Much Ado About If The ‘Straight’ Guy Is Really Gay

Much Ado About If The ‘Straight’ Guy Is Really Gay

So yesterday, a couple of friends brought to my attention the hot mess storming its way on the Facebook Timeline of an acquaintance of mine. His name is Kukogho Iruesiri Samson, and he’s a celebrated poet, who is only just coming into his own celebrity. And he is a HUNK. Dude is quite good-looking and has a good body, the kind of physicalness that can induce some thirst in some hoes. 🙂

Apparently, some hoes have been getting thirsty and going after him. And sometime last year, I think, he got into a rage on Facebook and lambasted all those who think he’s gay and have been pursuing him. His protest was very loud and as you can imagine, his very many followers fell in behind him, decrying all the gay thirstiness. Lol.

And then yesterday, I was made to go to his Timeline to see the screen-grab of a BBM chat which he updated there. See picture below.10846015_987212961292991_7583379342833869035_n

Attached to the photo are the following words of outrage and indignation he posted. Read below.

‘Must everybody be gay?

‘I’ve always been open about people’s sexuality, tolerating whatever choice people make. After all, if you chose to use your anus for a different purpose, other than excretion it is your pain and your gain.

‘What I will never tolerate however is when a gay person tries to make it his or her duty to induct me into that act. I find it disgusting to imagine, even though I respect those who find it satisfying.

‘I’m saying all this because of a fool I met on BBM (his pin 26F613FE) who is so sure I’m gay that he just will not stop pushing his luck. Someone should warn the gay folks off my back before I land in jail for murder!

‘For the record, I’m straighter than a ruler and will soon get violent in my rebuff of any such advances.

‘I don talk o!’ – KIS

Lol. To be honest, this public display of indignation did not impress me at all. Once was enough. But reiterating your sexual orientation smacks of desperation to me. But that’s just me. I’m not saying he’s gay but deeply closeted; I’m not saying he’s straight and misunderstood. I’m just saying, Stop whining for heavenssakes!

And to the – how did he put it? – ‘gay folks’ who let their thirst make them go all out on the straight guys – Seriously?! There aren’t enough gay guys in the LGBT community, you gotta go looking to sow your wild oats on the other side of the divide?

I know there’s an incredible temptation inherent in observing a good-looking male whose seeming sexual orientation makes unavailable. There’s something more attracting about that male than a good-looking male who IS gay. I understand the need to feel lust so inflamed you have to have him. I have crushed on a number of straight guys myself, and in the instance where they are my friends, I have even had to out myself to a couple of them in a bid to explore the idea that they might be receptive to my advances. I was lucky and the couple who I outed myself to, after they said ‘No’, still wanted to be friends with me. Both of them even let me flirt unabashedly with them. One of them flirts back; he says he understands that I need the release, so he doesn’t mind.

But we have to understand that ya just can’t push it. When he says ‘No’, back off. Count yourself lucky if he is polite with his refusal, because there are those whose first and foremost act of refusal is to beat you black and blue. Being careful is something that cannot be stressed enough. Not every straight guy is a closeted gay guy secretly wanting guys. And even if he is, who says you have to be the one he gets to fuck inside the darkness of his closet, hmm?

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  1. Lord II
    December 14, 05:26 Reply

    True….. in fact tooooo true!!! sometimes our imaginations get the better of us and in the process we could come out as downright selfish in the me me me my life, it’s what I want and all that myopia…that we don’t just see that hey….d dude is just as STR8t as you are gay!!! good advice this morning….am soo impressed to say d least!!

  2. lluvmua
    December 14, 05:52 Reply

    true pinkie… hallelujah for this .

  3. DeadlyDarius
    December 14, 06:01 Reply

    Several gay guys need lessons in self-control and restraint. For Odin’s sake, stop throwing yourself at someone just because he is your type physically. When they don’t get off lightly, they will now write their kito tales on here. Oh well….its always a fascinating read. Kontinu *snuggles deeper into blankets*

      • DeadlyDarius
        December 14, 06:19 Reply

        Some blunt words are necessary to such little birds, dear 🙂

  4. Peak
    December 14, 06:02 Reply

    Lol! Blame it on the gaydar
    I swear guys and their over zealious gayometer! U ve to be around certain guys to feel this guys pain. U ve guys constantly looking 4 who to label gay, like everyone being gay would make their existence more meaningful. Went on a date once and all the guy did 4 the most part of our date is label half the guy in the room or passing through as gay as if he has this special knowing power. I guess some ppl get their thrill from taking a shot at what everyone else consider as “Out of reach”

    • Ace
      December 14, 06:57 Reply

      I swear eh peak! There was this guy that i went in a date with. All he did was pointing fingers at those he suspected was gay. “See as that one dey walk”, “see as this one wear pink socks”. I just activated the fake call app on my phone and ended the date shaperly!

      • KingBey
        December 14, 08:24 Reply

        Biko, how do I get the Fake Call App. I might need it sometimes….Loll

  5. Absalom
    December 14, 06:11 Reply


    It’s unfortunate the way the Mobisco guy went about it, even putting it to KIS that he IS gay and living in denial. I don’t know much about the law but that sounds to me like sexual harassment and I would resent it.

    Mobisco is just a stupid person. Anybody can be, got nothing to do with those of us uninvolved in the case. I wish him good luck and better manners in the future.

    That said, Kukogho is stupider – on a larger scale.

    We overlook too many things from homophobes just because we want to be safe. And it’s understandable on FB. But not here on KD.

    Look at how Kukogho used the incident of INDIVIDUAL gay men hitting on him to vomit one homophobic slur after another and paint our entire community as sex-crazed animals on a sinister mission. He rode on the opressive system to justify the lynchings and beatings and even dared repeat that nonsense about us and anal sex and how we are a kink in the reproductive process. It stinks to the high heavens and must be called out for what it is.

    Just after the hate act got signed into law he penned a poem that claimed to be for “tolerance” yet obsessed about anuses and how some people preferred to do more than just shit with theirs. What the fuck is that?

    He should do something about his homophobia.

    • pinkpanthertb
      December 14, 06:13 Reply

      i know Samson, and I know how he likes to come off as one who toes the line of benevolence for all things controversial. But his homophobia is quite succinct for those who take the time to notice.

    • gad
      December 14, 07:19 Reply

      In our condemnation of kukogho, let’s put ourselves in his shoes. This is a straight guy who keeps being harassed by “evangelist” in their attempt to turn him gay. If I were him,I might decide to over look things but if I decide otherwise,the guys concerned will nurse their wound 4 so long. Even amongs us gays, imagine how difficult it is to put up with that guy who you feel nothing for but who keeps coming on you.Guys should learn restraint and discipline

      • Absalom
        December 14, 07:53 Reply

        Gad honey, nobody has condoned or excused Mosicated Bongs’s actions – seeing as he’s been so crass.

        You probably don’t know KIS very well. Some of us do.

        What makes me gay is that I like guys – you know, those humans with flat chests and a rod between their legs. I can hit on any guy I fancy. But what makes me different from Mosicated Bongs is: if said guy says no, I back off and don’t try to force or psychologically manipulate him.

        Women are always bombarded with propostions from men. They haven’t exactly gone crazy or insulted ALL men on account of that (at least the sensible ones). So what’s new, really? Guy, you’re cute; girls and guys want a piece of you. Ehen? You should be flattered; not everybody is that “blessed”. Turn down the advances you don’t want and move on. And if someone proves obnoxious, like Mr. Mosicated, take appropriate actions while facing him alone. Don’t make it seem like his behaviour is a “gay thing”, therefore justification for your bigotry.

        There are no half measures in the business of tolerance; you either love people who are different from you or you don’t. And on this matter we know where KIS’s heart truly lies.

        • pinkpanthertb
          December 14, 07:56 Reply

          This comment is absolutely fabulous!!! Absalom is BACK! 😀

      • Max
        December 14, 08:00 Reply

        @Absolam, you seem like someone worthy of knowing…

      • KingBey
        December 14, 08:35 Reply

        Love, Sex and relationship is not by force….it is by interest. Even the so-called conversion process…it’s also determined by interest. If the other party is not interested, it can never work. Even if it does work initially, it won’t last….I tried converting a few guys when I was much younger and hot blooded but out of them, only one guy totally accepted and we still fuck till date. One of them still remained my best friend and I know my boundaries. Some gay guys can be so obsessive and it’s so annoying and draining. For heaves sake, there over seven billion humans out there….if am not interested in you , why not move on rather than making a fool out of yourself….bikonu it’s not a must that the guy you want should want you too. It takes two to tango

      • Ace
        December 14, 13:41 Reply

        Absalom! This your comment had me proud of this blog. There are actually people who think rationally.

  6. simba
    December 14, 06:13 Reply

    Morning sermon… Pastoress Pinky.. Holy

  7. FKA Chizzie
    December 14, 06:26 Reply

    The way i see it, if one is really straight. then they wouldn’t be the subject of gay rumours. Gay rumours are to a large extent always true. And a truly straight person won’t feel the need to vehemently prove that they aren’t gay…but rather would let their sexuality speak for itself. its like someone saying I am straight…highest I’l do is laugh it off.

    I think this bitch is gay

    that said…some gay guys really need to be more subtle in their approach. its always a turn off when people are so obvious. if u want to bang a deeply closeted person, it requires a ton of patience and if u can’t afford dt, then go on Grindr.

    • chestnut
      December 14, 06:41 Reply

      Chizzie, gay rumours are not always true. The gay community delights in ‘reaching’ to high heavens when it comes to any hot,handsome man (wishful thinking,perhaps). All the good-looking celebrities in this countries have been labelled “closet-gays”, by d gay community. EVERY good-looking man can’t be gay,u know; believe it or not, heterosexuals DO exist in this world.

  8. Micky
    December 14, 06:37 Reply

    Take heed oh ye KDITES!!!!!!! A word should be enough for the wise.

  9. chestnut
    December 14, 06:53 Reply

    Hmm. For someone who is a poet (and therefore, sort of intellectual and open-minded),I’m surprised he ran to the tired cliche: “if u parents were gay, u wouldn’t be alive”. And “your type”? Really?…
    The other dude who hit on him is annoying. I don’t know why people do things like this. Someone tells u he’s not gay,and u keep stalking him( not just as a “friend”,but with sexual propositions)! Ur friend told u he’s gay,therefore u must die inside the matter,abi? Even though he has made it clear to u that he doesn’t want! There will be other guys; must u kill urself over someone that has told u to leave him alone? People like this are dangerous to have as friends(speaking from experience); they believe anybody associated in anyway with a gay guy,is gay (they believe since u’re gay,ur boss is gay too, ur co-workers are gay, ur neighbours are gay, ur church-members are gay…) And won’t hesitate to proposition the good-looking ones:( “I’m attracted to u.I’m gay and I know u’re gay too because u work in d same company as my gay friend,XYZ…”). A hot Mess!

    • Max
      December 14, 07:41 Reply

      Yeah…i know that type, everyone within your social circle is gay to them. I call them psychostalkers..

    • KingBey
      December 14, 08:41 Reply

      True talk bro….obsessive people are dangerous and should be avoided. Speaking from a current experience…..Loll

  10. Nono Lemuel
    December 14, 07:07 Reply

    Well.. I believe everyone has his demon in form of gaydar. All my life, my demon has never lied to me. It has this magnet that magnets the dude if he is queer and if he is straight my magnet remains where it is. Rely on ur gaydar nd u will be free from straight ppl. Unless u obviously wanna convert d fellow or try ur luck.

      • Mr Kassy
        December 14, 23:04 Reply

        Buh pinky to be honest,I alwways wish all cute guys are gay.Some guys are just over-cute and dead gorgeous damn!Just a look at such guys can make my dick to tear my trouser and just pop outta d open*Men are beautiful*

  11. Ace
    December 14, 07:14 Reply

    Some peiple really need to do two things in their lives :One is to fucking grow up! There are ways to go after closeted guys and Mosicated bongs failed woefully in his approach. To think he even went as far as saying “someone told me you are gay”, talk about a thirsty hoe with an unbridled tongue. Please take your thirsty ass to Grindr. Two, NOT EVERY GOOD LOOKING GUY IS GAY! GOD! And even if they were, if dem tell you NO, abeg carry your market go another place, don’t push a ticking bomb. I cannot stress this enough. I have gotten countless messages from my gay friends each time i put a guy’s picture on my dp. The next question would be “is he gay?” Bitch! No!

    • chestnut
      December 14, 07:24 Reply

      @ace…and if u tell them the hot gay on ur dp is straight(which is probably the truth), they’ll automatically call u a liar and a hoarder!(If somehow they can get his pin,they’ll tell him they “know” he’s gay because YOU are gay,and u’re frnds with him). It astounds me,how ppl think and act this way just because they want sex from a person.

      • Max
        December 14, 07:44 Reply

        Yeah. That happens to me all the time. Even after you tell em he’s straight, they’ll still go ahead to request for his pin. And they just keep pushing it, its crazy.

      • pinkpanthertb
        December 14, 07:50 Reply

        That assuredness that the hot guy you know must be gay cos you’re gay amuses me sometimes. When those bbm friends persist in spite of my objections to the contrary, Ill be like, Well duh, i want him to be gay too.

      • Ace
        December 14, 13:46 Reply

        Nna oo! Things people do for the D these days. The thing tire me.

  12. Max
    December 14, 07:57 Reply

    OK, so I have no pity for psychostalkers. If someone tell you they aren’t interested, I think the smart thing to do is stay away.
    That said, the person being stalked on is crazy too. People usually do an overkill to compensate for something they’re lacking..
    From my years of experience, I’ll tell you he’s gay, or @least bi. Straight guys don’t go around bickering and blabbing about how straight they are. And as for the venom he poured out on LGBT people, let’s just say I’ve heard worse… Both parties are plain idiots. Both stalker and stalkee…

    Leave your personal life where it belongs.. Don’t parade your personal life on social media, its crazy… And they say he’s a celeb, well, I’ve never heard of him.. Can’t even remember his name & I just read this 5 seconds ago…

    • pinkpanthertb
      December 14, 08:00 Reply

      Lmao. Max darling, both you and your venom are going to hell for this

    • Deola
      December 14, 08:03 Reply

      ‘can’t remember his name & i just read this 5 seconds ago’
      Very Bitchy Max. I love it!!!

    • Khaleesi
      December 14, 08:03 Reply

      hahahahahha LMAO!!! Max, you’re such a vitriolic bitch, but yes, he deserves every drop of the poison you just poured out.

    • Chuck
      December 14, 09:43 Reply

      Straight guys are not all the same. apart from being attracted to women, they don’t share any other characteristic.

  13. Masked Man
    December 14, 07:58 Reply

    I saw this yesterday and pretended not to see it. I just skipped it. This #CandidLagos photograapher and poet, as he brandishes himself, him own too much sef. Just delete the BBM contact and that’s all. All these outburst on FB, to me, makes me even suspect him. He mist have had a shady past. Perhaps one of those that got delivered.

      • B.A.D
        December 14, 11:33 Reply

        Lmao. u just had 2 😀

    • Deola
      December 14, 11:42 Reply

      Well he obviously ‘Doesn’t like MENS no more’ so i guess the deliverance worked no?

  14. Khaleesi
    December 14, 08:07 Reply

    Not every guy is gay, just as some gay guys cannot contemplate ever having sex with a woman, some straight guys cannot ever in their wildest dreams ever have sex with a man! They are totally straight, even when they are tolerant of gays. A lot of gay guys need to quench most of their thirst and get a life!! If u hit on a guy (gay or straight) and he says NO, back off – not everyone is going to like you, not everyone you fancy is going to be gay, live with it! Yes, there are a lot of hot straight guys we all wish were gay, but trust me, there are enough hot gay guys out there, and personally, once i realise a guy isnt gay, i lose interest, straight men just dont have that extra “oomph” that hot gay guys have!

    • chestnut
      December 14, 08:26 Reply

      Hahaha. To be fair though, some straight guys have oomph…pleeenty of oomph; infact “over-oomph” der worry

      • pinkpanthertb
        December 14, 08:29 Reply

        Yes o. Khaleesi, why do you think there’s so much thirst for some straight guys? The oomph they have is simply too…erm, oomphtastic. 🙂

  15. KingBey
    December 14, 08:21 Reply

    Most times? I guess you have been meeting the unappealing gay ones…..poor you !

  16. Deola
    December 14, 08:21 Reply

    If you are secure in your sexuality, there would be no need to overcompensate which is what this guy is doing.
    There is this need for straight guys to be so assured in their straightness that it just makes them come off devious and as someone living in denial. they even coined to ridiculous term #Nohomo. Gone are the days when a guy can give a guy a compliment like ‘Dude you look handsome’ without adding #nohomo to show the world that he is indeed straight.
    Now I can see a stunning girl walk by and comment on her beauty but i dont add #nohetero.
    I am in no way condoning the way The gay dude here kept pushing him, but to call my orientation disgusting and then say you ‘respect’ me anyway makes you come off as incredibly stupid. Its so condescending that you think I should be grateful that you respect me even though I disgust you. Lol. Imagine the audacity.
    The coolest straight guys I know are the ones who feel no need to over emphasize their sexuality, this guy doing so screams of someone who is hiding something and i guess thats what the gay dude sensed.

  17. Dom
    December 14, 09:11 Reply

    Anuofia nwuru anwu! “Most times straight guys are more appealing…” ikuku buru kwa gi ebe ahu. mtchewwwwww!!!

    • gad
      December 14, 10:21 Reply

      Show some mercy biko

  18. FKA Chizzie
    December 14, 10:37 Reply

    Meanwhile I went through his Facebook and I do not see anything hot in this man whatsoever. He has really big teeth though, other than that his looks are very plain. He even looks local. so I’m like…really?


    • Deola
      December 14, 11:20 Reply

      For once I agree with this one. I am not one to judge people soley on their looks, while he isnt bad looking, he isnt drop dead gorgeous either. I expected that someone with that much ego would put people like Keith Carlos to shame, so you could imagine my disapointment when he looks like every tom dick and harry that you see everyday. Yimu for this whole nonsense, if you want to do yanga you berra have beta fine market to justify it.

    • B.A.D
      December 14, 11:22 Reply

      Ikr! I’m on his fb atm. On a scale of 1-1,000,000; he’s a 10. Good 2 know I’m not alone in my emergency fb stalkn 😉

      • Ace
        December 14, 14:02 Reply

        OMG! The moment you realize the whole team is doing the same thing as you. The guy us just meh. If i was to fuck with him it may be on the basis of intelligence which he just sadly showed he lacked with this is post.

        And yes, i am in support of putting this link on his timeline, we can’t be wasting all our “butt plugged asses” here when he should be getting some vitrol for dinner.

  19. Absalom
    December 14, 11:50 Reply

    Pinky oooh! We should find a way to dump the link to this post where KIS will find it and shout more. All this shade is wasting!

  20. Khaleesi
    December 14, 12:41 Reply

    ok… i just went on his facebook, expecting to see some drop dead adonis … am so shattered and reeling in disappointment, cos all i saw was a very regular guy, the type you’d pass in the street without missing a beat … I honestly wouldnt go out of my way to hit on … THAT!!, if he made a pass at me, and if the mood and timing was right, yes i’d shag him, but only cos there wasnt much better to do at that point in time and oh, i’d probably forget his name after a few days … Pls, tell this barely concealed homophobic bitch with anger issues to shut up, pull her pants together and get on with life … he’s not as hot nor desirable as some of his stalkers have deluded him to believe!!

  21. Brian Collins
    December 14, 14:42 Reply

    For me hot straight guys have this appeal that gay guys don’t have for me. That they are untouchable is just enough to keep my blood boiling. I sometimes wonder if there is any cute straight guy who hasn’t been hit on. Tons of friends tell me how this dude hit on them and stuff and spent a lot of money and all but I don’t think they were the way the KIS guy was.
    But sha the degree of appeal with straight guys is like massive.
    If only I had the strength to embark on one of those conversion missions, I woulda been a grandmother by now.

    • gad
      December 14, 15:35 Reply

      Nna, any day you decide to go into gay evangelism please be kind enough to share the story if you come back alive.

  22. s_sensei
    December 14, 14:49 Reply

    @Absalom: God bless you for your comments.

    I look at the whole drama and I see many possibly at play. A gay man who is homophobic, hates himself and is trying too hard to BE straight. Or a straight man who feels like so many others that being straight is an achievement, so they flaunt it like its an olympic medal. Or that its something that can be forcefully taken from them againt their wills, or its a quality that makes them fully “normal” humans or even humans of “superior quality”. I see lies. One who claims to be tolerant yet is obviously intolerant. I also see lack of self control; some dude who doesn’t know what “NO” means and has got no self-respect.

    But I don’t judge any of them. Know why? They are both HUMAN BEINGS.
    And I know gays from this blog who are more intolerant than KIS. So abeg, make all of una chere.

    • DeadlyDarius
      December 14, 16:56 Reply

      Pray tell, Sensei, who are these highly intolerant gay guys on this blog? Inquiring minds would like to know..

  23. My Chemical Romance
    December 14, 20:43 Reply

    Funny thing is that I know the guy in the chat. I will direct him to this thread. It is so funny….

  24. Lothario
    December 15, 14:30 Reply

    People need to chill……it’s not by force to do. There really are more than enough guys who are GAP to go round. Even if he is, this guy probably came on too strong.

    On the flipside…..
    The princess doth protest a bit too much

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