you need do is reappear from ur hidding place, and he would stand attention to acknowledge ur presence.

      Kizito no mind them, come take hug, Let it go. We learn everyday.

    • Max
      July 24, 10:53 Reply

      Jeez… You guys must be meeting the wrong kind of people. I don’t believe anyone can over power me and force me to do stuff I don’t wanna do. I’ll cause them so much pain that they’ll never ever try such again with me. What rubbish…

  5. Iyke
    July 24, 07:18 Reply

    Like seriously?!

    Are you guys for real? Didn’t u guys see “laced drink” up there! D drink was laced for God’s sake! U guys shouldn’t wash d already washed boy joor! Jamal was a jerk who took advantage of him nd that’s that!

    All this ppl carrying weapon of ass destruction, looking for who to make incontinent nd calling it dick eh, may Sango give u guys blowjobs!

    Was in a near similar situation over d week! A friend who would always b using someone as a booty call! Decided I wasn’t gonna have any of it anymore, wore my sexiest brief nd went over when he called! I planned to tease nd tease I did! Dude started getting all worked up nd I told him if he tried rubbish I would scream! I meant my every word! D isi mgbaka stopped! Idiats!

    • pete
      July 24, 07:26 Reply

      & why will he drink a laced drink?

    • #Chestnut
      July 24, 07:49 Reply

      LMAO! “The power of the SCREAM”…I did not see that one coming, but it cracked me up lol.
      In othe news: I’m back Bitcheeeeezzzz!!!! Come give daddy a hug! (Now don’t lie; who missed me d most, huh? *dodging stones and sticks*)

    • kacee
      July 24, 07:52 Reply

      D isi mgbaka
      stopped! Chai chino! Lmao pls don’t kill me with laughter.

    • Max
      July 24, 10:54 Reply

      Laced drink? And he was able to find his way home afterwards?

      • Keredim
        July 24, 11:22 Reply

        Drunk people find their way home too..

  6. Francis
    July 24, 07:49 Reply

    I thought you were done with the Nigga the last time he tried to pull a threesome? That one for me na warning sign say this one na bad market…time to detach.

    I hope everything is still intact down there sha. Nyansh kegels dey help…so I hear

    Big dicks be looking good in pishures and on film but in reality na die. I’ve only come across one once and thankfully it wasn’t a rock hard erection so it was ok.

    • wondabuoy
      July 29, 17:08 Reply

      The bigger the dick (in flaccid mode), the less hard it can get because it requires more blood to maintain turgidity.

  7. Oluwadamilare Okoro
    July 24, 07:56 Reply

    I have been trying to put my words together but to no avail.

    It’s sex na … Not war… I don’t get why some tops can’t just watch and listen… I never have sex with anyone who is hesistant even if na one second… I always feel like it’s rape… It has denied me booty many times but Heyyy I am not dead.

  8. kacee
    July 24, 08:00 Reply

    Some guys need to be castrated, sorry boo boo Kizito, this kind thing i for show jamal say girl get power pass man mtchewww.

  9. Masked Man
    July 24, 08:44 Reply

    I seriously really hopefully wish that Vhar is reading this

  10. Keredim
    July 24, 09:59 Reply

    So no one apart from @Iyke noticed that Kizito’s drink was drugged?!?

    Drugged or not, the guy said No. Even if it’s to take a break to readjust he said No. Lamar should have stopped!!!
    And which one of you hasn’t once reconsidered a previously rejected hot hook up?

    @Kizito, Ndo. lesson learned. It could have been worse, at least he used a condom!
    @Pete your line of reasoning is quite puzzling. “Why did he have laced drink”?!?! I pray you are never in the same situation (or maybe you just like rough sex)

    • pete
      July 24, 10:19 Reply

      @keredim69, sorry if you misunderstood me. from the story, Kizito knew the drinks were laced & he had previous with the guy.

      • Keredim
        July 24, 10:23 Reply

        @Pete, let’s assume that point is hazy (no pun intended), he still said “No”.
        Under which rules of decency does that mean “Yes”?!!

      • Pink Panther
        July 24, 14:05 Reply

        You sound like you’re saying because of all that, he deserved what he got. Or that Lamar should be excused.

    • Max
      July 24, 11:01 Reply

      This whole thing happened because of weakness.
      You think I’ve not been in situations like this? What you do is what makes the outcome different. His drink was laced and he was still able to find his way home?
      He could’ve pushed the silly dude outta the way and tighten his sphincer muscles. No one can penetrate you unless you let them.. Ive tried that experient severally, the receiving partner must relax for it to happen. You could’ve slapped him too(that has a way of resetting the brains of idiots).

      But I’m not here to lay blame on Kizito, only to say that sex is supposed to be fun.. The moment you stop enjoying it, say something, if the other party doesn’t wanna listen, push them out or kick them. You’re the owner of your body, not them. Your health and safety comes first.

      • Keredim
        July 24, 11:15 Reply

        You have heard of “muscle relaxants” right?

  11. Ace
    July 24, 12:32 Reply

    Hey Pinky, I really wish there was a way I could send a video I saw on Facebook page. It is actually a pretty amazing commentary by a black American pastor on the lgbt issue. Maybe you can visit this guys page Dynez princeofpop Dennis

  12. Francis
    July 24, 12:57 Reply

    Drugs dey get different functions so only God knows the type they laced the drink with. My own be say, he seems to have a strong hold on you (considering the last incident) and I fear you might still go back to him again. *sighs*

  13. JustJames
    July 25, 05:06 Reply

    I love the colour of the mobile site… So calming

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