Mom Shaves Homophobic Son’s Head, Forces Him To Walk Around Wal-Mart In Tutu

Mom Shaves Homophobic Son’s Head, Forces Him To Walk Around Wal-Mart In Tutu

Police in Rock Hill, S.C. were called to a local Wal-Mart after receiving multiple calls about a mother who had allegedly shaved her 10-year-old son’s head, dressed him in women’s clothing, and “paraded him around” the store as a form of punishment, reports the Washington Post.

Officers arrived at the store on Sunday evening to find the boy dressed in a tutu, women’s boots, women’s undergarments, and a T-shirt. According to the report, his head was shaved “in an unusual manner, bald on top with a patch of wig on the front of his head” with the word “BAD” scribbled in permanent marker on the back of his head.

What did the boy do to deserve this?

According to police, his mother said she was “punishing her son for fighting and making homophobic remarks in school,” adding that “corporal punishment has been ineffective, so she was attempting to embarrass” her son as punishment.

Social services were called, but ultimately determined the child was not actually in any danger, despite the mother’s arguably “problematic” parenting skills.

“We’re not going to charge the mother with anything,” Rock Hill Police spokesman Mark Bollinger told the Washington Post. “The incident apparently shocked some customers and some of the staff, and they gave us a call.”

Bollinger added that he believed the public punishment was “very unusual.”

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  1. Mandy
    October 10, 06:35 Reply

    Oh I want this mother as my next-door neighbour.

    • #Chestnut
      October 10, 08:48 Reply

      @Mandy: really? I’m sorry but I find her methods weird and creepy…she took it waaaay to far,for a 10 year old kid that hasn’t fully grasped the concepts of “right” and “wrong”.

    • Peak
      October 10, 11:15 Reply

      @Mandy no be small, the woman and I need to share notes on how to discipline a child in the 21st century.

      @Chestnut, her methods are perfectly fine. Nigerian parants would slam dunk ur 5year old ass like u are contending for WWE championship, after bitch slapping you into Neptune and back for just eat food at a neighbours house. God help you if dare cry out, a ” kneel down, hands up and close ur eyes” while they take a nap might get thrown in. So No! Her methods are perfectly fine for a 10 year old. She is inculcating as much as she can while he is young. Waiting for another 5 years to dish out this kind of punishment may prove futile.

  2. obatala
    October 10, 07:03 Reply

    this is wrong on every level. shame on her.

  3. Mitch
    October 10, 07:49 Reply

    Hahahahahaha! What I wouldn’t give to meet this woman.

  4. Teflondon
    October 10, 08:25 Reply

    I’m supposed to be applauding this?

    Two wrongs don’t make a right.
    You can’t disperse wickedness from someone with wickedness. You use love.
    Absolutely senseless act from the mother. (Who has a ‘Problematic’ parenting skills by the way)

  5. Tiercel de Claron
    October 10, 08:34 Reply

    Her motive may be right,but that act is so wrong.
    There are better ways to teach and correct a child,than so wrong and unusual a punishment.

  6. Jamie
    October 10, 09:06 Reply

    Punishment isn’t wickedness!! His wickedness has been tried to be curbed before, and none of the schemes worked!! He is another time-bomb bound to explode…or not; but he shouldn’t be allowed to cause others discomfort by his savage actions!! Next time, he should get locked up for some time, and his head will understand what human rights are!!

    • Eros
      October 10, 11:08 Reply

      So you will lock up a ten year old child so he can understand human rights?


      • Jamie
        October 10, 11:57 Reply

        No. So the juvenile deliquent will get an opportunity to get it into his head that it’s his human right and duty as well to respect someone else’s human right too. Yes!! If I his father had faced his kind, I’d probably be nowhere…and him too!!

  7. Delle
    October 10, 09:08 Reply

    Yea yea…u guys have said it all…but I still refuse 2 go on the path of reason…that woman is my HERO!!! Bad boys deserve bad bad things, ya know *in Beyonce’s voice*

  8. Wiffey
    October 10, 09:09 Reply

    Did I hear someone say she took it far… Excuse me, do you know what it feels like to be 10 and have to face homophobia, bully and molestation from your mates at that age? Do you know the trauma that child is already exposed to and he doesn’t even know his sexuality yet. Even at my age I still feel very terrible to hear the simplest form of homophobia thrown at me. Bravo to that mother, I really wish lots of parents can stand against homophobia in that way, I’ll be sure my children will live in a better world.

  9. bobby
    October 10, 09:20 Reply

    looks like what ma mum can do…

  10. Chizzie
    October 10, 09:38 Reply

    She took it too far. This is what happens when you insincerely try to patronize gays. I’m sure she expected a pat in the back because, after all she was defending gay rights and isnt that the latest fad now? She could’ve displined him at home if her intentions were sincere, definitely not Walmart.

    Hope Shonda Rhimes is taking note.

  11. Eros
    October 10, 10:59 Reply

    The woman should be given a medal?? Are you all not thinking of the long term effects of the punishment?? Yes the mother may think she has achieved her aim but what happens in the next ten or twenty years? What happens if the child nurses that anger and hate from this humiliation over those years and lashes out in future? Who is there to shave his head and force him to wear a tutu? Some people underestimate children’s ability to remember what they see as psychological damage

    • Peak
      October 10, 11:45 Reply

      Bros let me pretend you are the “Aje butter” brought up kind of guy, so I will not make my question personal based. How many of those kids who were stripped naked with pepper put in their eyes, privates and made to walk the compound/neighbourhood for bad behaviour (usually stealing, lying or sexual related offences) that are grown now and still remember it or hold it against their parents? (Mind u, I’m not endorsing that kind of behaviour/punishment). I have a cousin who was a chronic criminal as a child, don’t even get me started on how robbing the house, the neighbours, school and classmates wasn’t enough. He was well know in the neighbourhood. Chronic to the point u hide everything valuable and still watch him like a hawk when he visits. His mom is as crazy as crazy can be, why did i say that? He has a long scar on his right arm the size of a small nail filer. His mom lost it one day, took a blade after beating him to a pulp and slashed his hand and told him, “anytime u feel like stealing, look at this mark and remember this day and what I will do to u if u shame me and urself ever again”. He was 16 at the time. Bros is all grown, in his 30s and loves his mother 2 death( once again, I’m not endorsing this methods cos lord know I love the woman but she can be one scary woman if u get outta line).

      We have read in the past, and unanimously agreed that children came to this world pure and plane. We equally agreed that societ/environment teaches kids love and hate. The woman is doing her job to guide her son aright. When talking and pleading failed, she switched it up. I loved kids and I have helped raised a couple. They can be mean and devilishly mischievous. You punish them with one hand and draw them close with another. She is trying 2 remove 1 weed from the garden of life the best way she can and ppl are crying fowl. Have u stopped 2 consider the damage and trauma the lil devil can cause other kids at school or in his neighbourhood? How many more depression and suicide he is going 2 induce if left unchecked and allowed 2 grow up and become a full fledged homophobe? I’m sorry but like someone said up there, she deserves a medal, I’m not saying this cos its gay related, I’m saying this cos I know how much damage a poorly trained child can cause in the society.

  12. sinnex
    October 10, 15:10 Reply

    This is creepy and annoying. The guy is 10 years old for goodness sake.

  13. Uziel
    October 11, 15:58 Reply

    If some people agree that what the woman did has taught the boy a lesson that homophobia is bad, I don’t get why it’s hard to accept that this has a negative ripple effect on that boy. I don’t know about anybody else, but I remember this kinda thing. And I’d get affected by it. When I was younger, there was this my aunt who wouldn’t let me watch cartoons. Anytime I sat down in front of the tv when she’s around, she’ll chastite me and send me away and say some really unpleasant things. I was like 8 then. I still remember. And even though it’s not cool to admit it, my relationship with her isn’t exactly… Well, you get it.

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