Photo Of The Day XIV

Photo Of The Day XIV

IMG_4862Oh look, that’s the kind of meal Right Wing ministers will advise the pregnant women in their congregation to stay away from. Can’t have them eating vegetables that might alter the straight genes of their unborn babies to queer.

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LMAO! Chai, this is almost sad.


  1. R. A
    February 24, 05:55 Reply

    Really??? Take all me cash, I’m sure my family would love this. Lol!

    • kamorudeen
      February 24, 06:58 Reply

      I noticed you. You have not been commenting recently or have you?

  2. Gad
    February 24, 07:32 Reply

    i guess we need more of that. thinking of the game of numbers

  3. Mercury
    February 24, 10:11 Reply

    Pinky you’re just a mess. I can’t with you.

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