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Photo Of The Day XVI

My Ass is Way Bigger than Yours, says another KDian.

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Photo Of The Day XXXVIII

So has anyone been outed by this contraption yet? Hmm? Has anyone jiggled that up against you and a rainbow light suddenly started shining, effectively exposing you as a gay

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Photo: About The Bottom’s Ass

Whose opinion is ‘Aye’ or ‘Nay’ over this remark? Tops? Bottoms? Versatiles? Power Tops? Power Bottoms? Anyone?


  1. ken
    January 24, 07:40 Reply

    Oh puhleeese….that look just says “he better not wake up in d middle of d night for another round. What does he think I am, barbie on steroids??!”

    • Pink Panther
      January 24, 07:42 Reply

      Hahahahahahahahahahaa!!! But there’s a lovingness to the look na

      • ken
        January 24, 07:49 Reply

        Lolz…lovingness ko
        Aint nobody loving being smashed from sokoto to damaturu, consecutively with reckless abandon. And you know what happens wen a man sleeps in d nude….the story only ends one way! lol

  2. Oturugbeke!
    January 24, 08:08 Reply

    Looks more like; “yeye man… for him mind he think say he sabi knack. tueh!”

  3. Delle
    January 24, 09:15 Reply

    Aww Rihanna really is pretty and that look is more like, ‘Next time when you want a romp with a girl like me whose last album was titled Unapologetic, use viagra! Now sleep on hunnay while I browse through for the next ‘victim”

  4. bruno
    January 24, 09:26 Reply

    there is something about watching someone you love sleep ??

  5. Promise4all
    January 24, 17:24 Reply

    watching someone I crush talk alone, makes me wanna kiss the living pink blood outta him, let alone a bae sleep, I just wait till sweet dairy is ready at the morning wood factory! so I’ll drink yorghurt

  6. kacee
    January 26, 07:28 Reply

    omg that look hahahahahaha

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