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LOL! Moral of today’s lesson: Homophobia kills.


  1. Mandy
    April 27, 06:24 Reply

    Lol. A word for all those who think they convert str8 guys.

    • cedar
      April 27, 07:55 Reply

      Also to those who blame others for converting them.

  2. Logan
    April 27, 09:26 Reply

    Yeah, I remember my first crush. He was wow, I should really send the story in, how do I do that?
    Oh, before I forget. I’d like to give a shout out to Delle, my new crush. Alright guys, now crucify me… Seriously I’m at home, come and beat me. 😀

  3. Delle
    April 27, 09:28 Reply

    Couldn’t be any truer. It took me almost twenty years of teasing, internal battles, snooping, midnight cries, defense building, extensive research, stringent dieting, genuine narcissism to turn out this way?.

    As it stands, no one can undermine my fabulousness ??

    • Logan
      April 27, 15:08 Reply

      Hiiiiii Delle, just passing through, & I noticed the guy who comments under the name “IAmNotAPerv” had a liquor or 2 & made a joke about you 2 being together. I’m just wondering on a scale of 1 to 10, how hard did you laugh at this? seriously, is this true??

      • Brian Collins
        April 27, 21:22 Reply

        Pinky, can we revoke his KD membership already? I mean for him not to know that his crush has a first love and that SHE is a girl.

        • iAmNotAPerv
          April 28, 06:31 Reply

          Asin! I just dey look am. Even after his ‘crush’ wrote about me! Logan, does this mean you don’t read Whore of Babylon?
          Thanks Brian

        • Logan
          April 28, 01:10 Reply

          I did not know that. Wow, I’m the right kind of ass hole now. Um @IAmNotAPerv, we’ll I’m sorry I didn’t know. How you doing though???

          • iAmNotAPerv
            April 28, 07:36 Reply

            You should read Delle’s series. I would not call you that. Now let’s start again.
            Hi, I’m Ife Williams. Delle’s number one wife. Who are you?

            • Pink Panther
              April 28, 07:39 Reply

              The three of you should kuku open up a whatsapp group and be a family already. 😀

              In fact, I fancy a fictional writeup centred on you three is in order. The story of Delle, Ife and Logan.

              • iAmNotAPerv
                April 28, 08:57 Reply

                Family ke? I don’t know if i want to share my husband with him yet.
                I think i would i would like that. But who would write it? If i write it, i would get the guy 😉

            • Logan
              April 28, 09:27 Reply

              I have read it and thought it was a work of pure fiction….. Isn’t it? I admired the write up & creativity, who wouldn’t?? Wait, are you telling me that the whole series is actually based on his life, like “his” life (emphasis on “his”) story? And there’s a lot more remembering than imagining done in that series??
              Besides I told you guys I’m new here, about 4 days ago or so.

              • iAmNotAPerv
                April 28, 09:36 Reply

                It’s fiction based on KD. Sweetheart, you need KD orientation to understand his series. Every (well almost every) important character in his series is someone from Kito Diaries.
                Take me for instance, I’m Ife Stark but in my husband’s series (forgive my pettiness) I am Ife Williams.
                Iliana from the series is Iliana from KD, who totally has the hots for me 😉 lmao #JokingNotJoking
                And so on and so forth.
                Basically, you need to read series to orientate yourself. Read the non fictional and the fictional. And most importantly the comments because that’s where we communicate.
                Read and learn about everyone before you come and claim a taken man e hear?

  4. bain
    April 27, 10:53 Reply

    All this rainbow ain’t for nothing…the storm came first.

  5. Iliana
    April 27, 13:57 Reply

    Wats going on here @iamnotaperv. So u r cheating on me

    • iAmNotAPerv
      April 28, 06:28 Reply

      Ah. Ah. It’s not like that o! You know Delle is my baby. Fear not our love is strong. 😀

  6. Pankar
    May 02, 12:06 Reply

    Delle has spoken though. Fire on Logan!

  7. Jide
    May 04, 08:37 Reply

    Lool this reads like a twitter thread.

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