Photo: A KDian Eye Candy

Photo: A KDian Eye Candy

Remember Chuks Bass? Those of you familiar with the KD archives will remember him from such written pieces like That Weird Moment. When a friend of mine read his Just That One Time, he came to me sneering: ‘What is that Chuks Bass guy feeling like sef?’ Well, friend, are you here? 🙂 Here’s what he’s feeling like…KDian Eye Candy

And he’s pretty darn HOT.

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  1. #TeamKizito
    June 16, 04:20 Reply


    -_- (Chuks Bass reminds me of almighty Chuck Bass from GG..) *sigh*

  2. Mirage
    June 16, 04:37 Reply

    Team kizito you are a GG fan too? That series was epic! Blair oh Blair, one character I couldn’t get enough off!

  3. Ace
    June 16, 05:20 Reply

    Tall √
    Dark √
    Ass √

    • trystham
      June 16, 07:53 Reply

      Eeeee!!! Ass da? Is that what u ppl call ‘ass’ dese days? To think I have wasted half my active gay service thinking I was a ‘flat bottom’ flask

  4. KryxxX
    June 16, 05:53 Reply

    **Boiling/rolling over in jealousy and envy**

    Well, I am hot too! Am even hotter self!

    Weldone Pinky oh! Me that haff sent gazillion pics for u to post, did you?! Am just watching you nd ur partiality! My God shall fight for me nd I shall hold my pics!

    *Bursts into uncontrollable sob*

    Pp is just mean!

    • pinkpanthertb
      June 16, 06:26 Reply

      *arching brows slowly*
      You wanna run that your complaint by me again, Kryxxx?

      • KyrxxX
        June 16, 06:45 Reply


        Osokwagi arch am faster!

        I choptas not! I kogus face!

        • pinkpanthertb
          June 16, 06:47 Reply

          Very well @Kryxxx. I still have them pics. We shall be seeing Kryxx in all his glory soon, y’all.

      • MacArdry
        June 16, 06:51 Reply

        Them boxers/briefs pics,pinky?.I especially like those ones.
        Okay,I’m done.

      • KyrxxX
        June 16, 07:04 Reply

        Ah ah Pinky!

        Ogo m nwaanyi!
        Oma uma asa ahu!
        Achalaugo nwaanyi!
        Akwa nwa!
        Ocha bekee!
        Ure nwaanyi!
        Elelebe ukwu egbuo monkey!

        Dem no dey follow you play? Ah ah! Aunty mara nma! Na joke oh! Lol!

        @Mac…… *Gives d mean stare* Who send u work! See how u wan open my nyansh for public! I send u! Amebo! Olofofo! Fowl nyansh!

        • pinkpanthertb
          June 16, 07:05 Reply

          Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaa!!! Aswear, this Kryxx will give me fracture of the ribs.

      • MacArdry
        June 16, 07:10 Reply

        Giving you a taste of the mischief you’ve caused me,Imp.A mere taste.

      • MacArdry
        June 16, 07:12 Reply

        You should be happy sef I dey follow you dey promote your market.

    • MacArdry
      June 16, 06:30 Reply

      Well,you are hotter,I’ll say.Tall,dark,cute,ass to kill/die for…………..

      • chestnut
        June 16, 06:36 Reply

        Hian…Macardry and Kryxxx, I’m watching u two;yesterday u described what he looks like,today again,u’re describing what he looks like.Una dey live for d same street? Something fishy is going on here…PP,will u keep quiet? *side-eye*

        • pinkpanthertb
          June 16, 06:37 Reply

          I will just not talk. Until one of them will start wanting to pull a Sinnex on me. *watching McArdry and Kryxx with binoculars*

      • MacArdry
        June 16, 06:41 Reply

        Hey,didn’t know I was giving his description,but compared with today’s subject,it’s no contest.KryxxX wins.

      • MacArdry
        June 16, 06:45 Reply

        You both keep up with the watching,you’ll watch a long time.

      • MacArdry
        June 16, 06:47 Reply

        Btw chestnut,you should be watching out for yourself.Na same area me and you dey o

      • chestnut
        June 16, 06:54 Reply

        @MacArdry: yesterday u reference to him as a “gym-rat” was an allusion to (your knowledge of) his physique…*sips tea* (hey Kryxxxx! How u doin’!)

      • KyrxxX
        June 16, 06:57 Reply

        @Mac…… Hian! Dont put me in trouble biko! If a certain someborri read this thing now, You know how e go end.

        @Chestnut….. Lmaooo! A chiputakwana okpa m n’ezi oh! I can’t shout! Nekwe abu m, I groomed every hair on my body over d weekend! Even my eyebrows! Am cleanly shaven! Aji adighi ya biko!
        For somebody ur size, u can like look for trouble oh! Lol!

        @Pinky…… Lemme just not say something this fine morning!

        • pinkpanthertb
          June 16, 06:58 Reply

          What can u say this fine morning? Are u not the one asking for it? Mscheeewwwwww. *going back to organising the pictures*

      • chestnut
        June 16, 07:02 Reply

        MacArdry, I don’t know what u mean by “same area”,but fear just catch me as u talk heart just cut,FIAM!

      • chestnut
        June 16, 07:07 Reply

        @Kryxxx: Hian! “My size”? Everybody is just describing everybody else on dis KD. Na only me wan carry last. PP is d only person I can describe here…what is happening?

      • MacArdry
        June 16, 07:19 Reply

        @KryxxX,that certain someborri only laughed over this.It’s when you’re up to some mischief,as is always your wont,that he breathes fire down on you.
        Btw,you don’t have any aji on you to shave.
        Chestie,why your heart go cut kwanu.It’s not as if you can’t hold your own anytime,anyday.

      • MacArdry
        June 16, 07:24 Reply

        Btw Madame Organizer,no one’s gonna pull a Sinnex on you.Some KDians I’ve known long before kd came into existence,so chill.This is just play,something to liven up this dreary day ere we get too serious.

        • pinkpanthertb
          June 16, 07:25 Reply

          Jeeezuz! Even in your bid to defend the ‘play’, you totally misconstrued the teasing in my comment. Dude, you’re the one who needs to chill. What concerns me with what u and Kryxxx are up to? Hian.

      • KyrxxX
        June 16, 07:41 Reply

        Biko! Biko! Pinky nd Mac!

        I know am as hot as okpa Enugu di oku! You ppl shouldn’t scatter my hot market dis morning oh! Dont start oh! Ngwa, no quarrel inugo?

        And Mac…… U haff described me finish naa! Ogini fodoziri naa! My Pseudonym is not needed again. Lemme just put my name, number nd address naa! Lol! All this intellectual ppl on Kd will just sketch me nd send it over.

      • MacArdry
        June 16, 07:41 Reply

        Hian….small thing,him don vex.I knew you were teasing,just putting that out there before trailer go jam mosquito see blood.
        Chill madam,chill.I no be ‘enemy’ na,even if I disapproved of your gang thing in the past.Let’s try enjoy this day,huh

      • MacArdry
        June 16, 07:46 Reply

        Your name,number and address,KryxxX?.That one don dey public domain tey tey,na only your cute face remain.And those nice assets.

      • Tiercel de Claron
        June 16, 13:10 Reply

        Well,well,well,blow me down! Such drama that I missed.
        @Kryxxx and Mac,when are the wedding bells pealing?

  5. Diablo
    June 16, 06:09 Reply

    What he lacks in height and weight…he makes up for in nipples and ass. Definitely worth a one night shag.

    • pinkpanthertb
      June 16, 06:10 Reply

      What he lacks in height?
      Honey, how can u tell he’s lacking in height?

    • Max
      June 16, 06:41 Reply

      Ummm, he’s not short need to get your glasses fixed.

    • Ace
      June 16, 06:52 Reply

      Height kwa? I guess you are rubbing shoulders with Goliath. I don’t think he is short.

      • chestnut
        June 16, 06:44 Reply

        No “but”…(er,and no “butt”, but who needs a butt when u’re not a kardashian? Hehe…)

  6. Sinnex
    June 16, 06:32 Reply

    Nice legs…small egg plant…okay Ass…yes, please!!!

      • Max
        June 16, 06:43 Reply

        Honey, he’s not fat… @least from what I see.

        • pinkpanthertb
          June 16, 06:46 Reply

          But…but…your hookup application says ‘Skinny or not interested’…

      • Max
        June 16, 12:13 Reply

        “Hookup application”?
        *Side eyes pinky**

  7. samsey
    June 16, 06:50 Reply

    Just when I think I deserve a medal for handling my pent-up desires so well, this PP goes about posting something that jerks them back on to start roaring and raging all morning long…….

  8. KyrxxX
    June 16, 06:55 Reply

    @Mac…… Hian! Dont put me in trouble biko! If a certain someborri read this thing now, You know how e go end.

    @Chestnut….. Lmaooo! A chiputakwana okpa m n’ezi oh! I can’t shout! Nekwe abu m, I groomed every hair on my body over d weekend! Even my eyebrows! Am cleanly shaven! Aji adighi ya biko!
    For somebody ur size, u can like look for trouble oh! Lol!

    @Pinky…… Lemme just not say something this fine morning!

  9. Ace
    June 16, 07:12 Reply

    Oga kyrxxx, I guess you are so hot that it might cause this blog to disintegrate. Maybe that’s why pinky is holding it back.

  10. Numb
    June 16, 07:12 Reply

    But why did he neglect to work on his legs? Those pecs are to die for. *stares hard*

  11. chestnut
    June 16, 07:38 Reply

    Pinky *holding up placards and chanting* send in Kryxxx’s pictures…we want kryxxx’s pictures,and we want them NOW!!!!

  12. JamesJemima
    June 16, 07:59 Reply

    Thirst trap.. I refuse to fall *holds rosary and sings lady gaga’s Alejandro*

    • chestnut
      June 16, 08:22 Reply

      Buahahaha! James u’re #NotJustOkay at all! So “Alejandro” is now ur own gospel song, eh kwa? On judgement day,u wee ansa…

  13. trystham
    June 16, 08:03 Reply

    He looks…strong *faints* Nice bod. Not those “I wantu perish in the gym” kinds that make u look like toothpick near them

  14. Lothario
    June 16, 10:14 Reply

    Trust Keredim to remember that….. Lmao

  15. Khaleesi
    June 16, 10:19 Reply

    Now this …. is a really really good looking man! Hopefully there’s a gorgeous face that goes with all this … hey sexy!!

  16. Max
    June 16, 12:17 Reply

    Proudly waving your #SlutFlag..
    Now Shoo… He’s taken

  17. iamcoy
    June 16, 13:11 Reply

    Chuck bass.. my friend that year.
    Even without the pseudo I would have recognized him. Nice one

  18. Oluwadamilare Okoro
    June 16, 17:57 Reply

    … so we are back to “my pumpum is bigger than yours” all over again.

    I will spend nothing less than an hour on that/those nipple(s).


  19. JojoArmani
    June 16, 20:56 Reply

    *space booked* would comment when am done… *dont bother asking what am doing….

    #FirsTCommentOnKD; Umu omu uma asa aru no ebea, anam ekenekwa unu!… *shoves of my weavon

  20. Jeova Sanctus Unus
    June 18, 11:12 Reply

    Nice tits. Nice guns. Can you bake the cakes bigger?? I guess I would have to forget about your legs. Love your BB’s though, hope there’s a red dot over your bugina.

    The fez cap will sure come in handy if…

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