Man Crush Wednesday: Joe Manganiello

Man Crush Wednesday: Joe Manganiello

Joe Manganiello 07The Magic Mike star is today’s celebrity tall drink of water. And he is Kitodiariesian, Neon’s man crush. When I asked him why this hunky slab of human specimen is his crush, here’s what Neon had to say:

‘First, his body and edgy looks seem like something from the fifteenth celestial imperial kingdom. Like he originated from the constellations and made his way to earth on a comet. I will absolutely love to rock in his milky way!

‘Secondly, he’s a werewolf (Have you seen him in action in True Blood?) He is one beast I won’t mind tearing into me. Those abs… The platinum beard… The tall, brawny body –‘

And then I stopped him there. Dude was prepared to go on and on about how this is the one cream he can condone in his black coffee. Lol. He is hot though. Good choice, Neon.Joe Manganiello 08Joe Manganiello 06

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  1. Dennis Macauley
    September 10, 05:40 Reply

    But wait oh, who is my celebrity crush? *thinking really hard*

    • pinkpanthertb
      September 10, 05:41 Reply

      Hehehehee!!! I expect you to turn in one soon. So think harder

    • Absalom
      September 10, 06:15 Reply

      Thinking with you, Dennis. I couldn’t pick ONE person.

      Anyhow, I’ve loved Shemar Moore since forever and that Tudors guy, Jonathan Rhys Meyers. .. And these days, I’m looking at Adam Levine closely.

      • Dennis Macauley
        September 10, 06:48 Reply

        It’s a long shortlist; I know there is Justin Beiber, Chris Colfer, Adam Lambert, Adam Levine, Ricky Martin and Jude Law. I like Kevin hart too and Bill Bellamy!

        Told you it was a long short list!

      • chestnut
        September 10, 07:13 Reply

        Dennis u forgot to add bow-wow and pharrell,lol.

      • Dennis Macauley
        September 10, 07:23 Reply

        Chestnut, are you by any chance throwing shade this early morning?

    • Neon
      September 10, 06:39 Reply

      Had to think real deep to pull this one out. Didn’t want to go with the inundated Idris Elba and Boris Kodjoe.
      Prolly it’s difficult to crush on someone when you have Mrs. Macauley already ;;)

  2. lluvmua
    September 10, 06:32 Reply

    *jexox!!!* *fans self profusely* neon and aunty pinkie bia!!! Why all this evuls is morning na ? Haba ! Now I can no longer concerntrate in class nw !!! Any time I look @ my lecturer I keep seeing Joe manganiello *God help me * damn this dude is so so hot!!! *fans self profusely*

  3. JustJames
    September 10, 08:03 Reply

    The body of adonis.

    Vanilla ice cream with chocolate sprinkles anyone?

  4. Khaleesi
    September 10, 09:57 Reply

    Great bone structure, amazing body, gorgeous in every single sense of the word! turn him black and shave his hair some & by jove am gunning down all them thirsty hoes in cold blood (Iluvmua & all) & claiming him for myself!!

  5. King
    September 10, 12:55 Reply

    All this crushes pshewww…..they r just for bottoms. Pinky don’t forget their r tops in the house that have crushes too!,

  6. Mr Bassey
    September 10, 19:03 Reply

    Yummm!!!!, waiter, I’ll have me some large J.M with a side of uuhhhhh, just him, that’s all. And Neon honey, u better be willing to share ooooo, else I’ll keep him all to myself.

    • Neon
      September 11, 14:46 Reply

      Sure Bassey… **holds 99 piled high with eigteen scoops of J.M., whipped cream, shaved chocolate sprinkles, a warm jumbo brownie, and two cherries (symbolic)… Teal lipstick smudged** My momma always taught me to share with the less fortunate. Wait your turn dear or… *pouts while testing WMD*

  7. Samaurai
    September 11, 21:59 Reply

    This guy is really hot. Hotter here than in the True Blood series. But that movie had so many hotties.

    As for celebrity crushes, I try as much as possible not to crush on anyone, no matter how enticing they might be. No need reaching out for something I surely won’t have. There is something called “akpiri ogologo” in my dialect. That’s just what I’ll be doing to myself by crushing on any celebrity.

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