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Caption this.

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Photo: Happy Valentine’s Day

May those who seek this find it and live it. Happy Valentine’s Day, KDians.

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Can someone please help me out here with something to say?


  1. Dennis Macauley
    August 28, 04:54 Reply

    This should be Mr Ideal or Mr Nigeria! Its actually a great place to shop (if you know what I mean). A bunch of friends and I were at the Imo State trials, we did not go home alone…..lots of chocolate cake to go round.

      • Dennis Macauley
        August 28, 10:05 Reply

        Think of it as Topshop or Bloomingdales, where you can buy high street chocolate cakes!

        High end cakes are usually not in these kind of shops.


  2. Absalom
    August 28, 05:04 Reply

    The first guy from the left (standing); that shiny yellow guy kneeling with his hands clasped behind him – (nice bod); then….ummmmmmmm. .. The first guy from the right (standing). These should do for now. I’m not greedy. 😀

  3. daniel
    August 28, 05:09 Reply

    Mr Ideal Nigeria, I use to have this picture in my phone, let’s just say I almost made an enlargement, couldn’t have enough, thank goodness I overcame the hotness sooner.

  4. maxonex
    August 28, 05:25 Reply

    Plain hotness.. First guy on the left, the two light skinned guys in the middle (one on the ground and one kneeling in front)… I’d do them any day… Then for the rest, uuuuuummmm if my life depended on it…

    • xpressivejboy
      August 28, 05:55 Reply

      Yeah, it is…it happened in that last Mr Ideal Nigeria contest.

    • pinkpanthertb
      August 28, 06:27 Reply

      What? The picture? Of course not. All those dudes are actually flabby and in their thirties but were photoshopped to look so awesome.

  5. Dominic
    August 28, 05:53 Reply

    I’m sure at least one of then reads this blog.

    • pinkpanthertb
      August 28, 06:15 Reply

      Lol. I know, right? OK. Whoever you are in the pic, identify yourself now! 🙂

      • King
        August 28, 08:09 Reply

        Me me wne ene e.e mwmene eh what am I saying again na!!! D lie no wan be true oo

  6. poshyydude
    August 28, 05:58 Reply

    Pinky wats up with Love and sex in the city??

  7. Ruby
    August 28, 06:14 Reply

    *Oh Lawd*
    Not 2 rain on anybodys parade buh ♍e̶̲̥̅̊ thinks a lot of them here will be *Macho Marys* so I’m a lil №t so moved by them.
    @Pinky… Gurl what’s happening to Love, Sex n D̶̲̥̅ City??? Hope ƔU̶̲̥̅̊ aint planning on leaving us hanging for another week?

    • pinkpanthertb
      August 28, 06:22 Reply

      Lol. I can just picture you, Ruby, with a pestle and a dangerous look, daring me to say something foolish like ‘Yes I’ll leave y’all hanging for another week.’ Lol

    • trystham
      August 28, 07:17 Reply

      Macho Marys? No wonder Dennis cud shop successfully. And I was thinking they were top quality tops

      • Absalom
        August 28, 08:00 Reply

        Na wa oh. Which one be “top quality tops” again? Na yam market we dey?

      • earl
        August 28, 08:11 Reply

        Top quality tops……..????? The thirst just got real… LMAO..!!!

      • trystham
        August 28, 09:05 Reply

        ROTFLMAO. Absalom killed me. Nwam, na yam market o. As u never sabi say na ‘Abuja yam’ dey sweet pass to make pounded yam

      • Dennis Macauley
        August 28, 10:02 Reply

        My dear! We shopped successfully and then some. Most of them were willing to go home with you if you had a hotel room and can afford expensive drinks.
        Male pagents and fashions shows are always like that!
        I would say I miss the old days, but then the other Mr Macauley has a lot of spanners and screw drivers. So I will pass

  8. Dennis Macauley
    August 28, 06:31 Reply

    I certainly don’t like it when bottoms are all muscled up! Some people do, but I don’t! Its a turn off!

    • earl
      August 28, 08:12 Reply

      Sweetie, hws it a turn-off, pls..?

      • Dennis Macauley
        August 28, 09:53 Reply

        I don’t know! I guess I prefer supple flesh (not flabby) to muscular hardness! But that’s just me!

    • jamie
      August 28, 13:12 Reply

      AH I am a bottom but i would screw a muscular bottom

      • Dennis Macauley
        August 28, 14:34 Reply

        I happen to like girly guys! There is this mysterious air of feminity in a man that I find incredibly alluring

    • Lothario
      August 30, 08:22 Reply

      I’m with you on that…..muscular bottoms are too hard, a soft landing is better appreciated.

  9. King
    August 28, 08:07 Reply

    Ok ok you gat me .am in d pic lol…hmm girls put those Peruvian hairs back on place jo..these guys luv ed my big dick ..sucking on it like it was their lollypop of life! Dayum….they was good!!!

  10. tikky20
    August 28, 08:11 Reply

    These bois are fine shaa… Jux saying

  11. Dennis Macauley
    August 28, 09:58 Reply

    The second guy from the left tho! Looks ready to take 10cocks and then some! LOL

    Is it just me or are they mostly sucking the tummy in?

    • Absalom
      August 28, 13:13 Reply

      Dennis! They are sucking their tummies in to transfer air to their ikebes. Ask your bf about this ancient trick, but don’t quote me!

      • Dennis Macauley
        August 28, 13:23 Reply

        LOL! I have been living under a rock! I did not know a trick like that existed!!!

        Dear #LeBoo do you “suck it in” too?

        • pinkpanthertb
          August 28, 13:49 Reply

          *face palm* So many peeps destined for hell on this blog

  12. Khaleesi
    August 28, 11:17 Reply

    @Pinky, AAAAAMEEEEENNNN Sista!!! so much hotness all in one place all @ the same time!!! yum yum … biko just tie me up & throw me in their midst … I promise I won’t file a police complaint … I’ll just mewl&moan&whimper softly and ‘take’ whatever comes my way ….

    • Dennis Macauley
      August 28, 13:24 Reply

      Khaleesi! You are possessed by a demon of sluttiness! You need to see me for a private exorcism!!!

      • Khaleesi
        August 28, 20:39 Reply

        lol @Dennis, some demons cant be exorcised even by you! You’re however welcome to try & try & try….

  13. enigmous
    August 28, 21:29 Reply

    Dayum!!! This hard on won’t just relax…and judging from the fact that am alone, I can wank to this a million times. Pinky darling, please send some my way na OR @ least give them my contact details…I need me some muscular asses to pound

    • king
      August 31, 22:21 Reply

      Ahhhh muscular asses…..hmmm so much to tell!! “Hugging my blanket tighter and switching off the light “

  14. anonymous
    September 02, 03:12 Reply

    First time commenter here, and it seems my first time is to brag… *coughs* I’m sleeping with one of the guys in this picture. The poor boy wants a relationship sef.

  15. anonymous
    September 02, 09:04 Reply

    I’d never out anyone voluntarily.
    All I’ll say is that he isn’t standing in that picture.
    We just spent the past weekend shagged up in some hotel, drinking champagne, fucking our brains out and ordering room service… I’m still reeling from the experience #JustFeltLikeOverSharing

    By the way … this is gonna sound like extremely naive of me and all… but please what does “tb” stand for… I see it been thrown around here a lot.

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