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Photo: World Gay Chart

The above picture is a research done by the Pew Research Center to determine the world’s disposition toward homosexuality. Sorta like the gay atmosphere of the world. Darker colours reflect


  1. lluvmua
    August 31, 04:25 Reply

    I remember when this gurl was darker !!! Smh NEXTTT plz

    • Dubem
      August 31, 04:32 Reply

      Dark or not, whatever he’s doing to his skin is on point. And he’s a hunk. And he looks good. And if he told you to spread your cakes for him, I’m sure you would, Iluvmua. Can we for a change appreciate a good thing and stop forming disinterest. Ah! I can’t deal.

      • lluvmua
        August 31, 04:41 Reply

        Of cause dubem I will spread it sharply joor. Am nt saying he isn’t sexy ooo but I don’t like it when some has to alter their complexion. Doesn’t tell well f dem!!!

  2. Absalom
    August 31, 04:37 Reply

    Me, Flavour. 2 of us. 1 bed. Amen.

  3. earl
    August 31, 05:39 Reply

    I dunno y so many of his pics potray him as some1 soooo tall…. He’s not. ( ˘˘̯)

    • pinkpanthertb
      August 31, 05:42 Reply

      *gasp* Really?! My favorite tall drink of water isn’t…a tall drink of water?! :O

      • king
        August 31, 10:12 Reply

        Ah pinky I tot fair pipo go for dark chocolates…why u like em fair dear…

    • chestnut
      August 31, 06:32 Reply

      Really? I always thot he was tall o! It’s possible sha; imagine my surprise when I heard Lynxxx is “just” 6ft 2″; I used to think that niggah was humongous,like, 6ft 6″ or something!

      • earl
        August 31, 07:30 Reply

        My point exactly….

      • trystham
        August 31, 09:39 Reply

        Hei!!! Lynx at 6’2″ is not tall enough for you abi? Is it until when he can comfortably hide u in the palm of his hands that he will be tall enough???

        Don’t like this one or his songs. I just need a referral to whoever mixes his creams.

  4. Dennis Macauley
    August 31, 05:42 Reply

    1. Skin bleaching is a turn off for me! Huge turn off!
    2. He has worked out to the point that he reminds of a certain akpan that pounds Fufu at a bukka near my office.

    So I will pass!!!

  5. chestnut
    August 31, 06:28 Reply

    I won’t even lie; Flavour has one of d best bodies in naija entertainment industry. Nice skin too (don’t ever remember him being dark,so I’m not so sure about d bleaching rumours…)
    In other news, I think I’m starting to have a crush on someone on dis blog *embarrassed*… #OkBye…*runs away*

    • Absalom
      August 31, 06:38 Reply

      We know the puh-son! *in the person’s voice* Blog liaisons are a NO! NO! *flees*

    • pinkpanthertb
      August 31, 06:43 Reply

      Now now, why don’t you take a seat and confide all to Aunt Pinky, hmm?

  6. Rapu'm
    August 31, 07:39 Reply

    Hot body. But he was better darker. Whatever he’s doing to his skin now isn’t working for this dude.

  7. king
    August 31, 10:10 Reply

    Ah sexy bod!! But if he isn’t that tall earl, then how short is the guy next to him…hmm some pipo can have height ooo

  8. enKayced
    August 31, 12:06 Reply

    Loooool! Y’all just hilarious.
    I remember when I interviewed Lynxxx on my radio show. Taking pix with him afterwards, I felt like I was in the embrace of my guardian angel. My only regret was that we didn’t end up in a smoky, badly-lit room with a bunk-sized bed!
    I didn’t make that mistake with a certain crooner who happens to be an MTN project fame winner!

    • collosus
      August 31, 13:23 Reply

      Here, have a drink and spill this story

  9. Vikany
    August 31, 14:21 Reply

    Flavour is cool, too bad he ain’t got no cakes tho and I have a sweet tooth… As for Lynxx, if I catch am for corner(licking my lips at thought of things I’ll do to that all you can eat meat buffet).

  10. Slytherin
    September 01, 12:51 Reply

    Well, I guess I am not the only one with the tall guys fetish.

  11. Lothario
    September 02, 11:04 Reply

    Flavour is hot, but this bleaching has gone on to the next level….. And what’s this thing about hitting the gym and only building the top part of your body….#JohnnyBravotins

  12. Reece
    September 02, 21:58 Reply

    Errr enkayced where’s that story? Or you’re just gonna take our drink and not spill *pulls chair*

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