Lady Gaga admits fame is ‘lonely and isolating’ as new documentary hits Netflix

Lady Gaga admits fame is ‘lonely and isolating’ as new documentary hits Netflix

Her first album might have been called The Fame, but now Lady Gaga has admitted that being one of the most famous women on the planet is “not all it’s cracked up to be”.

Lady Gaga’s new documentary, Gaga: Five Foot Two, has finally arrived on Netflix, offering an unprecedented look at the life at one of the world’s most successful entertainers.

While there’s plenty to unpack in the film itself, Gaga also took to the social media on the eve of its release to share an emotional open letter with her fans in which she opened up about the isolating experience of fame.

In the candid message, Gaga – who also opens up about her rocky relationship with Madonna in Five Foot Two – admitted that her professional success continues to be “psychologically challenging”.

“With ‘Gaga: Five Foot Two’, I found myself witnessing myself in a way I am unable to see on my own. I felt proud, I felt sadness, I felt empowered, I felt vulnerable,” the Million Reasons singer wrote.

She continued: “I’m most touched that the veil behind the aura of my fame reveals that fame is not all it’s cracked up to be. It is lonely, it is isolating, and it is very psychologically challenging because fame changes the way you’re viewed by people. For me, it feels very unnatural, but complicated because I know it is my destiny to be a performer.

“Yet I am so humbled by the side of fame that breeds love from the world, the voice I’ve been given by my fans to spread messages of empowerment and equality, the fortunate life it’s brought to me and my family and how we can now give to others in need.”

Gaga was recently forced to postpone the entire European leg of her Joanne World Tour after suffering severe pain caused by a chronic condition known as fibromyalgia, and was said to be “devastated” by the decision.

The Netflix documentary touches on Gaga’s condition, showing her screaming while undergoing treatment while also giving fans a behind-the-scenes glimpse on the making of ‘Joanne’ and her famed Superbowl performance.

Despite her fame and stardom, the singer claims that she’s just “a girl trying to become a woman” who “loves her fans and wants them to grow with her.”

Gaga: Five Foot Two is streaming on Netflix now. You can watch a trailer below:

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  1. Pankar
    September 25, 06:19 Reply

    Still reading but she would have gone higher. Her career plummeted already.

      • Pankar
        September 25, 10:30 Reply

        It has

        Can you cast mind back to when Lady Gaga was virtually infallible? Critics, fans bowed at her altar ?Even detractors couldn’t begrudge her the stranglehold of influence and uncontested saturation on pop culture? Well that’s all we have left: memories.

        Salient reasons its plummeted

      • Pankar
        September 25, 11:19 Reply

        One of the most compelling things about Gaga was the ambiguity of her sex, and the way she sold sexuality where Weird always permeated everything she did, so that she was never sexy in the way you’re conditioned by pop to expect a woman to be sexy, and the way many of her contemporaries are. But recently, both in her vids and public appearances, Gaga does conventional (sex). Even though she does it well, it’s not why people used to flock to the Haus of Gaga. Gaga earned a lot of respect for challenging conventionalism with her alternative ornamentals. Now she just regular ; a blonde wig, porcelain-perfect make-up, regular lingerie etc

        Her videos too are more or less normal nothing new or confronting in there unlike the Gaga we know who built her career on being innovative and confronting. Her new video “Marry The Night” was called ridiculous, and “Applause” – “made no sense whatsoever, and not in the signature Gaga way of there being sense in the nonsense”.

        She largely failed also; when she personally advanced herself to a pop demi god, without fans consent. Gaga, made a huge icon mistake when for some reason, felt it necessary to proclaim herself in this category. Self-anointing herself as an immortal in the pop world. It Wasn’t her wisest decision and I think thats why she keeps saying “I was proud x2—” (read I made a mistake (x2). Hard work and fans and maybe trial by fire in the court of public opinion, only is what allows you to ascend to pop goddery like Madonna, maybe Beyoncé (beyhivers dont fight). It’s little surprise that the public has rejected Gaga’s notion that she belongs with the legends. The saddest part is if she had held on , she would have made it there eventually.

        Then, her music isnt that good anymore. Remember this amazing music. “You & I” (also written by her), one of the best pop songs those days, an incredible arrangement that pairs her amazing voice with unadulterated piano, the balance was perfect. Likewise, tracks like “Alejandro,” “Bad Romance,” were perfect, timeless, pop songs with substance composition, subject matter and delivery. Compare with Artpop her latest album. Which was largely criticized with words like ” just fucking terrible”. The disco sounds was somewhere termed “headache inducing, …like a clusterfuck of unintentionally smashed together sounds”.

        She also keep bragging, “my last album was all about me, me, me. This Isnt the LadyG I knew, to whom inclusiveness of her fans mattered much to. (huge fan here !!)

        I’m not sure if it’s because we’ve “seen it all” from Gaga or if she’s literally confused even herself with her increasingly wacky videos but her visual output is failing in challenging, or even amaziiiiiing its audience”. Checkout polls.

        These days, She seems most about sensationalism on and off set and that comes across as desperation. In all I think she too has realized “she fell a huge fall”

    • Foxydevil
      September 26, 06:23 Reply

      She is not where she used to be, but her career is far from plummeting.
      She is still very much an icon, who has done incredible things with her life.

  2. Pankar
    September 25, 06:24 Reply

    Seems she never expected all the fame she ever got,. Seems also she’s regretting something.

  3. Mandy
    September 25, 08:04 Reply

    I’ve already downloaded the documentary. It’s just the time to watch it. I’m liking all this docu-insight into the lives of these stars, not at all like that apology of a reality show that Mariah Carey did.

  4. Malik
    September 25, 12:17 Reply

    Would love to watch it. I used to see Lady Gaga as just crazy till her Oscar performance of “til it happens to you”. It’s always beautiful to see through the different layers of a person.

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