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Man Crush Monday: Jeremy Meeks

If you saw him in a lineup, you’d say, “Officer, that’s him — the man who stole my heart.” In 2014, the ‘Hot Felon’ Jeremy Meeks became an international sensation

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Photo: A Top’s Bleeding Heart

I have a couple of friends who decry the objectification they get from acquaintances interested only in shagging them. And when I saw this Tim Kruger picture, I had to


  1. Kester
    October 07, 07:02 Reply

    Aboki be scratching his 2nd stage scabies, dis no be konji at all.

    • Mandy
      October 07, 07:39 Reply

      He’s scratching scabies with this much obvious pleasure and intensity? lol.

      • Pink Panther
        October 07, 07:40 Reply

        LOL! What is going on in that trousers is obviously a higher calling biko.

        • paul
          October 07, 08:30 Reply

          This one is scratching “Zakwa” The senior brother of “Sweetie”. The type that when it starts, even if CNN has its camera on you,you just wont care. The orgasm it gives Comes from sOmeswhere in the higher centres of the brain. #iamnotspeakingfromexperience

  2. ambivalentone
    October 07, 07:24 Reply

    How bout u help us minimize the embarrassment being blind is already???

  3. pete
    October 07, 09:03 Reply

    This is disrespectful

  4. KryxxX
    October 07, 10:01 Reply


    Taah mechie onu there you ppl!

    Very sure some of you haff done worst self and in worst places????!

    But wait oh, is that not ororo I see in the 3rd picture? Dude came prepared!

  5. posh6666
    October 07, 10:15 Reply

    Abeg this one has some acute private part infection…But there was a really interesting vid on Instagram bout last week I think,that a ‘sister’ recorded of some man that was wanking in broad day light on the streets of lagos with his eyes closed and just pleasuring himself for the enjoyment of any Passer by…

  6. Delle
    October 07, 10:23 Reply

    Lol! The last picture tho. When the pleasure is just too much it’s almost unbelievable

    October 07, 10:23 Reply

    How did this get here? This is disgusting and unbelievable.. who suggested this being put here. Shame on whomever! This is clearly a poor blind man scratching. Nothing news worthy.

  8. Wiffey
    October 07, 10:27 Reply

    Who had the time ⌚ to stand and take pictures of somebody’s Aboki?

  9. Lopez
    October 07, 16:32 Reply

    This should b d down low, what d heck?? And u guys should know d Hausa’s dont find that aboki word very funny.

  10. BIBI G
    October 07, 19:16 Reply

    He may be simply scratching all of u are hoes here

  11. MagDiva
    October 08, 09:09 Reply


    And it takes a certain kinda perv to not just watch but find it fascinating enough to take several pictures.

  12. Danger
    March 11, 04:29 Reply

    Lmao. I’m going to reblog this on my blog anyway..
    But, on second thoughts, and from the stick i see here (probably a walking stick), that man could be blind and oblivious of his environment. Or maybe he was merely scratching away, due to a severe itch attack of scrotal dermatitis, which is probably common among such a fellow.

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