We all have problems. We all tend to think our problems are the worst. I have problems, issues. I know they aren’t the worst, but I feel sometimes as though they are. And then, I get here where the problems get to me. And I feel like I’m drowning. And I’m bitter about it. I don’t want to hurt myself or anyone. I cry. Crying helps most times. Really it does.

When did you last cry?

Why did you cry?

How did you cry sef?


I’m constantly praying to the Holy Spirit that I don’t fall into gbese and trouble one of these days. I can be careless and impulsive, which isn’t safe. Yes, I like meeting people. It’s nice. I enjoy being in a bus ride and staring out the window, drinking in the beauty of Lagos. I enjoy that very much. And I love hanging out. Who doesn’t anyway?


So I saw his friend request on BBM one morning like that. At first I thought it was weird, a request just popping up like that. Then I remembered I put up my BBM pin on Badoo. So of course, I’m bound to get random requests. The market on the move, no?

There was no face in the DP. He chatted like he’s smart. Smooth vocabulary. Interesting.

Kizito can like to take mumu risks. I sent across a couple of my photos when he asked, and passed on my number when he asked. And he was evaluating me. Imagine.

Questions upon questions, and I answered honestly. He must have liked, because then he began opening up. He sent his photos (which weren’t so cute but ok). He told me stuff about himself. We were getting somewhere.

Where though?

By evening time, we were chatting like first and second sons of Adam. Online chemistry toh bad. The next day, we started getting more into each other. The lovey-dovey emojis were exchanged frequently.

And then, in the evening, he shocked me. He’d asked for my specs in a guy. I sha told him something. And a photo popped up on my screen. Fine guy.

“Warrisit it nau? Who’s this one?” I asked.

“That’s me. The real me,” he replied.


I didn’t know what to feel at this time. I liked that this “him” was finer. Caramel-skinned, cute. He even looked like me in a way. But I had to be angry. And so, I got angry. “Why would you lie to me? Ehn why?”

He pleaded, “I’m sorry. I don’t trust TBs. But I began to feel you’re different. I really like you.”

(Awww, how sweet. He likes me? Awww. I’m different? Of course I am) I did a little more shakara after his apology, and then that was it.

We moved on to the next stage. Calls. Texts. Days passed. More evaluation. It turned out mister is more bisexual than he is gay. Mister is also so discreet. Me and mister are going to meet.

That thing about ‘I like meeting people…New people’ though. There’s always drama to go.

Written by Kizito

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  1. Brian Collins
    November 20, 07:50 Reply

    Some pipu wee now come and comman say that kizito is revealing too much about his market abi?

  2. Chizzie
    November 20, 08:18 Reply

    But shouldn’t that be a red flag already… The fact that he sent u a pic in the first place that wasn’t really his. That for me is a turn off alone. And how then are we sure that the other pics are his?Especially since he only sent u those after he asked for your type? Girl better sit ur butt down… And please take down ur pin from Badoo, don’t be razz

    • Max
      November 20, 08:34 Reply

      Wait his pin is on badoo? ????. Didn’t read that part well.
      Are people this thirsty/desperate??

      Stop selling yourself short @Kizito.

  3. Max
    November 20, 08:32 Reply

    “I’m sorry. I don’t trust TBs.”.

    RUN!!!! For your life dear, don’t even think of meeting him, you’ll regret it!. Run as far away as possible, if your thirst for him is much, jerk off with his pics while fantacizing doing it with him.
    Don’t meet him!, you’ll regret it.

    I’m going to write a Post about things you shld check out in people you meet online. @Pinky, expect the writeup by Sunday.

  4. posh6666
    November 20, 08:51 Reply

    Better to miss a potential shag than miss your phones and wallet oh.His not worth it i dont want to come here and read stories that touches the heart and by this stage you should be wise enough to have removed all forms of contact on all social media facebook included.

  5. Teflondon
    November 20, 08:51 Reply

    Everyone seems to be cute on KD.. No one ever admits being just okay or ugly. Every member of KD is always being chased never a chaser. Every member of KD is always the center of attention. Aren’t I lucky to be able to comment and converse among this glorious assembly of fine spicimen of beings (and Angel in the case of St. Max)

    • Tiercel de Claron.
      November 20, 12:13 Reply

      When have I ever laid any claim to being cute or any of the stite you wrote up there?.Why not speak particularly to the person you mean to antagonize,why tar us all with the same brush?.

      Tef,to whom brain is given,sense is expected na.Use your brain more often,please.

    November 20, 09:24 Reply

    Teflondon……..I just echo ur opinion, ive noticed that too, everybody feeling fly and funky wtf!!!!!…………sometimes as a very cynical person dat i am, i tend to question the authenticity of the stories being told here…..Again i have this question to ask plzzzz…..Why are Nigerian gay guys sooooo unnatural??????? u see them crawl out of their holes and next minute, they’re telling u how an imaginary white boyfrd of hizz gave him a treat at soo so n soo hotel, many of them leading a life of fakes and lies……sometimes i just wonder why i do not feel dat way….You see dem perch at a big frd’s party, the next minute, his instagram and fb pictures automatically gives u a run down of e events……I keep saying this, we can neva be respected if we keep choosing that peripheral way of existence………PINKPANTHER plzzz!!!! i want to put up a write up, dunno how to pass it across to you?????…..

    • ArabianPrincess
      November 20, 09:56 Reply

      Bryan with a lot of ‘N’s, this your generalization of ‘Nigerian Gay Guys’ as “unnatural, fakes and liars” is not of this world ooo. Maybe some people (prolly the circle of friends you keep) do all that sh*t you put up there but they’re just the few…..

      Lmao…Chizzie, why burn the poor soul?

    • Max
      November 20, 10:30 Reply

      @Bryan, you know what they say about birds of the same feather ??. And you just described your friends and acquaintances. Clap for yourself ??

  7. Chizzie
    November 20, 09:50 Reply

    I think the rule of thumb is that anyone that agrees with the likes of Teflondon is bottom of the pond material, especially as regards mental faculty and overall reasoning.

    I can’t..

    Please I need someone else who shares a mutual disgust for Dennis… send CVs to PP’s email..

    • Teflondon
      November 20, 11:05 Reply

      Chizzie Lol you give yourself way too much Importance. KD is a safe haven you have created for youself.. You have created a fantasy in your head of KD as a place to feel important and acknowledged.

      Wake up to reality already. in the real world.. You ain’t going to succeed based on your self proclaimed ” popularity ” on KD. Channel all these your energy into making a difference in the real world and making Good money for yourself.

      As for your perceived mutual detest for Dennis.. Trust me when I say I don’t hate that dude neither do i give a toss about him. Wait! Who or what is a Dennis? Lol if you know me in person, you will know I really don’t care for anything other than love for my family and money.

      Yall have created a fantasy world/importance for yourselves on KD and everything that surrounds it. You all are losing touch with reality. I won’t be a part of such.

      • Keredim
        November 20, 12:41 Reply

        “Yall have created a fantasy world/importance for yourselves on KD and everything that surrounds it. You all are losing touch with reality. I won’t be a part of such.”

        And yet you still keep coming back for more, like an addict to crack?

        • Chizzie
          November 20, 13:27 Reply

          I think He has perfected the act of self contradiction to the finest. What a joke.

  8. Ruby
    November 20, 10:02 Reply

    Child Run for your Dearest life *if I may say so*

  9. Sinnex
    November 20, 10:51 Reply

    KD is a fairytale land where everyone can be whoever they want to be. Everyone is rich and good looking.

    Anyway, Kizito, before you meet him, check him out on Facebook. You can use his number to search and maybe might be lucky to find him. I am a fan.

    November 20, 11:33 Reply

    Chizzie, Max and Arabian princess, officially the three warlords and hero triumphants in GAY/KD warfront, i bliv u guys are smart, pls learn the art of constructive criticism, it will take you far….

  11. Nightwing
    November 20, 21:25 Reply

    What next? y’all will argue over Beckham’s post too? ?

  12. Nefretiti
    November 21, 00:25 Reply

    If u feel its real meet him @ least , but in an open place . Sex can come after anoda date, @least get 2 know d person u r gonna shag . We aren’t all dat patient tho….myself included*smiles* lol

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