‘If By Living My life, I Can Save Someone, I Would Do it Again.’ – Michael Sam

‘If By Living My life, I Can Save Someone, I Would Do it Again.’ – Michael Sam

Michael Sam made history in 2014 when he became the first out American footballer to be drafted by the National Football League (NFL).

Although he’s known rocky times since coming out as gay, Sam has managed to stay on everyone’s mind, appearing on the cover of GQ and in Dancing With The Stars. This month, the athlete covers UK’s Attitude in their latest May issue, and gives a heartfelt interview on these ups and downs.

In his cover story, the 26-year-old makes it clear that if he had the choice again, he’d do it all over again.

“I wouldn’t say it was a storm because to me storms are bad. I helped a lot of people,” he tells Attitude. “I was so naive when I came out. I wasn’t thinking about anybody else trying to be an inspiration or advocate or activist, whatever, I wasn’t trying to be anything but just to get that over with so I could stop focusing on me.”

He continues:

“Then I started reading things that was going around, from people: emails, letters, Tweets, messages, everything – they were more positive than negative. ‘People said oh my god I just can’t believe you had the courage to do that’. I said, ‘I’m just living my life’…So many young people who were scared to tell their parents, they were athletes themselves: [they wrote that] you gave me the courage to come out myself. You know, it was amazing… If by me living my life, I can save someone, I would do it again.”

Michael Sam 06Sam appears in an exclusive 10-page editorial spread, in which he discusses everything from his experience growing up gay as a Jehovah’s Witness to the racism he’s been confronted with from within the gay community itself.

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  1. Masked Man
    March 31, 07:06 Reply

    Am I the only one who expected a torrent of other athletes to come out of their closets, after Sam did, and got a little disappointed?

    Just saying….

    • Mandy
      March 31, 07:21 Reply

      It’s a gradual thing. A bunch of sports men from other sporting games came out o. And let’s face it, Michael Sam hasn’t been leading a stellar career since he came out. That’s gotta discourage those of them who value their careers

      • Masked Man
        March 31, 07:29 Reply

        Anyway, we are looking at Cristiano Rinaldo with odu anya.

        • You-Know-Who
          March 31, 09:11 Reply

          Did you see his (Ronaldo) recent dance during training for Portugal? that Nigga is sooo gaaaaayyyy!! (and i mean that in a good way)

  2. DI-NAVY
    March 31, 07:13 Reply

    It takes a lot of courage to come out. Thank you for inspiring people too but Dede Sam, My dad will shoot me with his 25 yrs old double barrel gun if i ever do that, he’ll waste me and be the first to even tell the world that i’m demonic and i need help.

  3. Dickson Clement
    March 31, 08:04 Reply

    Gay! And a Jehova’s witness? Oh! The Odds were really against him!

    • A-non
      March 31, 10:12 Reply

      Very much against him.

      Have a homophobic Jehovah Witness neighbor but when I point to his fornicating ways, he goes quiet on me.

      The most religious countries are usually the most homophobic, most hypocritical and most underdeveloped.

  4. You-Know-Who
    March 31, 09:15 Reply

    MICHEAL SMITH: The GAY man who changed American Football? why do i find that a bit suggestive.

    why not just say ‘The MAN who changed American Football’.

    • Delle
      March 31, 12:39 Reply

      Thank you o! They’d make it like being gay is all you stand for. I wonder why the straight tag is so invincible

  5. Bobby
    March 31, 09:55 Reply

    PP pls is his man Single?

  6. bruno
    March 31, 11:59 Reply

    just waiting for an english premier league footballer to come out

    • ikhines
      March 31, 14:03 Reply

      First would be that young Manchester united left full back borthwick-Jackson. He walks on the pitch like he’s on a runway.

  7. Delle
    March 31, 12:38 Reply

    He’s gay. He’s a Jehovah’s witness. He’s foooiiinnneee!
    Umm…can I have his digits pls?

    When would Christiano Ronaldo come out? Oh well

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