Man Crush Sunday: Michael B Jordan

Man Crush Sunday: Michael B Jordan

FOREWORD: I will be starting a new Kito series called ‘His Coming Out Story.’ I never knew there were people who took the bull by the horns, of their own accord, and stepped out of the stifling inside of their closets, to family and friends. I didn’t know that until I got a couple of stories, one of them from the guy I recently started seeing. And in a bid to impress on us hope and admiration from the courage of these people, as opposed to the terror and wariness the ‘His Kito Story’ series instills, I have decided to start updating them. I’ve only got a couple of stories. In case there’s any other brutha or sista out there who has claimed his or her true freedom from friends and family, we would like to have your stories. Simply email them to Thanks.


Now, Deola has a number of crushes – a harem, you might say – but in every collection, there’s always an oga at the top. And Deola’s is Michael B Jordan. Funny, cute and hot at the same time, and an amazing actor… Guys, meet Deola’s ultimate man.d11b951e0ef834ab4378451135c3eadd1e47963cf0814b8a8b512af83f590393

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  1. Xander
    November 02, 06:30 Reply

    Yeah… He’s cute and the type for keeps! On to the next one…

  2. Colossus
    November 02, 06:44 Reply

    I totally agree, Micheal B. Jordan is a talented actor and has the looks to match. Can’t wait to watch him in next year’s fantastic four, totally looking forward to it. I hope when he screams “flame on”, all his cloths would burn and he’ll be stark naked

    • pinkpanthertb
      November 02, 06:46 Reply

      Hahahahahahahaa!!! The hopes and dreams of some guys tho

  3. enigmous
    November 02, 07:26 Reply

    I remember him in fruitvale station, I nearly cried when he was killed…Will I crush on him? *bbm I dunno smiley face*

  4. Mr Bassey
    November 02, 09:41 Reply

    He looks like boyfriend material. And yass!!!, I’ll tap that.

  5. Ruby
    November 02, 11:50 Reply

    Hot! Hot!! Hot!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Brian Collins
    November 02, 14:58 Reply

    Just not hot enough for me to really crush on.
    # my opinion

  7. lluvmua
    November 02, 14:59 Reply

    #boyfwendmaterialalert !!! Oh lawd when will u ansa a single sista ??? *weeps*

  8. Brian Collins
    November 02, 21:28 Reply

    Worst man crush ever. Only 9 comments yet and that includes this one. Pinky, no one wants mediocre man crushes offense to Deola.
    # wanting to drool over every man crush, not caring that khaleesi has a gun.

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