“Until You’re Caught With Your Fellow Man, Then I Will Deny You.” Actress Liz Anjorin says in her appreciation of Bobrisky

“Until You’re Caught With Your Fellow Man, Then I Will Deny You.” Actress Liz Anjorin says in her appreciation of Bobrisky

Yoruba actress, Liz Anjorin, who was recently awarded the Borokinni Adinni of Nigeria by the Islamic Foundation of Nigeria, has taken to her social media page to appreciate crossdresser, perhaps-transwoman-perhaps-not Bobrisky for attending her coronation ceremony.

Anjorin made a long appreciation post on her Instagram page that was entirely dedicated to Bobrisky. She started off by making the claim that she would never disassociate herself from the cosmetics mogul unless there is evidence that he sleeps with other men.

“Until you were [sic] caught with your fellow man, then I will deny you here and after life,” she says. “But if it [sic] your crazy styles to sell your product, I stand by you. To dissociate from poverty is not rice and beans.”

She went on to express her displeasure at Bobrisky’s former house help who had fueled rumors that the he slept with men, adding that the help should have provided proof if his claims were true, instead of subjecting his boss to public disdain.

Apart from the beginning of the post, which indicates the condition for which the Borokinni Adinni will remain good friends with Bobrisky, most of the post were full of love and light for the crossdresser.

Until the end, where Anjorin concluded her post by informing her followers that they would be surprised by the possibility of Bobrisky introducing his family to the public by 2020, thereby proving that he is just an entertainer and nothing more. Again, an indication that Anjorin’s love for Bobrisky is conditional on the crossdresser being just an average straight male, who is just doing what he does for the fame.

Both Liz Anjorin and Bobrisky must apparently have become besties, because when a man came on Anjorin’s post to express his displeasure with the appreciation the actress has for the crossdresser, both Anjorin and Bobrisky went to the guy’s profile, took pictures of him and posted on their accounts with captions that savaged him.

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  1. Francis
    January 24, 07:52 Reply


    This took the fun out of that dragging. I wanted to blame this trash on 14 years law until I saw “then I will deny you here and after life“.

    All these kain conditional friendships. I guess it must be really had to not need friends.

  2. Trystham
    January 24, 08:21 Reply

    Loool. Eleyi o ti ri ore o. Her queerphobic arse is so ignorant, she doesn’t even accept Bobrisky is a girl

  3. Tuk-Tuk
    January 24, 09:20 Reply

    “until you were caught..”


    • Pink Panther
      January 24, 10:03 Reply

      ?????? I know. It’s very distressing, all that gbagaun.

  4. N.A
    January 24, 09:48 Reply

    Pretends to be surprised. Next!

  5. adichie
    January 24, 14:47 Reply

    I am not even surprised. Sha let’s wait for the 2020. Should we tell her?

  6. J
    January 24, 16:47 Reply

    Bobrisky is definitely not a drag queen, she could be a transwoman that has no gender dysphoria.

    I don’t like conditional love and friendship, I can imagine what Bobrisky is passing through to keep their friendship. Bob could be giving them a lot of gifts and money to gain their approval.

    There’s a wave of homophobia in every straight person no matter how accepting they are especially religious folks. Be friends with people in community, people that will never make you feel bad because of whom you love or are attracted to. It’s really a tough for LGBTQ persons.

  7. ROCK
    January 26, 19:56 Reply

    I somehow feel bad for bobrisky.Where exactly is he going to?

  8. Patrochilles
    February 02, 13:13 Reply

    If Lizzy and Bob are as close as they want us to believe.
    Then Lizzy knows that Bob is not going to suddenly appear out of the blue with a wife and kid(unless it is faked)……. One thing I’m sensing here is that Lizzy is that straight friend who knows about your sexuality but doesn’t want you to come out of the closet because he’all be known as a gay bestie.

    The “I don’t hate you being gay but you have to tone it down” kind of friends

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