On nights like this

I become a sis

Kneeling before a dick

Hormones oozing sporadic

I become, to others, a Sin


On other nights, I cry

Wanting nothing but to die

Hating the skin I wear

Hating the sin, as it were

Why was I made a Sin?


 Some nights make me high

Excitement boils my blood and I want to fly

Nights when Ebuka’s nudity presses mine

His banana-yellow skin – gawd! So fine

How can this be a Sin?


 There’re nights I become daring

Poised, unapologetic, self-loving

I look at me and say, blessed body

Beautiful skin, colour of honey

Those nights make me less a Sin


 Over time, nights became scary

I cannot be me without erring

Filthy thing, he practises sodomy!

Ha! Such nights show me Me:


Written by Alpha Jay

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  1. Mandy
    October 16, 10:21 Reply

    Over time, nights became scary
    I cannot be me without erring
    Filthy thing, he practises sodomy!
    Ha! Such nights show me Me:
    THE SIN.

    Is that ending what I think it is? that the writer still believes he’s sinful for being gay?

    • AlphaJay
      October 19, 13:20 Reply

      Poem have meanings deeper than deep and stronger than strong. You must have the eyes of an Eagle to see ’em meaning. To answer the question, the whole poem depicts what the average Nigerian sees a gay person as: A Sin. But in a way, it shows the beauty of the lifestyle and the poet’s unabashed love for his body. But still, the societal jabs gets to him at the ending.

    • AlphaJay
      October 19, 13:25 Reply

      Plus, not all queer bodies appreciate what they are. There are down times you know; and that was where the poet was at this time.

  2. Yazz Soltana
    October 16, 15:14 Reply

    I just love the wordplay and how it brings out the poets story.
    Very beautiful

  3. cedar
    October 17, 04:35 Reply

    In Chinese, “feichang piaoliang” very beautiful.

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