“Homosexuality is a form of identity crisis.” Self-proclaimed sexuality doctor, Chukwuma Joseph Chima, has all the answers

In a recent Facebook post, an average Nigerian man, Chukwuma Joseph Chima, who calls himself a “sexuality doctor”, posited his thoughts on homosexuality.

It is such delightful, IQ-dropping read, y’all. 😀 Check on it below.


Homosexuality is a form of identity crisis.

If you don’t know where you are going, every destination will make sense to you and what you are not or who you are not, you will struggle to become.

When the identity of a man is not defined properly to him, he enters into crisis mode. That’s what identity crisis is all about. It is a state of not knowing your true identity or not being certain about it.

Homosexuality is a form of identity crisis because it is a misrepresentation of the personality of a man.

People don’t actually believe this to be the truth because most people don’t know how it all started. No one is born homosexual. People are bred one and that is the basis of the identity crisis. It is a demand from our environment to conform to its dictates. From experience and observation every homosexual became by nurture. That means it happens through mental or physical abuse.

The moment a person’s mindset is warped, identity crisis sets in and the person begins to live a substandard life. Whatever seems right becomes the norm of living for such a person. And when you begin to live like who you are not, struggling becomes a nature for you.

At the root of this struggle is not being taught right at home. It is the responsibility of the parents to teach the children about their true identity. Don’t leave it to the media or the western culture to model a lifestyle for your child.

I struggled with identity crisis for a long time until I began to seek for the truth. The truth lives inside of you. When you question your sanity with reference to your source which is God, you will find the truth. The truth is a person and He lives inside of you. Consult Him and you will find the truth.

I grew up in the late 70s and early 80s and I didn’t have the luxury of the media that we have today, but my seed was corrupted. I could count the number of times I had access to television at my growing age, but I learnt the wrong sexual behaviour because I was not taught sexuality education. That was the beginning of my identity crisis and it affected every area of my life. That’s the danger. People may try to deny it, but a human being is a complete entity and once one part malfunctions, the entire entity malfunctions directly or indirectly. It is that critical.

From when I became aware of my environment, something in me told me my life has been messed up, but I couldn’t really place my finger on it until much later in life when I began to search for my true identity and I am glad I have found it. You can begin a search for yours. It’s in you.

As more and more children are confused about who they are sexually, they naturally struggle with a lack of confidence because they don’t know who they are or what they are to do. This is the major objective of homosexuality is an identity crisis.

You were not born to struggle. You were born to thrive. A bad seed was sown at some point in your life that corrupted your true identity. You must find that seed and uproot it. There’s help available to help you do that.

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  1. Manach
    January 31, 08:30 Reply

    Is this supposed to be a story?.
    A gay guy in denial?.
    We’ve seen,heard and read worse.

  2. trystham
    January 31, 08:58 Reply

    Well, we can now agree totally that his ‘identity crises’ did not stem from any exposure to ‘western influence’.

  3. Malik
    January 31, 09:36 Reply

    So much confusion here, it’s comic.

  4. dale
    January 31, 09:50 Reply

    dont have anything to say to this folks.

  5. Johnny
    January 31, 10:25 Reply

    This person is mumu. I think he is the one with identity crisis . He doesn’t even know what he’s saying.
    Brotherly is confused

  6. Net
    January 31, 12:51 Reply

    This guy is delusional, he should come and tell me why I started humping girls before the age of 6 when I didn’t even know what lesbianism was

  7. Nele
    January 31, 19:45 Reply

    I can’t seem to come to terms with why some people just want to talk, because their voice sounds good to their ears.
    What a Prat.

  8. quinn
    February 01, 10:25 Reply

    Very confusing and self contradicting, he talks about accepting your truth and the same time, fighting your sexuality… Yep this one seems closeted. Next please. He really needs more time to have an honest and open conversation with himself, People are so scared of anything same-sex it’s completely ridiculous!

  9. Dunder
    February 03, 21:59 Reply

    And one unfortunate lady will see this one now and superglue herself to him because the clock in her family house is ticking (as if it is not the nature of clocks to tick). You better not let his confusion “corrupt the seed” of your children.

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