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Idris Elba’s weapon of…well, something destruction… Or not?

Is that photoshop? Or a trick of lighting? Or an un-smoothened fabric of his boxers? Or is that really him? The British-born actor, pictured above, was working on the set

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Photo Of The Day LV

BURN! Someone please get Naj_Mullah an ice pack.


  1. #TeamKizito
    October 14, 06:30 Reply

    Don’t worry, he’s coming. Patience is a virtue though.

  2. Obatala
    October 14, 06:34 Reply

    isn’t this that dude who got his pictures leaked? hehehee. Nice view.

  3. Ruby
    October 14, 06:35 Reply

     Lafº°˚=)) =))˚°º≈throwayº°˚ ˚=)) =))°º≈my blackberryº°˚ :'( =)) ˚ºinside water°˚ ˚°º≈ =))=))come dey dance Azonto°˚ ˚°ºAzonto
    ƪ :'( ʃ. ƪ *nerd* ʃ. ƪ.=)) ʃ.
    . . . 
    ..≤¯≥. ≤¯≥. ≤¯≥
    @Pinky n @Chestnut, ƔU̶̲̥̅̊ Α̲̅я̩̥̊ƺ both so wrong for this… N ƔU̶̲̥̅̊ guys just had 2 use McIntush’s cakes for this right

    • pinkpanthertb
      October 14, 06:35 Reply

      Hey, don’t look at me. He did it. *pointing at Chestnut*

    • chestnut
      October 14, 09:49 Reply

      Hehehe…I’m not d only one going down for this; we’re ALL sailing to Hades for dis one! Lol

  4. king
    October 14, 06:42 Reply

    Hmmm sometimes it gets too hard for cakes like this to be kept waiting for the condoms…you gats to have will power if the lube is close by oooo….dayummmmm!!

  5. JArch
    October 14, 06:44 Reply

    Would you like our Hell Deluxe suite, Sir Chestnut…. It has a fabulous view of the hell estate

    • pinkpanthertb
      October 14, 06:47 Reply

      Hahahahahahahahaaa!!! Who are you supposed to be, Jarch? The hell’s bell boy?

      • JArch
        October 14, 07:00 Reply

        Naaah am the Limbo Liaison Director

        Limbo agencies offer advisory service for heaven or hell bound visitors

    • chestnut
      October 14, 09:56 Reply

      We’ll be taking d whole wing (becos we plenty!), thank u very much. *grin*

      • JArch
        October 14, 10:09 Reply

        Very well sir, I shall have Batista and his cakes waiting at entrance to receive you and your entourage . We had to use Batista as David McIntosh is unavailable at this time- he’s still waiting on some important condoms I hear

      • chestnut
        October 14, 10:30 Reply

        Wait…Batista the wrestler? The one with the perfectly-proportioned body? If that’s the one,then I must commend Hell’s management team; u couldn’t have chosen a better body-double for Mr McIntosh!

  6. gad
    October 14, 06:50 Reply

    Bae should pls hurry up

  7. lluvmua
    October 14, 07:58 Reply

    Chestnut n pinkie this cake that you doing any how !will ansa !! Continu *lol * evuls in public

  8. Samaurai
    October 14, 09:55 Reply

    How many times did I call you?
    Kpachara anya gi ooo!!!

    And the worst (or should I say “best”) part is that he had to do it with McIntosh’s leaked cake pix.
    You’re really nutty, ChestNUT.

    • chestnut
      October 14, 09:58 Reply

      When I saw that pix, I just couldn’t resist…hehehe

      • Samaurai
        October 14, 15:23 Reply

        Chestnut, you and your love for cakes, ehhn!!
        Even God himself won’t be able to deliver you from it.

  9. Colossus
    October 14, 15:12 Reply

    Dear God in heaven, i cant !!!!!
    I just can’t do this!!!!!!
    Oh fuck it, hell it is. Come here you adonis of a man

    • pinkpanthertb
      October 14, 15:13 Reply

      Hahahahahaa! Hush Colossus. He’s waiting for bae who went to but condoms and lube from down the road

      • Colossus
        October 14, 15:40 Reply

        So? Who cares? I’ve been known to last from an hour to five minutes to not even getting it up so bae might or might not catch us.

  10. Vhar.
    October 14, 18:11 Reply

    So I really don’t know who Chestnut is…. But Oh my, you’re impossible.

  11. Kryss S
    October 14, 20:03 Reply

    *wears Cele white garment wit red sash while holding a bell nd wipe* Chestnut nd Pinkie!! Ur deliverance session is about to start now! U guys need Jesus ASAP! Lol! But this guys cakes though, cakes of steel! When will mine ever b like dis? Hope my squats won’t go to waste shaa ooooooooo!

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