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Photo Of The Day: Animal Loving

During my service year, I saw my neighbour’s male pig, very horny little thing, banging away at another male one in the sty. It made for some amusement to us

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Man Crush Sunday: Michael B Jordan

FOREWORD: I will be starting a new Kito series called ‘His Coming Out Story.’ I never knew there were people who took the bull by the horns, of their own

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Bests Of Online Hookups

LMAO!!! There’s no redeeming this one.


  1. R.A
    November 27, 06:37 Reply

    Lmao! Nigga went from homie to bitch real quick ???
    One full month of messaging without response tho, people got so much time on their hands. Kmft! Not seen a nigga worth it. ????

    • Nightwing
      November 27, 10:04 Reply

      There are a lot of d********* here everyone is a b***. Oh well for those who have courtesy left in them, please continue to let a niggi know that he doesn’t do it for you, don’t be like the guy who owns that picture above, cuz personally I feel he’s the creep in this situation. And then he goes ahead to grab the screen and make it look like someone is disturbing him, well news flash he ain’t, admit it you like nay…love it because I don’t see no “please I’m not interested don’t message me again” *iranu ati abasha* ?

      • posh6666
        November 27, 10:18 Reply

        Lol i tell you some people’s self esteem has been so badly damaged that all they can do is have attitude problem as a defence mechanism.Mostly its those ones with one physical disability or the other and zero to none sex life that even give attitude most and they suspect anyone that is trying to holla at them,am just like bitch better be grateful someone even wants you.Courtesy is classy rudeness aint…no one wants to be with someone with a stank attitude.

  2. Mandy
    November 27, 06:52 Reply

    LMAO! All the pricks who do this to poor souls looking for love, God is watching you people o.

  3. Dick Advocate
    November 27, 07:05 Reply

    Im totally with this Nigga.. This is something I could do yeah? I just think intentionally ignoring an online friend is rude and uncalled for. Except of course you are on your sick bed with cancer. The guy above hasn’t even said anything sexual or annoying to warrant being ignored.
    I just think we should be kinder to ourselves within the community.

    • ken
      November 27, 07:48 Reply

      Looool @kinder

      If after the second message u dont get a response, why continue to bug the person. Hian

      In other news, I once told an “oyibo” who thot he was God’s gift to black men, that I wasnt interested- u need to see the insults. Lol

      Point is sometimes people feel they are so sexy or hot that they shldnt be ignored. Well news flash hunnay: i’ll dump so fast it’ll make your head spin! 🙂

  4. Max
    November 27, 07:21 Reply

    ????.. I’ve been on the other end of this kind of chat way too many times.

      • Max
        November 27, 08:28 Reply

        Yeah, the jerk. If I don’t feel like replying, take the damn hint and stop being such a cheap stalker!

  5. Sinnex
    November 27, 07:32 Reply

    What stops you from replying or telling the fella that you aren’t interested? Some people vex person sha.

    If after the second message he/she doesn’t reply, my brother you need to find your squareroot.

    • Pink Panther
      November 27, 07:47 Reply

      ‘Not interested.’
      ‘Don’t feel like chatting.’

      It’s just common courtesy.

  6. bruno
    November 27, 07:44 Reply

    gee! people need to get over themselves. if your message gets no response, assume the person is uninterested or just busy and move on. my pet peeve is people harassing me for a reply while chatting. it’s kinda pathetic.

  7. Masked Man
    November 27, 08:23 Reply

    I’m sorry to say, but sometimes, I don’t feel like replying. Especially when you already know what they want.

  8. Duke
    November 27, 08:47 Reply

    One thing I will never do (except I know it is a spam message) is not reply! It doesn’t make you cool, exclusive or hip! It is just plain rude. I will even have a conversation with you, if it isn’t leading anywhere, it will die eventually. They always do.

    • Chizzie
      November 27, 09:35 Reply

      But don’t you think that’s wasting a lot of energy and time? On someone you have zero interest in? And you’d rather not give them BDD by telling them you just aren’t into them?

  9. posh6666
    November 27, 08:47 Reply

    When i read some comments in here sometimes filled with so much pride and arrogance,am just like at the end of the day you are just an ordinary human being,who is gonna die some day and decay probably in less than a month….doesnt make sense

    • Chizzie
      November 27, 09:39 Reply

      Seeing as you are aesthetically challenged with horrible written English, i’m really not surprised at you comment as I’m sure this is something you go through often. Sucks

    • Max
      November 27, 11:15 Reply

      I guess your below average looks and low self esteem have landed you in the position of the pic above many times, work on your self esteem issues and you wont need to be creeping out people who don’t like you with messages they don’t wanna see for over a month.
      Its a more productive thing to do than criticizing people on this blog who you think are #Proud. Only a fool would continue to send messages after a week.

    • Keredim
      November 27, 13:52 Reply

      Wow posh, that’s rich coming from you. Yesterday you were not that humble, when you, unprovoked, joined the daily refrain bemoaning my “international escapades” ?

      Are you being contrite today because it’s Friday – Jumu’ah?

      One of the things I like about KD is karma is swift and it flips you over and fucks you real hard.

      I hope you enjoy it, apparently if Chizzie and Max are to be believed regarding your looks, it might be awhile before you get some again.???

      • posh6666
        November 27, 14:21 Reply

        Oga kere am lost what are you talking about?am very sure i never threw any shade at you in whatever form but if u think i did pls remind me exactly what i said cos i believe you misunderstood me.Am serious pls quote exactly what i said

      • posh6666
        November 27, 14:42 Reply

        And for someone i actually genuinely respect that was really low of you,so because some fools who have various personal demons they are dealing with and have been trying so hard to get my attention but i refuse to respond to said some silly things about me you actually took it serious?what part dont you get?we clearly hate each others guts were they suppose to pay me complements in the battle of words?
        I refuse to engage in online argument about looks cos it sounds really tacky and childish,i mean why will i engage someone that is referred to as miss piggy who bleaches extremely,overweight,and has an extralarge nose and wakes up every day hoping he had money to go for surgery in battle of words over looks?i will look stupid… for you to now quote such despicable persons words just lowered my respect for you.
        I guess maybe we should start doing who looks better picture contest on Kd so that everybody will actually know his level and become humble cos its disgusting that people i hope never to meet in my life,yet who for some reasons just cant stop famzing me claiming to know me or my life have so much to say.

        • Max
          November 27, 15:36 Reply

          Famzing is done to celebrities.. Do not use the word loosely just because you can.

          • posh6666
            November 27, 16:09 Reply

            Let me give you the attention you have been so desperate for for the past days just for today,i am apparently a celebrity of some sort actually,anybody that is new to this blog who goes through the various posts for a while now will see that practically everyday you keep struggling to get my attention and making yourself look super stupid,why are u obssessed with me?i have never ever exchanged words with you on this blog nor insult you in anyway but u just have deep rooted obsession for me.
            Why are u so mad and angry at someone who has never insulted you nor have u ever met in ur life?you know you have serious issues and you are not ok right?you look stupid like a child whinning for attention and you keep famzing me,making ridiculous statements and shamelessly lying as if you know me or my life…..Bitch you are a fan and a stalker,stalking every comment and replying to statements that are not directed at you.Honestly get another hobby that truly makes you happy in real life and has a positive impact in ur life instead of waking up every morning the 1st thought that comes to your mind is how to quickly log onto kd and throw jabs at Posh.Lmao what a pathetic have two options either growup and be a man or continue behaving like the loser you are just know i regard you as beneath me as such i cant possibly be throwing words at you nor exchanging insults am too fly for that! ..And am done bye bitch…You Max has been finally noticed by POSH☺

          • Dick Advocate
            November 27, 17:24 Reply

            In your desperate bid to look “cool” and “all knowing” you actually made a fool of yourself. Famzing isn’t a dictionary recognized word, it’s a slang.. And you can famz any gaddamn person you want not just for celebrities. Kapish?

            • Max
              November 27, 17:45 Reply

              @Dickhead, I never mentioned dictionary in my comment, but you just like jumping into conclusion with anything that concerns Max. You sure you aren’t famzing me now?(from your own definition of famzing)

        • Keredim
          November 27, 15:56 Reply

          Please go back and read our convo on the garden city post yesterday. Read your parting remarks.

          Considering the civil tone of the conversation, If that is “genuine respect” where you come from, please I beg of you, keep it. I really can do bad all by myself. ?

          Anyway, I have done what I came to do…..????????????

          • posh6666
            November 27, 16:16 Reply

            The last comment i directed at you was about not wanting to end up alone at old age after travelling the world..Which anybody that knows me knows that is one of my major goals to do later in future and taste the waters and just have fun which i also wrote that i have given up on love and just wanted to explore,travel and taste the waters.
            I was refering to myself in every statement i made so apologise if you actually think i was shading you in any form.

            • Keredim
              November 27, 16:27 Reply

              In the spirit of the day, denial sorry apology accepted. I guess I should practice what I preach and not “believe everything I read”

              Hope you survive the coming Tsunami.? ??????

              • posh6666
                November 27, 16:43 Reply

                In the spirit of denial really? I just explained exactly what happened to you because i respect you and thats the reply you are going to give?if i wanted to insult you i will clearly do that and tag you am not a coward who will deny saying something.
                Clearly you are bent on creating some sort of drama from an innocent statement which i even took my time to explain to you which i didnt need to.So Keredim whatever pls do and think as u wish good riddance.Do u even knw why i always called you oga kere?cos i held u in high regards

    • Ueze
      November 27, 16:06 Reply

      All of you,
      No Chill!
      At all!!

  10. #Chestnut
    November 27, 09:13 Reply

    Even if u don’t want to chat,(and d person hasn’t been particularly annoying or irritating) simply tell him u don’t want chat. It’s just courtesy, really.

  11. bobby
    November 27, 09:14 Reply

    lmao??????…this is totally me. i usually say “bloody bottom” instead of “bitch” especially if its a macho guy involved. pisses em off like hell! ?

  12. Chizzie
    November 27, 09:33 Reply

    This is basically a screen grab of my Facebook msgs…

  13. Dick Advocate
    November 27, 09:44 Reply

    i can bet (as it is the norm with Kdains) no one would say they are the guy above, expect everyone to be the ignoring online friend never the ignored.
    Comments above has proved that to be true so far, Maybe except only Bobby accepting to be ignored.
    Kdains we need to quit lies and pride, you deceive no one but yourselves and the gullible lot.

    • Oluwadamilare Okoro
      November 27, 10:25 Reply

      Hello mister lawyer for dick … You know that not every kdian comments on all articles right?

      We the ugly “unliked” stalker decided to sit this one out … So biko quit thinking everyone logs on to KD just to lie to and fool you.

      Ngwanu bye bye.

      • Pink Panther
        November 27, 10:40 Reply

        Hehehehehehee. Mr. Okoro, long time no see you around here

    • Max
      November 27, 11:18 Reply

      @MisterDickhead Blaming and hating on KDians since 1900.. Please try something new, its getting all too familiar.

      • Dick Advocate
        November 27, 12:31 Reply

        Your constant dog-like bereading of people you don’t agree with or like is getting old also..
        Sometimes I wonder if you really do have a REAL job like a day to day job that keeps you preoccupied. You sure do have plenty time on your hands to waste the way you parade around.

        • Keredim
          November 27, 12:52 Reply

          He probably uses a mobile device with Internet connectivity darling..

          Try it sometime?

  14. Kerr
    November 27, 11:20 Reply

    But it wouldn’t cost a thing if you tell him that you are not interested . All y’all saying its a waste of time and energy to show courtesy goes a long way to show how much of “wise matter” you have in your skulls.

    It’s simple. It’s short . It’s not time consuming. It doesn’t cost anything, and it leaves you with some sense of dignity .

    ” Sorry, I am not interested” .

    • Keredim
      November 27, 12:49 Reply

      Kerr your anger is felt and probably justified. But from experience when I respond as you have suggested, they more than likely come back. Maybe the next day, week, month or year.

      You mention “dignity”. If after 2 days, 1 week and in this case 6 weeks, and no response, shouldn’t he have self-dignity and move on to the next one?!???

  15. Tobby
    November 27, 12:21 Reply

    lmao. That’s just mean

  16. Otega-Lag
    November 27, 15:34 Reply

    He didn’t get d gist at d first 3 attempt…Smh

  17. KingBey
    November 29, 10:06 Reply

    Okay ! I’m guilty of this. But seriously, I can’t possibly be replying all acquaintances I met online. Lol. It’s way too much stress for me.

  18. Masonkz
    November 29, 11:18 Reply

    I’ve ignored, and been ignored…

    …but it shouldn’t get to the point of insulting the person. Just move on.

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