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Photo: Shade Of The Day

All I did was send this Beyoncé picture to a friend and KDian, hoping for a meme to instagram. And he sent it back like so. LOL! Some people are

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Photo: Morning Humour V

LOL! I am not the one going to hell for this. Chestnut is. Related

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Photo: Bests Of Online Hookups VIII

LMAO!!! Someone held in the clutches of konji will be jejely looking for a quick fix, and someone else from another universe will coman say Hi. Related

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  1. Duke
    May 21, 05:44 Reply

    The ass suffereth violence and the ass takes it by force.

  2. Mandy
    May 21, 09:04 Reply

    What is this one again? LMAO

  3. Delle
    May 21, 15:56 Reply

    Extreme violence?! Is that supposed to be sexy? Lol!

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