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Photo Of The Day XLVI

When a KDian says ‘My Ass is perkier than yours’, what do you get? Saturday breakfast to all ye lovely KDians. #OkBye 😀

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This is just way too much gorgeousness in one family

You know how you’re a one-man man, and you believe you can only ever be in an exclusive relationship with one person. But then you look, and lo and behold,

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Being fabulous is not a day’s job. 😀


  1. Kenny
    February 03, 05:50 Reply

    Ass manager? Sign me up please. Lol

    • Pink Panther
      February 03, 05:53 Reply

      So you can play the role of a manager well, yes? *in interviewer’s voice* Let us see your resume please.

  2. kacee
    February 03, 12:05 Reply

    omg LMAO, not fair *crying* I want a pu**y manager.

  3. Hema
    February 05, 11:49 Reply

    Yaaaaaaaay! Pinky finally put up this pic. I couldn’t help it o.
    I’m a competent Ass Manager Biko!

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