Life Is A Short Smile

Life Is A Short Smile

I met a lady during my years of torture

She said to me:

If my child identifies as gay

He will die.

Why? I asked.

She replied:

The mental torture

The emotional trauma

That which comes with being gay

Is like carrying a double measure of life’s burdens

That is enough to cause death.

I nodded and then I said to her

That I am gay and not doubly burdened

How do you do it? she asked

Shock at my admission evident in her voice

By taking each day as it comes, I said.

One step at a time

I don’t dream of a better future

Dreaming only wastes my current energy

I don’t dwell on past troubles

Worrying only takes away the strength I need to do today

I regard everyday as a reason to smile

Every breath as a reason to stay happy

Written by Edafe Richie Okporo

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  1. Quinn
    June 10, 09:47 Reply

    I choose to be happy and smile!

  2. Just Negodu
    June 11, 20:50 Reply

    Nice one. By taking each day as it comes.

    Moderator, how can i share my pleasant story on this pleasant platform.

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