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Photo Of The Day IV

These are the moments captured that make you realize the beauty of having that special someone to spend all of your waking moments with. #ShoutOut to all those in loving

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LMAO! People are going to hell for this. You know yourself.

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This one clearly lost his way to the mosque.


  1. chuck
    September 03, 04:59 Reply

    Thank God for bottoms that douche properly and shave/cleanse their ass hair

    • ambivalentone
      September 03, 05:35 Reply

      Same way we are doubly thankful for tops that do not sauté their balls alongside onions in cotton briefs and claim ‘manly smell’. Biko

    • Delle
      September 03, 12:45 Reply

      No ass hair isn’t a prerequisite for being clean down there. It all revolves around one’s personal hygiene. As a matter of fact, there are guys that dig an unshaven ass.

    September 03, 08:30 Reply

    Douching isn’t healthy. It predisposes you to a lot of unmentionables. Google and healthcare professionals can affirm this. Don’t put yourselves in harm’s way in a bid to satisfy another’s lust. There are other ways to ensure cleanliness down there…

    • Francis
      September 03, 08:36 Reply

      Please coman share the other ways. Awon boys are interested as some of us find douching too much work.

    • Delle
      September 03, 12:02 Reply

      I’m overly interested in these other ways…

    • O. AFRIKA
      September 03, 12:38 Reply

      Evidence is not clear, but it is possible that rectal douching before anal sex can increase the risk of transferring HIV . [1] There is evidence that douching sometimes can disrupt the epithelium, or tissue in the rectum, and if this tissue is damaged then HIV can spread more easily. [1]
      Rectal douching before anal sex increases the risk of transfer of Hepatitis B . [2]
      There are reports that activities which can have the side effect of causing unintentional forcing of water into the rectum, such as waterskiing , may cause discomfort but can potentially bring other harms.

      From Wiki

    • Chizzie
      September 03, 13:27 Reply

      Can you not spew false or unverified information so matter of factly. Douching/having an enema, has been done almost since the inception of humanity by different cultures and is still being practiced by the medical community.

      It’s fine if you don’t feel the need to do that, there are many bottoms that are fine with staining the sheets from time to time, or are deluded into thinking that thier bowel movements are self cleaning, but that doesn’t make douching unhealthy. ?

      • FOOFOO
        September 03, 18:28 Reply

        Chizzie, no one stops you or any other kdian from douching… Just like opinions Na you get ya anus…

    • ambivalentone
      September 03, 15:31 Reply

      Smh. Saying ‘too much douching’ would have lent this argument credence. Its just nonsense as it is now. I’d be TOTALLY curious as to how u’d want to ensure u’re clean down there without fasting or a water diet.

    • Francis
      September 03, 20:04 Reply

      Bros you never answer our question biko. What super awesome alternatives are you recommending as you seem to be pro at this?

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