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Well, that escalated very fast.

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Bests Of Online Hookups XII

Talk about a long distance relationship. lol


  1. Ruby
    October 10, 06:43 Reply

    This Dude insipres me yet Nigeria always finds a way to kill that inspiration with their shallow thinking and myopic reasoning

    • pinkpanthertb
      October 10, 08:57 Reply

      A little to the top. Yup, angle your head upward. Ahah that’s it. You see it now, don’t you? 🙂

    • Legalkoboko
      October 10, 09:54 Reply

      buwhahaha! oh Pinky darling thanks for ya assistance …but I didn’t even realize the placard had a message. More like boiling a pot full of stones and expecting it to get soft…

      I don taya for those bigots. Let’s focus more on getting fellow 9ja gay guys to accept ourselves for who we are first. You’ve been doing that admirably well here though.

  2. Kryss S
    October 10, 09:35 Reply

    Hmmn! It would b a huge disaster! But I would rather b legal in my closet biko! Make it as habitable nd fabulous as ever! I just can’t imagine coming out to my family! Their conservative nature is out of these world! My mom would be devastated! My elder brother would strangle me! My sisters would kill me with their razor mouth(I choose death over their mouth!)! All d deliverance pastors would know my name! Ah! I just can’t imagine! Bisi, it is easier for u bcos u r in obodo oyibo! Me dat haven’t even seen Lagos b4, where will I run to? I can’t shout oh! Sometimes I feel am cursed or somebody did me juju 4rm my mumsy’s womb! Y dis burden? Y me? Y must I b different? Its not fair! I have enough to deal wit in naija not to talk of compounding it wit “this”!
    Chi zo ba m!

    • pinkpanthertb
      October 10, 10:33 Reply

      Oh boy, the obstacles in the road for your coming out plenty no be small.

    • maxonex
      October 10, 11:42 Reply

      You need to talk to someone…we’ve all passed thru that stage… You’ll be fine…

  3. Khaleesi
    October 10, 10:09 Reply

    @Legalkoboko, an earth-shattering GBAM!! YOU’RE so on point! its like boiling stones in water hoping they’ll get soft, well perhaps, after a few centuries of waiting you might get lucky and open the pot to find your stones softened. The combination of ‘culture’ and the false religious ‘opiate’ fumes that Nigerians are perpetually enveloped in will ensure that homophobia remains as tough and unbreakable as a tough inner core of steel. my advice to all gay guys (myself included): pack your bags, stuff all your weavons and heels and lingerie in a box and do all you can to hop on the next jet outta here, you dont have to be a fortune teller or star gazer to see that it would take upwards of 80years for this tough core of deeply entrenched homophobia to be shaken even slightly… yes we are doing a great job here of propping up and encouraging each other & of opening eyes to the fact that there’s NOTHING WRONG WITH US, its just this unfortunate society thats deeply messed up at its roots …

  4. Kryss S
    October 10, 10:56 Reply

    Hmmn! My new friends, no b small obstacles oh! Bcos of dat, I invited an interior decorator to revamp my closet! Some shine shine here nd there, a new aquarium, center rug, chandelier, aircondition(make I no suffocate inside abeg), new drapes, fridge(in case am thirsty! *wink*) nd most importantly, I reinforced my doors! My coming out is in d next 80yrs but @ least I go enjoy small! Oburu m mere uwa oh! I met it like dat nd I can’t shout! Lol!

    • pinkpanthertb
      October 10, 10:58 Reply

      Hahahahahahahaa. No one since Khaleesi had made me laugh this hard before. Kai.

  5. Kryss S
    October 10, 10:57 Reply

    By the way, hw do I get to reply directly? Me na JJC but no African Squad follow me shaa!

  6. iduke
    October 10, 12:22 Reply

    Ok.. what’s wrong with me. My ex is getting married today. And I just began shagging his kid bro. Who said he knew I was cuddly with his elder bro. Btw. I like d kid bro too

    • Chuck
      October 10, 13:20 Reply

      Iduke, dp you have twitter or BBM?

  7. Kryss S
    October 10, 13:24 Reply

    @Iduke Hmmn! I think you have a disease called “Serial Brothers Shagging” Syndrome! The only cure u wud ever find is to look 4 me nd date me @ all cost! I am d cure u need! Find me ASAP! *Catwalk away*

    • Dennis Macauley
      October 10, 15:39 Reply

      I think it’s safe to say that Khaleesi has been dethroned!


  8. Kryss S
    October 10, 16:33 Reply

    Ah ah! Dennis! Y say such! Lol! Me is still a learner where our almighty Khaleesi is oh! Abi?????? *adjust push up bra nd tights, continue my squats to Becky G’s Shower*

  9. kendigin
    October 11, 03:22 Reply

    i believe society is only what we make of it. many people here love to point fingers and call others bigots homophobes etc. but the truth ia we are not so different from the rest of society. that we fuck men doeant mean our mindset has suddenly become far .better that the rest of those we love to tag as backward and myopic.

    example how many of u here can confidently look urself in the mirror and call urself gay without the slightest hint of squirm?
    how many of u will embrace ur kids and enciurage them to be themselves if they told u they were gay?
    how many of u so called christians truly honestly believe that gay men and women are equally entutled to share paradise with straight men?

    think and answer these honestly and u will find u are not so different from others….even tho its so easy to champion gay rights from the safety and anonymity of blogs

    • pinkpanthertb
      October 11, 06:00 Reply

      The question: ‘how many of u will embrace ur kids and enciurage them to be themselves if they told u they were gay?’
      Does that apply to gay folk who decided to get married to women or fled to other tolerant countries to raise children with their partners? Whichever one, I’d like to believe a parent who is gay would be more tolerant of his gay child, seeing as he is intimately familiar with the feelings that accompany rejection of sexuality…

  10. iduke
    October 11, 05:49 Reply

    Lmao. Sorry y’all. I was gyrating to the music. U no na at the wedding. And the most embarrassing thing happened. I danced so hard I needed to poo. Jeez here I was all stunner n gold not able to stay for my applause. Sharply. I pushed my sis from my drivers seat. N did my crazy driving to brick city. Btw. Pinkie u have my bbm pls forward to chuck /kryss. Sorry I dont do twitter. Cnt understand the whole is.

  11. iduke
    October 11, 05:53 Reply

    Btw. I love u kendigin. Truth without colors. I’d reiterate his questions . ” how many of u here can confidently look urself in the mirror and call urself gay without the slightest hint of squirm?
    how many of u will embrace ur kids and encourage them to be themselves if they told u they were gay?
    how many of u so called christians truly honestly believe that gay men and women are equally entitled to share paradise with straight men?”

    We really don’t know the way to God. Christian, Muslim or even trado. But the basic believes that keeps us within the lines of an unknown 2 moro in. Paradise is worth pursuing

  12. Kryss S
    October 11, 07:10 Reply

    Una Goodmorning oh!
    @Kendign Speak 4 urself biko! In as much that I still squirm when I try calling myself gay most times, I definitely know its who I am until proven otherwise! It wud so selfish, stupid, myopic, insensitive, foolish nd inhumane for me not to embrace MY OWN CHILD who had d courage I never had to come out to me as gay or whatever after what I went through wit mine! Anybody who does otherwise to dat child deserves to b thrown into d Sahara wit just a bottle of palmoil or pap nd left to die! Hw can they? Very senseless, nonsense nd ingredient(borrowing from our Mother of Dragon!)
    @Iduke lol! Wud have loved to see u huffing, puffing nd grinding @ dat party oh! Hope u didn’t do dat business in ur car? I don’t trust u one bit *making pancakes 4 breakfasts*!

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