Model/Reality star Austin Armacost comes out as asexual

Model/Reality star Austin Armacost comes out as asexual

Model Austin Armacost, who is currently appearing on Celebrity Big Brother and split with husband Jake Lees last year, has revealed that he is asexual.

He told show business reporter Andy West that he is a “very asexual” person, reports The Sun.

“I am probably in all honesty the least sexual person you will ever meet,” he said. “As much as I love getting my kit off and showing my bum everywhere, I am like a nun in bed.”

“I am not going to go out with someone and have sex with them,” he went on. “Even after a fourth or fifth date – that’s not what I want.”

Armacost is reportedly seeing someone else, and said that he signed up for dating/hookup app Grindr weeks after he and Lees broke up, saying, “I did it because I was bored.”

“I never met anyone at night. Well, I met a few. But they were dates,” he explained. “I don’t do that no strings attached thing, you know ‘come on over, dump your load and go’ kinda thing.”

A study conducted in 2004 by human sexuality researcher Anthony F. Bogaert revealed that approximately one percent of the world’s population is asexual.

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  1. Canis VY Majoris
    January 12, 08:26 Reply

    The safest sexual orientation. …no hassle or worries of stds or infidelities. I’d like to imagine what an asexual relationship is like, I bet its going to be heavenly. Maybe even try it, if only I can find a REAL Nigerian asexual partner, not wannabes or wishful thinkers.

    • Gth
      January 22, 09:40 Reply

      You really asexual?

  2. KryxxX
    January 12, 08:27 Reply

    Mbanu! I can choose to be asexual and there will be absolutely nothing wrong about it(what do I haff to offer kwanu? **stares at okporoko body **?). But you my friend have no right whatsoever not to be a sexual being! Inukwa! You is sex on legs! Santos Dios! Those eyes alone will get one creaming like the fountain ⛲ of life! Espeakilekwe?!
    And we shaa know and see why one would go on 4 dates with you while you still deny them sex! And we know that you know too. Continue like this and you wee be slammed with a lawsuit for gross deprivation!!!!!

  3. Mandy
    January 12, 09:09 Reply

    I love how so many of these bi/fluid/queer/asexual/etc identifying men only ever say vague and incomplete things. He can’t say “I’m asexual because I don’t have high sexual attraction to any gender” just like most “bi-guys” can’t say, “I’m bi-sexual because I have high sexual attraction to men and women”. So much persistent, delusional BS.

    • pete
      January 12, 09:49 Reply

      That you don’t understand it doesn’t make it any less valid. Thought we’ve passed that stage on KD?

  4. Khaleesi
    January 12, 10:37 Reply

    Sorry oh, this might be a stupid question, but how do you get married to a man if you’re asexual? Like, how do you know you’re atttacted to a man if you have no seuxal desires/urges? Since the basis of sexuality is sexual attraction, i.e who a person is drawn to in a sexual and romantic way …

    • Jazo
      January 12, 17:59 Reply

      Marriage is not only about Sex. Many people marry for different reasons. Aseexuals also marry and they have every right to if they choose to.

      Asexuals so have sex. It’s just that they derive no pleasure whatsoever in it. Theres simply no sexual attraction to give from them.

  5. y
    January 12, 10:51 Reply

    “The relationship between Marc Jacobs and I ended very abruptly. The one rule he told
    me not to break was to bring friends back to his home, which ultimately I did after a
    few cocktails, and all my stuff was gathered in a matter of five minutes, and I was out on
    the street with two trash bags and my brand new Louis Vuitton duffle bag.” – Austin
    Armacost , The A-List: New York
    Yea. Very asexual…

  6. Kamal
    January 12, 11:19 Reply

    My point exactly! @ Khaleesi… some biaaatches are just some damn confusionists.

  7. Delle
    January 12, 12:13 Reply

    He can’t be! How would all that hotness go to waste? He needs my therapy.

    I’d go to Okija shrine for him. ?????

  8. Jacques Dubois
    January 12, 13:16 Reply

    This is a huge lie, this guy is a huge slut and used sex as his means up the social ladder. What stupid lie is he telling now? I guess this is just his way of trying to get in the news this 2017……..hogwash!

  9. fearless
    January 12, 16:08 Reply

    I love this finally!!!

    Some many acephobic folks here…..disgusting!

    We claim to be a community yet some of you tell behave the same way the homophobic folks behave. A person says he is asexual why do you think he is telling a lie? How would you feel when someone says such to you because you are gay. How I’m I supposed to believe you ain’t lying?

    There is romantic and there is sexual orientation. if you don’t know go read it up. we keep mixing this things up!!! A person may not have sexual attraction doesn’t mean then don’t have romantic attraction or they completely hate sex. some do,some don’t. Depends on the individual. Yes there are asexuals who are married! Go and read! Not everyone is sexual. Remember that both gender and sexuality is fluid. it’s not just gay and straight or male and female!!

    It’s really annoying when I see folks in the community shaming others with a different orientation e.g Bisexuals, pansexuals,etc. Clear your minds people!!!

  10. fearless
    January 12, 16:28 Reply

    sexual orientation is when you are sexually attracted to some one or something. It is totally different from romantic orientation which involves you have romantic attachment/attraction to someone or something.

    In Nigeria or let me say generally this two contexts are usually interwoven. As most fellows feel both sexual and romantic feelings towards their spouse.

    Now, note I said most so this excludes folks who don’t feel the same way for both sexual and romantic orientations. This is where most of the bi, pan,ace people fall in. if you are sexual and romantically attached to the same sex the correct term is “homoromantic homosexual”. But off course the term is bogus hence folks just shorten it to homosexual. Same applies to Ace I.e Asexual for short. A person may not have sexual attraction but may have romantic attraction if it’s to the same gender “homoromantic ace/asexual”….their relationships can be platonic and some like sex while some don’t. Their is a spectrum for ace as well called grey asexuality folks who barely get sexual attraction or get it when they have an emotional bond (Demisexuality).

    There are a whole lots of concepts in our community, I cant start going into details. There is an A-Z of romantic orientations. There is an asexual page on Facebook, you can follow and find out how they cope in their relationships

  11. fearless
    January 12, 16:40 Reply

    There is no way to delete or edit my comments. Hence my comments….I want to correct a statement made. there are folks who don’t feel both orientations. Aromatics Asexual.

    there are Aromatics Homosexual,Aromatics bisexual. etc…..phew!!!
    checkout my thread on nairaland and ask your questions only for registered members as it was put in the sexuality section
    Last comment!

  12. Pjay
    January 12, 21:30 Reply

    Na wa o. I think a post on the A-Z of asexuality would very much be in order.

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