“As A Christian, I Don’t Subscribe To The Gay And Lesbian Life Choice.” Oby Ezekwesili Clarifies

“As A Christian, I Don’t Subscribe To The Gay And Lesbian Life Choice.” Oby Ezekwesili Clarifies

During her session at Chatham House, after getting questioned by LGBT activist Bisi Alimi on the subject of the inclusion of LGBT Nigerians in her government, ACPN presidential candidate Oby Ezekwesili made some remarks that were promptly reported widely as her giving her support to the Nigerian LGBT.

“I absolutely believe in the fact that everyone is entitled to equal opportunity,” she said. “So at the realm of public policy, it wouldn’t matter to me what your belief is, what you chose to believe it… It is basically the fact that equality of opportunity will define my time in government, I believe that equality of opportunity offers everyone the right to live… It offers everyone, the right to aspire, that will definitely be the way that I run the government that I shall lead.”

The media furiously reported these comments as Ezekwesili’s intended support for LGBT Nigerians during her presidency.

And she has taken to Twitter to clarify that in fact, she is just as Nigerian with her prejudice, as every other average Nigerian who is religious and ignorant.

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  1. Dunder
    December 07, 20:03 Reply

    I honestly don’t get the venom and vitriol aimed at this woman. Sometimes, I think this community is so love-starved we expect to get from the public what we have been denied from friends, siblings, parents and even God. You have a draconian law that criminalizes your existence and makes you every crooked policeman’s meal ticket. You are dehumanized, robbed and raped by every failed yahoo-boy who thinks he is helping God rid Naija of “homos” for a fee. Then you have a candidate who is saying she is going to take things back to say, 1998 when everyone minded their business and you were not been tarred and feathered by an entire nation uninterested in fixing itself. Instead of feeling relief or being encouraged that a religious woman has educated herself enough to leave you alone, that is, to do what your closest and dearest have failed at, you are pissed that she is not n complete agreement with you? Remember that most countries we look up to went to this same path- realizing that there are no gay rights, just human rights that must not be denied gay people. Gay people too quickly forget Ezekwensili would not believe in gambling but do you think Nairabet would throw a fit if she says she does not believe in gambling but would let these businesses operate?

    This fight for basic human dignity, human rights or let me say, HUMAN RIGHTS FOR GAY PEOPLE is different from the want for love, acceptance and affection. This is why for example, civil unions preceded what we now call “gay marriage”. We are smart enough to be pragmatic about ending the legalized bullying Nigeria has subjected us to. We should accept our situations and mourn the relationships we’ve lost or that have been altered by our acceptance of whom we are but cheer on people and programs that lump us with the general population instead of setting us aside as scapegoats and protecting those who prey on us. We have enough unsought hate in abundance. Must we also refuse succor that a situation where our citizenship is not denied can bring? Remember that Nigeria is fully incapable of upholding anyone’s humanity. Re-Qualifying as a bloody civilian is a quarter of an inch forward.

    • Dimkpa
      December 08, 18:48 Reply

      It was nice reading your comments however I want to point out two things. Aunty still thinks that our life is a choice and she is basing it on a strong scriptural anchor. These two things have cancelled her in my opinion.
      Secondly, what is the difference between gay rights and human rights? She tweets as though they are two different things, as if we want something different from any other person. We don’t. We only want what everyone else has, nothing more: Not to be discriminated against; To be free to have sex without fearing a jail term; To be free to love, marry, have a family and raise kids; To have the same benefits from the state that accrues to law abiding citizens. These things are the same as human rights. All we want is to be treated as human. She separates them as though they are different and from her stance as a scripturally anchored Christian, is not likely to grant them.
      So, I’ll pass on her crumbs. Saying one thing outside to conform to international standards and then dialling back immediately it is challenged. And as for going back to pre SSMPA 1998, that is not possible. The wind has blown and the bum of the fowl has been exposed. The only thing that can change this is a full attainment of rights supported by the state. Everyone will learn to live with it once it is the law of the land. This is the case with gay marriage in America, they don’t all like it but it has come to stay and it can’t be changed because no politician in his or right mind will risk it.

    • Eclectic
      December 12, 19:58 Reply

      You just took the thought out of my head! Even in developed countries where gay rights are upheld, it didn’t happen in one day and even many of the people there still have their reservation no matter how they try to pretend. Talking about it is the first step in the right direction. No politician in a religiously drunken country like Nigeria would come out to say gay rights would be upheld, at least not now. Fundamental Human Rights self, we haven’t even addressed that one!

  2. J
    December 07, 22:08 Reply

    Abegi I am tired of these straight people and their wahala.

    As if homosexuals are some aliens suffering from some alien diseases. I don’t need their approval and I don’t give a rat arse about what they think!!!

    I just wish I can meet a stable boyfriend I can stay with for the remaining time I have in this life. Fuck homophobia from any hole it’s coming from!!!

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