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Bests Of Online Hookups XVII

Grindr is such fun, isn’t it? 🙂

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The hazards of online hook-ups… lol :'(


  1. Frank enStein
    January 22, 04:17 Reply

    Gawd… The thirst. Perhaps I should show this to the straight crush I have if it would work *Pensive*

    • Khristopher B!
      January 22, 05:24 Reply

      Was preparing to head to the gym n I just saw this… dang! Know i’m even more motivated!

  2. Frank enStein
    January 22, 04:44 Reply

    Lol… Outta 990 followers, 2 tops?. Anyway… Make that 3

  3. Deola
    January 22, 05:51 Reply

    It’s like they say, for a good round booty, you gotta squat darling.
    Juju mario I see you…
    This post just got the twerk king a whole lot of new followers.

    • trystham
      January 22, 06:39 Reply

      #sigh I have squatted and squatted and under the threat of being an accordion. My 5’11” don dey enter 5’7″. Yet no butt. The ONLY consolation I shall have from this pic is if the owner turns and he doesn’t av a superflat tummy. He can keep the nyash then

      • pinkpanthertb
        January 22, 06:43 Reply

        Hahahahahahaa!!! trysthie, that green is all shades on you, dear

      • trystham
        January 22, 07:01 Reply

        Its not envy. Its just preference. I can also tuck my briefs btwn butt cheeks too. It will give a ‘semblance’ of cakes if I stand right. But nothing, NOTHING can hide a ‘belle’.

        • pinkpanthertb
          January 22, 07:06 Reply

          *glancing down at my own belle* It’s official. I hate you, trystham.

      • Deola
        January 22, 07:20 Reply

        Lol…he has a flat tummy too. Abs infact. He’s cute too. Just go check him out yourself. Juju is pretty much the complete package.

      • chestnut
        January 22, 07:54 Reply

        @trystham: “…under the threat of becoming an accordian…”? LMAO! I died!

      • trystham
        January 22, 09:19 Reply

        Not fair Dennis. No one told me it was gonna be a quick switch from porn to comedy

      • Ace
        January 22, 12:23 Reply

        Trystham, lol. Keep trying and have faith.

    • Ace
      January 22, 12:25 Reply

      Xup Kizito? You got something you would like to share with the rest of the class?

  4. Dennis Macauley
    January 22, 06:19 Reply

    ***praying my rosary****

    Deliver me from every evil plot orchestrated by pink panther to make me have a boner at work and get fired for lewd behavior! Amen

  5. Chizzie
    January 22, 06:24 Reply

    mine’s bigger! *tongue click*

        • pinkpanthertb
          January 22, 07:15 Reply

          *eyes widening* Seriously?! So an email from you soon?
          *bracing myself for the ‘I was just kidding’*

      • Deola
        January 22, 07:24 Reply

        So ‘Your ass is bigger than his’

      • chestnut
        January 22, 07:49 Reply

        Deola! U might think that no one knows what u did there, but the Lord knows…he sees and understands EVERYTHING u do! Continu…

      • Chizzie
        January 22, 09:20 Reply

        il try and take a G-rated version

      • Ace
        January 22, 12:28 Reply

        Deola no you didn’t !!!

        P.S Deola hope you saw Empire last night?

      • Deola
        January 22, 12:48 Reply

        @Ace! You know I did!
        When cookie was being all civilized, i was wondering ehat was happening…then she said that grace over dinner and i died!!!! Anika was looking like she didnt know what hit her!!!

        PS. I love that Jamal finally stood up to Lucious homophobic ass. Lucious is really the worst.
        PPS. I just bought new bibs yesterday…hopefully i’ll break them in today.

      • Ace
        January 22, 14:56 Reply

        Pinky don’t fume, just print yourself a lastma jacket. The show is giving me life and I am happy someone else is watching too.

    • Lord II
      January 22, 07:42 Reply

      Bia chizzie luv can we pls see it if it’s that big and juicy…send d pic ova and no photoresizing biko! Show it as it is..

  6. Brian Collins
    January 22, 06:46 Reply

    ERM….is this one of them bubble butts? #AskingForDennis’PeaceOfMind

    • Dennis Macauley
      January 22, 07:06 Reply

      Hian! Brian! You see me for dream?

      ****still praying a rosary****

  7. Mercury
    January 22, 08:17 Reply

    Hian!!!! Ooohhh…..Cakes by the pound.

  8. coco
    January 22, 12:21 Reply

    For the fact that I love cakes, i don’t love my cakes looking dis way…. . big asses like dis or that nicky minaj are preferable on lady’s to me, love it moderate on dem dudes than having it all up in ones face like dis

    • Ace
      January 22, 12:31 Reply

      Really? That’s a first. My eyes literally follows booty around. It has become a reflex action.

  9. fat_ass mofo
    January 23, 13:57 Reply

    Ma cakes z more pronounced than that one… I feel embarassed about it… Its amongst the first things you notice abou me though besides am cute… As for the straight guys ish??? I have seduced as many… Just the sensitive moral thoughts and aftermath is what that is saving the many straight guys I encounter from taking em down… Until I become a bad boy without conscience… This ass is gonna be hidden from the world

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