Fan Petitions For Beyoncé’s Birthday To Be Declared A National Holiday

Fan Petitions For Beyoncé’s Birthday To Be Declared A National Holiday

I’m a full-time member of the Bey Hive, so when I woke up on Friday and a fellow Beygency member had to remind me that that day was the day of the Lord – sorry, the Queen Bey, I was mortified. But hey, I rallied quickly and celebrated the pop star the way any fan would do. I updated a picture on instagram and made a wisecrack about how September 4 should be made an international holiday because the Queen Bey runs the universe.

But one Brooklyn fan took things a step further when they decided to head over to to start a petition demanding that the Obama Administration formally declare Bey Day a national holiday.

If passed, Americans are invited to celebrate September 4th by acknowledging that girls run the world, reminding everyone around them that “they woke up like this,” reminding their ex’s that if they liked it, they should have “put a ring on it,” flexing while their hands are raised and of course, by “feeling themselves.”

“In recognition of Beyoncé Knowles’ (also known as Sasha Fierce) numerous positive contributions to the betterment of both the musical landscape and society as a whole, we hereby petition the Obama Administration to officially declare September 4th ‘B’Day,’” the petition reads.

So far, the petition has received 1, 134 1,135 signatures. 98,865 signatures are need by October 3.  As much as the FLOTUS adores Bey, we highly doubt Mrs. Carter’s birthday will be added to the national calendar any time soon.

Nice try though, Bey Hive.

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  1. Jamie
    September 08, 06:19 Reply

    Very ridiculous… I LOVE Beyonce and am her dopest fan, but I never would think that the best way to honour her, or anyone else’s HARDWORK would be to declare a WORK-FREE-DAY…

    • Panther
      September 08, 06:20 Reply

      Yup.I saw what you did there, Jamie. lol. Not subtle at all.

      • Jamie
        September 08, 09:29 Reply

        Lol… I said I was her dopest fan, and I meant it. As serious as the hardest hard-on I have ever gotten in my life…

    • Griffin
      September 08, 08:26 Reply

      Yeah, me too.. …saw it. #Shade

      • Jamie
        September 08, 09:31 Reply

        Yeah, shades of love allover the comment!!

  2. Mandy
    September 08, 06:38 Reply

    LOL. The Beyhive totally tried it.

  3. Masked Man
    September 08, 06:50 Reply

    Absolutely fucking rubbish.
    I love this woman, her music, her beauty, everything. But a holiday? Come on!

  4. Slim Emmanuel
    September 08, 07:06 Reply

    The fact that her birthday would even be considered a holiday shows how powerful the woman is. Considering how Americans worship their celebrities, I wouldn’t be surprised it happens.

    • Chuck
      September 08, 16:00 Reply

      Has it happened before? Careless comment

  5. Ace
    September 08, 07:22 Reply

    I am not going to comment on my love for Beyonce because that will make me an everlasting cock riding bottom according to one video I saw online. “If the nigga likes Beyonce, he a bottom” *in ratchet black hood voice*

  6. ken
    September 08, 07:23 Reply

    Now this is taking it too far.
    But u never knw, america is the land of weird things. Afterall she already has a bug named after her and there is a course on beyonce taught in the university.

    #sips coffee while filing nails#

    • Panther
      September 08, 07:24 Reply

      And a church too. Let’s not forget the Church of Bey. lol

  7. Oluwadamilare Okoro
    September 08, 07:27 Reply

    There was a time I read that a university now offers a course that studies bey… Awon oyinbo yii sha … Pachalayangi Biko.

  8. Ace
    September 08, 07:32 Reply

    Beyonce is so talented and kinda worshipped and almost nearly perfect and it scares the shit out of me sometimes. It is like if she is not at an event, that event ain’t shit. Her performance at the NFL superbowl is still the most referenced and reenacted performance till date. Please she dey use jazz abeg and her own strong Gan!

  9. kacee
    September 08, 07:45 Reply

    **Drops tea cup gently** u’ve got to be joking NATIONAL F–ING HOLIDAY lol (not funny) that Fan must be a joker.

  10. #TeamKizito
    September 08, 08:40 Reply

    Hmm. February 22 is Rihanna day in Barbados by the way. That’s Barbados sha, not U S of A.


  11. segs
    September 08, 08:50 Reply

    Yall bitches should stop hating bey is the biggest and greatest entertainer alive and most powerful and most influential celebrity so TF she as achieved a lot so yea she deserve that holiday

    • Chuck
      September 08, 16:01 Reply

      There aren’t many interesting articles today, so let me humor you. What are your criteria for deserving a national, civic holiday on your birthday?

  12. JustJames
    September 08, 09:58 Reply

    I’m always down for holidays… Pity it won’t be observed in Nigeria.

  13. Khaleesi
    September 08, 10:45 Reply

    I abso-fucking-lutely lovely Queen Bey, but a holiday? Nah … not necessary. ..

  14. Sinnex
    September 08, 12:39 Reply

    Nonsense and Ingredients.

    People no get work sha.

  15. Ruby
    September 08, 13:05 Reply

    I love Bey and I could move myy body till the end of time to her songs but a National Holiday is taking it waaaaaaay too far. Mbok

  16. Ac/dc
    September 08, 19:41 Reply

    For that bimbo??…..
    Well her fans are crazy worldwide.
    We have great legends to give holdiay to not this woman.
    Una get time sha.

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