‘You can’t evangelize and antagonize at the same time!’ – Pastor Dewey Smith

‘You can’t evangelize and antagonize at the same time!’ – Pastor Dewey Smith

Pinky went to church yesterday! Hallelujah! 😀

A good KDian sent me the YouTube video below that is the ministration of Pastor Dewey Smith. As I watched, I said to myself, ‘Why? Why don’t we have more Christians who can practice their religion this way?’

I picked out some of the words the wise man of God dispensed from the altar:

‘On one hand, you quote homosexuality as an abomination from Leviticus, but you say that right after you ate some shrimp, some catfish and some lobster…!

‘We pick and choose the scriptures that we wanna use to beat folk up with, rather than look at our own lives…!

‘These folks are an abomination, they’re nasty. Tell you what you do then. Go find every song that’s been written by a gay person for the last hundred years and don’t sing it in church. Let’s see how many songs you can minister on that Sunday.’

And then, he rounded up with:

‘We all need Jesus!!!’

HALLELUJAH! Preach, pastor! *vibrating Black-American-church-attender style* lol

Check the short video out below.

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  1. Sheldon Cooper
    July 26, 08:03 Reply

    Wow. “You can’t preach and antagonise at the time”

    Laughed out at “…go find every song written by a gay person in the last hundred years and don’t sing it in church let’s see how many songs you can minister on that sunday.” they have no idea.
    I don’t got to church but I would go to that church just to listen to that pastor.

  2. keredim
    July 26, 08:16 Reply

    Chei, May God Bless that good KDian where ever he is for helping to put Christians in a positive light on KD.

    May he never lack. May his hustle always flow… Let his own be his own…for this is the day the Lord has made on KD.

    I will be praying for him…

    (I will also be praying that I don’t have to enter my details every frigging time I make a comment)

  3. Tiercel de Claron
    July 26, 08:36 Reply

    Which Christian,in the true sense of the word,doesn’t know this?.
    OAN,the website keep getting weirder and difficult to use by the day.What’s happening?

    • Tiercel de Claron
      July 26, 08:38 Reply

      Just switched to mobile from desktop,seem mobile got better and desktop worse.

  4. Oluwadamilare Okoro
    July 26, 08:41 Reply

    Listening to this was like I was in church … I was touched!

    Yes. We all need Jesus.

    *oh btw was it just me or did that pastor just shade the hell out of gospel artistes???

    • Sian
      July 26, 09:07 Reply

      Not sure it was a shade,leastways not an intentional one.A lot of gospel artistes I know,here in naija are gays.Might hold true elsewhere too.

  5. kacee
    July 26, 09:13 Reply

    Amen pastor, preach on pastor. Sometimes i wonder which of this big Nigerian pastors can preach like this. personas confundidas. PP are u a sabbatharian? lol

  6. Max
    July 26, 09:16 Reply

    Ok this just made my morning… I’m so sharing the video…
    “You need to sit your hypocritical asses down”.
    I’d happily resume church-going if this man was in Nigeria… He just inspired me..

    And I’ll make sure to bring Pinky along with me every Sunday

    • Tiercel de Claron
      July 26, 09:32 Reply

      Urm…….attend church only when they say what you want to hear,what does that make you?.

      • Oluwadamilare Okoro
        July 26, 11:53 Reply

        Sir, I think it’s about the way he reasons … And the confidence to actually say it out … In church without the fear of stepping on toes or losing followers.

  7. #Chestnut
    July 26, 09:42 Reply

    I’d have loved to see the look on the faces of the congregation (didn’t watch d video) did d message really sink in? I’ve come to realise that most homophobes aren’t really homophobic because of their “moral/godly/religious” fibre; they just use religion as an excuse to hate something they would have still hated,even if they were atheists. Oh well…
    (Has anyone seen MacArdry recently?)

      • Pink Panther
        July 26, 10:56 Reply

        Oh wait, MacArdry has been reborn to Sian?
        The way you KDians be changing pseudonyms… diaris God oo

        • Sian
          July 26, 11:18 Reply

          Hey,you’re the one as said we can be anyone we want to be,with the transition from wordpress.
          I’m not the first to so do,anyway.

          • Brian Collins
            July 26, 16:18 Reply

            I didn’t get that memo. Who else changed pseudonym? so we know who’s who. And where is my dear Teflondon or has he become that place Max always talks about?

            • Sian
              July 26, 17:47 Reply

              You didn’t see chestnut now coming with a hashtag?.There’s also a certain someone now becoming ambi…….abeg,no be for my mouth you go hear say trailer jam mosquito,see blood.

  8. Masked Man
    July 26, 10:32 Reply

    And the pastor is fine oh.
    PP, you have his contact?

      • Masked Man
        July 26, 11:26 Reply

        Biko chill.
        I’m just trying to move the ministry deeper.

        • Pink Panther
          July 26, 11:42 Reply

          Any deeper and the vineyard will need protection from all these intrusions.

          • Masked Man
            July 26, 12:08 Reply

            PP, you have to go deeper to be on a level where you encounter the spirit.

            • Pink Panther
              July 26, 12:34 Reply

              The flesh is weak…they say. Not all made of flesh can persevere to encounter the spirit.

              • Masked Man
                July 26, 13:10 Reply

                Flesh is weak?
                Biko I don’t subscribe.
                This flesh that can render the brain useless most times.

      • Francis
        July 26, 14:00 Reply

        Roflmao. PP your mouth oh.

        Nice video but I trust my nigerians, they’ll disregard the preaching and tag him a closet gay.

      • PEREZ
        July 26, 17:46 Reply

        Hoe in the Lord’s vineyard…

  9. Ace
    July 26, 13:42 Reply

    Such a wonderful way to revive your spirit in the place you originally should, but for some reason cannot, because some folks just want to preach hate. Sometimes we need videos like this to build hope.

  10. rev; hot
    July 26, 14:53 Reply

    testify!!!! I love knowing there are people like these in this world.

    I don’t know about you guys but i KNOW a time will come when being gay and knowing Jesus will not be two different things, a time when Nigeria will have no choice but to accept that the gay community ain’t going nowhere & a time when being gay is considered nothing… like being straight…

    I will be alive when that time comes, I will still be a youth when that time comes…

    and if that doesn’t happen…

    my suitcase is already packed to move to the U.S

  11. Teflondon
    July 26, 14:54 Reply

    Great to see PP is finally following our advise. Not all Christains, clerics, pastors et al are filled with hatred for Homosexuals. This above is another example of what we have been saying. Tho rare lot but they exist. Stop the bigotry and generalizing of Christianity as a whole. Khaleesi & Co (those that don’t deserved to be named)

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