Let’s Discuss…About That Thing Called ‘Masc4Masc’

Let’s Discuss…About That Thing Called ‘Masc4Masc’

Over here, we call it ‘Straight-acting’, a term that points to a gay culture that encourages one to ‘act’ for the benefit of society.

A few days ago, a meme began circulating online and it seems to have sparked quite a debate. The image features none other than our old friend Carrie Bradshaw dressed in a fluffy grey sweater and plucking away at her MacBook while pondering whether or not “masculinity” is really all that it pretends to be.

Check out the meme and share your thoughts on the question about that thing called ‘masc4masc’ and in the comments section below.pic

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  1. Kenny
    December 31, 07:16 Reply

    I think in our clime here, many guys request for masc guys because of the fear of being out by association, (even though some of them love effeminate guys on the downlow) and I get that…… kinda.

    What I don’t get is the hatred some gay men have for effeminates. I was talking to someone on BBM and he said hope you’re not girly, I asked him why and his response was ‘I hate girly girls with passion’. And I asked why again…… He went on and on about how a man should be a man and not a woman bla bla, and how effeminates are hoes bla bla bla. He was still typing when I deleted and blocked his ass.

  2. Gaya
    December 31, 08:12 Reply

    kenny…. will you ever be merciful?

  3. Simba
    December 31, 08:26 Reply

    Me like some little effeminacy in a guy…

  4. Mitch
    December 31, 08:47 Reply

    I’d forever say this: Gay people who avoid effete guys so as not to be outed are fooling themselves. Chances are, people already know you’re gay. So why deprive yourself of the opportunity to know and be friends with awesome people?

    This culture of placing men in a box of being unfeeling, unemotional, stoic, rigid, unfashionable, unflamboyant asses has really got home to go! Haba! You can’t define how a person lives his life na.

    Being ‘straight acting’ is not a thing because there is no definition to how straight acts. I mean, Rapum’s best friend is straight, yet he takes some of the most sexual poses in his pictures with Rapum. I know a straight guy who is a female catwalk coach. These things have no definition. Whenever are we going to lead that?

    • Pink Panther
      December 31, 08:51 Reply

      That Rapum’s best friend though. Once upon a time, i envied the total acceptance their friendship implied. The freedom for Rapum to be himself.
      Then I made one such friend, and it is a thing of beauty. To have a straight friend who looks at you and doesn’t see a gay person but a person (period!) is truly beautiful.
      That is why I find homophobia unacceptable. Why I don’t cut homophobic people any slack. Because it is in human beings to be kind and tolerant. I have seen it. I have encountered it. Those who can’t be that way need to get over themselves.

      But hey, i digress.
      So, about straight acting… 😀

  5. Delle
    December 31, 10:52 Reply

    Any guy that isn’t comfortable in being seen with a guy is psychologically bereft.

    No one is saying you should be attracted sexually or what have you, but downright hatred for a person because of his physical disposition shows how low you are in reasoning.

    Masculinity, to me, is overrated. You want to be what you are not to please or cower away from murmurs. You mulch your true personality under the cloak of brawns until you are just a plastic being with locomotive ability.

    The most irritating and off-putting aspect is the guys that would start preaching to you on why you should change. That being gay doesn’t mean you are a woman and other balderdash. When, eezeet ya woman?! Because I have decided to ravish the ass of MY feminine side (a part of you, you have succeeded in burying 6ft), does it concern you? Is that the reason for your ignorance-fueled hate? Sigh.

    One guy on facebook came to talk rubbish about effeminate men and how they are risks to the community and after breaking his weightless bones (all 206 of them), I haven’t even coke across any of his posts again. Wait o, now that I think of it, are you sure that guy hasn’t blocked my protruded ass????
    Lemme goan check biko ????

  6. Zol
    December 31, 12:51 Reply

    Personally, I think all this hyper masculinity (+ Hatred for effeminate gay men) in the gay ccommunity at large stems from deep sitted insecurities that the hater might not even realize he has until it hits him in the face.

    I mean these guys trying to be hyper masculine, trying so bad to fit into the straight world, or whatever is considered the “Norm” and at the same time, trying to bring other effeminate guys just trying to get through life, I cannot deal with them.

    I do have straight friends who are deeply comfortable in their sexuality that they do some things that are considered feminine but don’t give two fucks about it because its what they want to do.

    And in our community, you find people trying to fit in so bad that they become toxic to everyone around them, Boy Bye.
    Not today Satan, I have more important shit to worry about, the block button is always working in full force. Bye!

  7. Enigma
    December 31, 13:01 Reply

    Effeminacy is one of those things ignorant people use against gays to carry out jungle justice,or isn’t that how some persons were killed when that barbaric law was signed? hence the wont of most gay boys resorting to hitting the gym and trying as much as they can to bring their effeminacy to a minimum.If you are effeminate,do noy try to be ‘manly’ because the truth is ,that is you and which ever gay boy that feels you would out him by being you is not worth your time.

  8. Tony Odekunle-Brown
    December 31, 13:51 Reply

    A lot of gay folks in Nigeria play to the stereotype. Some will say “I like my tops manly”

    Sigh. I guess we like what we like but still… Can we just rid ourselves of the stereotypes?

  9. Bain
    December 31, 17:34 Reply

    when you hear some stupid things guys(straight acting) say;”I am the husband,you are the wife!”…like seriously?…then when a guy(straight acting) really likes you,but your very and unapologetically effeminate, you’ll now start hearing things like “please go to the gym”,” learn to walk like a man”,”When you grow older you will change!”…you just look and say, ‘I HAVE ZERO FUCKS TO GIVE ABOUT YOUR OPINION!’.

  10. Jazo
    January 01, 01:51 Reply

    Effeminate men are the reason we have LGBT laws and gay friendly societies today.

    They were never afraid to be themselves in their own skin and they laid the sacrifice and groundwork of the LGBTQ community as we know it today.

    ‘Straight acting’ fanatics should Piss off! What does that term even mean??

  11. DI-NAVY
    January 01, 10:21 Reply

    I love me some little effeminacy in a guy
    Lol. It cracks me up especially when we have a thing .

  12. Chuck
    January 03, 13:40 Reply

    There are men who fuck effeminate men. It’s a private preference so it might not be best to try to pressure people to like everybody.

    Wanting only masculine men is allowed, just know that masc4masc men might have issues so you have to pay the price.

    Effeminate Bottoms that complain about men shunning them: do you also shun versatile men or restricted to yourself to strict tops? Fem4masc is problematic too.

  13. coolCraze
    January 10, 22:12 Reply

    Effems are bitchy. … I love them tho but I can’t deal, love my peace

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