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Photo: Famous Quote From TV Series ‘Hunting Season’

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Photos: Gay Art

As usual, I was perusing twitter, and I happened upon these pieces of gay art that I would love to share with y’all. I mean, it’s porn, but without the


  1. McGray
    October 28, 04:26 Reply

    Dat pix by d right is causing confussion btwn my dick and i. Now my dick is tryna raise his flag of independence. Pinky why nah?? Now i’ve been called for morning devotion, what do i do?? gaud is watching u oo (wearing another boxer)

    • pinkpanthertb
      October 28, 04:42 Reply

      Heheheee!!! All I did was ask a perfectly educational question. If you’re reacting one kain one kain to it, its you God is watching mbok.

  2. blue fox
    October 28, 04:31 Reply

    Hia! biko that hole is no longer an ass, it’s a train station

  3. Peak
    October 28, 04:38 Reply

    Pinky u wan da gobe sile with this post. I see this post getting really messy

  4. Brian Collins
    October 28, 04:52 Reply

    It’s gonna get messy real fast. Wakey Wakey people. *starts brewing coffee – gosh!!! no croissant*

  5. Peak
    October 28, 04:53 Reply

    Aye!!!!!! There is nothing more enjoyable than getting with a buttom who can talk the talk and walk the walk. You have these cats talking sleak, acting like buffy the dick slayer and are all over social media going all “I don’t do small or average” but 2 seconds in they are gasping for air and saying they can’t deal. So ama go with my friend on the right! That hole aint no shy hole if you ask me

    • JArch
      October 28, 05:31 Reply

      Want some “cream” with that darling *sniggers*

    • Mrs Macaulay
      October 28, 06:02 Reply

      *pours low fat milk into DM’s coffee and leads him out of the room*
      I cant shout biko!
      *waves at Pink Panther*

      • kylie
        October 28, 07:31 Reply

        holy Lord!! Mrs. Macaulay oooo, Damn! i jus luv yuu

  6. teajsy
    October 28, 04:59 Reply

    Hummm really DAT hole speaks years of real hard work

  7. enigmous
    October 28, 05:23 Reply

    Yaaayyyyy!!! Bless me father for I have sinned. For me o, I like paying the development fee for any of my oil blocks so I will go with the pic on the left. By so doing, I will be rest assured that my oil reserve will last for the foreseeable future *sips my perfectly brewed lemonade*

  8. JArch
    October 28, 05:38 Reply

    Sloppy on the inside? Hell naaw

    Happy outside yes, I agree… but c’mon people no body wants to drill a subway tunnel mbok.

    DO YOUR KEGEL EXERCISE!!! I can’t stress this enough. Keeps it oven fresh and tightly pressed to ensure proper suction.

    Goes back to sleep, jetlag is a bitch

      • JArch
        October 28, 06:10 Reply

        Yes men do kegel

        improves ejaculation-I.e helps to avoid premature ejaculation.

        For bottoms, tightens the hole.

        Google it darling

      • JArch
        October 28, 06:21 Reply

        Lmaooo Darris God ooo

        *says a prayer for Mrs M*

      • king
        October 28, 07:14 Reply

        Dennis point of correction….do bottoms do kegels?? Hmmm I should think so if they want a taste of ma type of SCHLONG i.e. lol

    • Mr Bassey
      October 28, 10:53 Reply

      The Oracle has spoken….. Take notes skitches.

  9. Constant
    October 28, 06:30 Reply

    Pic on the ryt is a total turn off for mua… I ain’t gonna do no nigga with such Bermuda hole. Team Left

  10. Ruby
    October 28, 07:12 Reply

    I don’t agree with that statement cos if the ass is Sloppy on the inside, Sex will just be Miserable or won’t it *Thinking…
    Nsamio!!! Mbok ekpong mi ye iko ina usen ubok emi

    • Mr Bassey
      October 28, 10:58 Reply

      Ette kpong ibon emi….dem never jam. Finally someone who likes writing in efik as much as I do.

    • Jinchuriki
      December 07, 01:13 Reply

      Sloppy on the inside, miserable? No. Nsu ke do. You’ll need to have been on both sides of this fence first. Nigga! Sloppy is always best. LOL.

  11. king
    October 28, 07:21 Reply

    Um Pinky a good hot part of hell awaits u my Darl for this u do to us at KD. In fact it reminds of me of two types of experiences. I mean the one on the right. Firstly .one slim chap I tot was gonna be a delight to enter and cum out was a surprise to me cause I entered an ocean…ofcoz I promptly withdrew and he sucked me off. Secondly I remember my thrysts in lagos where we could have say 12 to 13 somes on a Friday night in my house and at one point at nite we would choose a willing power bot to just lie down and we the power tops would line up…eh u get my meaning! oh have to pack well before these guys in d office see what’s going on under……! Ah Pinky what u do to us!

    • chestnut
      October 28, 07:54 Reply

      King, I find u rather confusing; u talk so much about how “Christian” u are, but ur level of (intentional and pre-meditated) debauchery would make some porn stars blush… (u take pics of these orgies too, don’t u?)

      • king
        October 28, 08:06 Reply

        Wow! Chestnut it looks like you were one of em invitees too abi!?? Ah ofcoz how else would you know I took photos…or did I say it there??? let me check!!!

      • king
        October 28, 08:14 Reply

        And just because i care to share my thrysts here doesn’t change the fact that I believe in CHRIST for my salvation and give you the right to question my “Christianity” or if you do then ofcoz you MUST be a CHRISTIAN first and which are u?????….hmmm someone just threw the first stone!!!!

      • chestnut
        October 28, 08:16 Reply

        Lol.invitees keh? My case neva bad reach dat level,biko. But wen u put d pics on social media, should u be surprised that even strangers know about them?

      • chestnut
        October 28, 08:21 Reply

        I didn’t throw any stone, dear king…I was only thinking out loud that u can be equally “passionate” about widely opposing ends of a spectrum. I’m no saint or prude: orgies may not be my style,but if it works for YOU,fine; but pls stop making some of us feel like Godless ingrates (to God) wen u talk about how much more religious u are,in comparison.

      • king
        October 28, 08:27 Reply

        Oh I actually do do I??? Make some of you look like the devil??? Then my work is achieved and am smiling home…coz pipo have to know that their sexuality SHOULD NOT define them but something GREATER than that….and if my Christianity offends you CHESTY luv…it’s gonna be a whole lot more offensive from now on…coz only the devil squirms when CHRIST is portrayed and oh I know you are not of it…or r u??? Hmmm!!

      • king
        October 28, 08:31 Reply

        Let me get this out str8t and fast chesty luv…i am as gay as they cum!! I am not faking my (oh god that word again…) gayism….but I AM ALSO AND FIRST A CHRISTIAN!!! now if you get this into you Ahhhh so much understanding will be wrought am sure!!!

      • chestnut
        October 28, 08:43 Reply

        Your “christianity” does not offend me,king; it merely confuses me a bit…I just feel some type of way that u talk about ur IMMENSE and UNREPENTANT love for GOd, and ur IMMENSE and UNREPENTANT love for group-sex all in one breath. Do YOU; be a christian and be a married man who hosts sex-parties, if u’re able to balance d two and still feel good,that’s fine. Just don’t talk soooo much about d two at d same time; it’s confusing.

        • pinkpanthertb
          October 28, 10:03 Reply

          I absolutely get your confusion Chestie. I get confused like that too. But I’m reserving my comments these days.

      • king
        October 28, 08:49 Reply

        Confusing??? To who??? U? Ah ok..better str8ten those luvly fine Peruvian curls of yours coz it just might get a little but more confusing….wow can u imagine I haven’t even sent in my story on KIKI wait till I do so…Ahhhh the likes of Chestnut would just pack and go…i guess..or not!?? smh…Pinky I didn’t know that to be married and be a Christian is a sin on KD!?? pls tell me biko!!

        • pinkpanthertb
          October 28, 10:04 Reply

          A ‘sin on KD’? What is this place, a branch of the Catholic church?

          • king
            October 28, 11:19 Reply

            Ah abi ooo biko gwa ayin oooo! Kaimara on time!

      • chestnut
        October 28, 09:07 Reply

        Really? U’re coming at me with that “peruvian weave” mess?
        Convenient, that u choose to see that I’m calling u out for being married and a KD reader…(yea, that’s exactly what I’m calling u out for). By all means, do send in ur stories about ur trysts,all I’m saying, don’t finish off d stories with tales of how God-fearing u are,lik: “I just had an amazing fuck-fest with 12 guys; I’m having another fuck-fest tomorrow and I’m so happy becos I’m a passionate christian and I luv God sooo much”… Hope u get d pix now?

        • king
          October 28, 09:17 Reply

          Ah sigh!!! Dennis you might want to bring out the popcorn and invite Mrs Macaulay to the front row coz this is getting quite exciting!!! Hmmm Chesty and me!! So you get confused whenever I write here abi? Is it just me or do we all detect something amis here…i wonder!!! Hmm chesty luv you better hurry up and spill out the real thing Dats biting u oooo coz it sure ain’t what I post! That’s for sure!! Ah but if it is…like I said you just mite not be comfy here anymore ooo! Dayum….this tea sure is good!

          • Legalkoboko
            October 28, 10:08 Reply

            Dear King, maybe you truly don’t get the point sweet chesty is trying to make.
            So I’ll phrase it another way like this:

            have you told your wife, in the plainest words ever, that you used to take exceptional delight in fucking male human beings? That you still keep in touch with gay guys in a blog called KD? Yes?

            • pinkpanthertb
              October 28, 10:11 Reply

              You’re even taking it to another spectrum Legal. Chestnut simply means, for someone who is quite loud with his Christian beliefs, he is also quite debauched. You’d think that as a loud christian, I’d be more modest with my admissions of a very active sex life.

            • king
              October 28, 11:24 Reply

              Legal luv…i wasn’t aware this was a prerequisite for joining KD….pray dear Pinky is it??? or am I the only married man on KD Hian! Or sorry is KD strictly for the unmarried??? Maybe like Gad says we all need more clarification before we “jump” into conclusions that truly we are part of KD and welcome here!!

          • king
            October 28, 11:20 Reply

            Ofcoz dear Pinky I won’t how can I? Am dense like that!

                • pinkpanthertb
                  October 28, 12:16 Reply

                  You really don’t get sarcasm when you hear it. Oh well…

                  • king
                    October 28, 12:22 Reply

                    Haba but aren’t we agreed already on the ONE point…i.e. that I JUST DONT GET IT..sarcasm or anything else someone else might be trying to say to uphold his point and not try to see my own view too..sure af agreed na!

      • chestnut
        October 28, 09:24 Reply

        Lol…why would something “bite” me about u though,king? Do I know anything about u other than what u post on d internet? Worry not; there’s no hidden meaning to all I’ve said to u.what I’ve said is exactly what I mean (except if u don’t understand my words; I thought my grammar was basic enuough though…)

      • Peak
        October 28, 10:10 Reply

        Am afraid I ve to wade in, @king dear, I was a lil confused like chestnut @ 1st until you clarified things. There is no where that it is written that you can’t love God while trying to be You (thryst n all),ur churchiness can get a lil over the top at times (no shade just being honest. @ chestnut, Bros the whole KD experience is suppose to be a platform where we can all share and be ourselves, no pretense, just plain-raw brother-to-brother honesty. If anything sef am wondering how King balances all of these cos its a lot. A lot of ppl will crack of slip and out themselves while juggling all these extra curricular activities. That’s how he lives that’s how he roll. We are all suppose to be “all accepting of one another and our differences” @king abeg invite chestnut on a date make una makeup biko

        • pinkpanthertb
          October 28, 10:14 Reply

          Extracurricular activities. Lmao. What a delicate way to put it.

    • king
      October 28, 10:26 Reply

      Thanx Peak..i guess that’s true!! Anyway I still luv you Chesty dear…i guess am supposed to be the older one here and so I will…all good..dont worry maybe right now you’re a bit confused just be patient darling…and more insight might just help you make some sense about me (hmm I wonder though why??) if it’s just what I write that bites uuu.and i.hope so too coz truly I don’t know you also!!! So let’s write some more and maybe just maybe you will get me! Thanx again Peak!

      • Peak
        October 28, 15:57 Reply

        @king anytime bro, just tryin to keep the peace! Pinky dearest! You just de throw gasoline any how, u no. Just. Care where e land yesterday na Gad, today na him twin brother! Ore, E takeie easy

    • Legalkoboko
      October 28, 08:21 Reply

      ok, now that I’ve recovered from the shock, I must say I agree totally.
      Let the package look presentable (big and well rounded ) on the outside, and sloppy enough for a good and joyous ingress and exit exercise.

      oh damn Pinky!
      You need the healing touch of TB Joshua.
      wiaris all di’s slotiness coming from this morning
      *fains annoyance *

  12. #TeamKizito
    October 28, 08:42 Reply

    Hmm. And someone would still need lubricant.. (Picture 2) And that manhole might not even able to accommodate some Anacondas.. (Picture 2) Ok. Aye! I concur sha.

    • Samaurai
      October 28, 09:34 Reply

      Bia Kizito, how big is your own Anaconda?
      You seem to be fascinated by the picture on the right.
      Biko, I need to have a private session in order to check out a particularly bulgy section of your anatomy.

      I hope you’ve got no Mrs around. 😀 😉

  13. JustJames
    October 28, 12:10 Reply

    The picture on the right makes me shudder.. And there will be no point fucking that.. Might as well just fuck the air..

  14. Brian Collins
    October 28, 13:23 Reply

    My coffee maker has been groaning all morning. I hoped i wouldn’t have to borrow sweetener from our inhouse homemaker Mrs M, i was already running out.
    Lemme just say, i think chestnut was hoping King would be more like Gad.
    * ok bye, i think i might have said too much*

    • king
      October 28, 14:11 Reply

      Brian thanx my luv coz Gad is Gad while King is King…..i actually thot even the names could spell the difference! ha!!

  15. Immanuel
    October 28, 21:52 Reply

    Oh my freaking Gad!! How the hell am I gonna conceal a boner like this? Ass on the left *nd rite are okay but not too great. Boner worthy but not fuck worthy. #Sori

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