“My first sexual encounter with a woman.” The Hilarious Narration that Trended On Twitter

“My first sexual encounter with a woman.” The Hilarious Narration that Trended On Twitter

The tweep is @afearlessfight and below is her story. If you haven’t already followed this, you’re in for a treat. 😀 FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender_1FullSizeRender_2FullSizeRender_3FullSizeRender_4FullSizeRender_5FullSizeRender_6FullSizeRender_7FullSizeRender_8FullSizeRender_9FullSizeRender_10FullSizeRender_11FullSizeRender_12FullSizeRender_13FullSizeRender_14FullSizeRender_15FullSizeRender_16FullSizeRender_17FullSizeRender_18FullSizeRender_19FullSizeRender_20FullSizeRender_21FullSizeRender_22FullSizeRender_23

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  1. papasmurf
    February 01, 06:07 Reply

    OMG!!!! I haf dead finish!!!!
    Its 6am in d morning & I’m laughing like a maniac!! The “straight gial” face killed me… “Impossible”

  2. bruno
    February 01, 06:18 Reply

    ???? this is gold. if this actually happened it makes for some interesting discussions but it’s as hilarious as fuck.

    • Pink Panther
      February 01, 06:21 Reply

      Some interesting discussions such as how this is most likely an issue of rape?

      • bruno
        February 01, 06:47 Reply

        yea. if she decides to file for sexual assault on grounds that she was unable to provide consent due to intoxication she has a really strong case. and morally, is it even ok to drug someone and have sex with them? but it seems the lady here had fun and felt good about it afterward so…

        • Pink Panther
          February 01, 06:53 Reply

          And her ‘feel good’ case will strengthen the case of the Straight Conversion To Gay Association.

          • Max 2.0
            February 01, 07:36 Reply

            Lmfao ?? @Pinky, women know how to pleasure women just like men know how to pleasure other men. She may be latent-bi, or maybe straight, but there’s a kind of experience you have and you’ll never wanna do anything less.

  3. peaches
    February 01, 06:25 Reply

    Blood of God… the story plenty o…Rotflmao @the diagrams. This nne shaa.

  4. peaches
    February 01, 06:28 Reply

    Rape ke?, the aunty took it hook, line and sinker …with added pleasure. And is happy to joke over it…PP it was hungrying this aunty joh.

    • Mandy
      February 01, 06:34 Reply

      She was drugged, was she not?

  5. Mandy
    February 01, 06:36 Reply

    ‘I walk around screaming, ‘I CAN TAKE YO BITCH! HIS BITCH! EVERYBODY BITCH!”

    HALLELUJAH SISTER! Take them bitches! You have been delivert into lesbianism.

  6. King Mufasa
    February 01, 07:08 Reply

    Sigh … why can’t men have multiple orgasms too.
    This is soo unfair ? I am actually jealous.

    This is straight up rape though.

    • Max 2.0
      February 01, 07:39 Reply

      Ummm, she went to a ” HO’ tel ” room around 1am, what exactly did she think they were going to do there? Night vigil perhaps?

      Biko I see no rape here. She gave her ecstacy drugs or whatever and then went ahead and gave her a happy ending which she’s forever grateful for.

  7. #Chestnut
    February 01, 07:25 Reply

    LMAO! Ok,this was hilarious! And those memes had me crying real tears,lol.
    (I wonder when were gonna get a narration from a straight guy who tried gay sex and loved it so much that he runs around screaming “I can take ur man…her man…EVERYBODY man!” Hehehe…)

  8. Max 2.0
    February 01, 07:33 Reply

    ???????????????????????????… Omg this lady is so damn funny.. Literally shedding tears right now… The pics was everything ??

  9. Dennis Macaulay
    February 01, 08:34 Reply

    I read this last week and I nearly died laughing!

    But on a serious note she was raped! Did she give consent without intoxication? Bill Cosby hello?

    And if one orgasms from a rape experience (which does happen sometimes) it is still rape!

    Rape doesn’t have to be only when you are tied with rope

    • z
      February 01, 12:12 Reply

      Is it still rape if they were both active participants and both enjoyed it. She also sucked the clit and used the strappy strap whatever on the other woman.
      She wasn’t drugged against her will. She knew the effect of what she was taking.
      It wasn’t rape abeg.
      Just wish I could do this to some guys tho. Hehehe. Hey PP

  10. Law
    February 01, 11:05 Reply

    This was funny….. Am showing my colleagues in the office… They are laughing their asses out….

  11. kacee
    February 01, 11:17 Reply

    Omg LMAO i saw this a few days ago and i laughed my ass off. I just love her…. The pictures are so funny hehehehehe.

    *shouts* James

  12. kacee
    February 01, 11:32 Reply

    i cant stop reading this LMAO

    Shaggy isn’t this weed (that face LMAO)

    Be gentle i’m a virgin got me hahahaha

    What are Men again(ROTFL)
    and Oprah’s face omg hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  13. Akpan
    February 01, 13:15 Reply

    Whether on screen or in text, I have hardly ever seen a description of gay sex where the encounter was sublime and sensual. It’s always violent and masochistic. Anyone remember Brokeback Mountain? The stereotyping of gay sex as brutal and insensitive is nothing like my personal life, and I certainly hope it’s not so for the rest of you. I find it disgusting and a complete turn off. Doesn’t help the ‘straights’ to think of us as human either

    • Pink Panther
      February 01, 23:53 Reply

      You’ve not seen much of LGBT series, have you? Hollywood is getting it right when it’s the LGBT factions that are involved.

  14. Magdiva
    February 03, 11:37 Reply

    †☁DEAD☁† #epic ?

    And no it ain’t rape. Not because drugs and alcohol were involved that it automatically becomes rape. At no point did she indicate that she didn’t want this, say no or ask for the Aunty to stop.

    She enjoyed it by all indication. End of

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