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Photo: What happens when Twitter adds a Heart-shaped button

What happens? straight guys freak out. That’s what. 🙂 

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How bitches act. lol

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Photo Of The Day XXXIX

LMAO! I can’t. I just can’t.


  1. Heiress
    February 19, 04:11 Reply

    Eww gross lol. Good humor though haha. Like really a mortar and a pestle !!!

  2. Homely
    February 19, 05:06 Reply

    c’mmon, he should be pounding with his two hands.
    I can’t cee him sweating it out either…
    Concept well understood sha…Lol A.b.s.a.l.o.m

    • Gad
      February 19, 06:58 Reply

      He is obviously a power top. Too much energy on one hand already.

  3. Pete
    February 19, 05:16 Reply

    Who wears pant to pound fufu?

  4. Colossus
    February 19, 05:22 Reply

    Hahahahahahahaha. Oh this really is funny

  5. Lord II
    February 19, 05:40 Reply

    Yeah power bottoms….the characteristics of about 80% of those who comment here..! Yeah….bite me!

    Hmmm Dennis I have even started suspecting you with Oduanya sef…..too much association with power bottoms makes you a…..erm!

    • Colossus
      February 19, 05:50 Reply

      Apparently there is no time frame. 24 hours a day, there is no off switch.

      • trystham
        February 19, 07:40 Reply

        lol. I saw this. smh. You are evil

    • Max
      February 19, 05:56 Reply

      Attention seeking dweeb. Let’s take away what he wants. Which is attention.

    • Lothario
      February 19, 06:10 Reply

      Don’t you think it’s a bit too much Lord? Now I know you do this on purpose….. lol

    • Khaleesi
      February 19, 07:13 Reply

      This comment is as idiotic as its offensive … and rendered 5x more so when you consider who it comes from … smh … its tempting but lets not dignify this flake of scum with attention he doesn’t deserve …

  6. Mercury
    February 19, 06:21 Reply

    LMAO!!!!!, I just can’t deal, biko……what the hell Absie, youre such a mess.

  7. Deola
    February 19, 08:06 Reply

    Why is he wearing roller skates?

  8. Lanre S
    February 19, 08:34 Reply

    A furious looking top and an unopinionated bottom who submits to vigorous pounding. Absalom for President.

  9. Ace
    February 19, 12:29 Reply

    Why did I find this a little uncomfortable to look at. Lol! Good job Absalom, looks like what an African gay 50 shades of grey would look like.

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