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Bests Of Online Hookups: When Osho-Free Is Not An Option

It takes a special kind of konji to make a man start a sex proposition by asking you your price.

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Photo Of The Day LVI

It’s not just bum driller. It’s also shobosho miner. Nonsense and ingredients!

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Photo Of The Day: Thirst Trap

Now this is the kind of man that will make me dump my crush on Idris Elba faster than a dick slips into an over-fucked asshole. #TheThirstIsReal peeps.


  1. Mandy
    April 13, 09:02 Reply

    ??? This can be really irritating, especially when you don’t see his nut coming.

    • Absalom
      April 13, 09:52 Reply

      So, you like it in your mouth? Interesting info. ☺

      • El
        April 13, 16:31 Reply

        Interesting indeed.

  2. Francis
    April 13, 22:41 Reply

    Hmmmm??, well some people don’t mind unless it tastes awful ???

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