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Photo Of The Day LIII

When you see it… lol Erm, with the exception of Masked Man (that is, the him in that incredibly erotic Christmas sex story), did anyone else get summa this for

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A Few White Men

I’m not racist or anything. The white guys just don’t do it for me sexually like the black brothers like Idris Elba and David McIntosh (eat your heart out, Pinky).

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Photo: Prayer For 2018

Amen ooo!!! 😀


  1. #TeamKizito
    October 23, 06:19 Reply


    And when he starts flirting with girls, you’d be like?

    • Pink Panther
      October 23, 06:22 Reply

      Hey hey hey! Look who’s here. 😀
      Come, mister, gimme a shout on whatsapp. I’ve got some ish to discuss with you.

  2. sinnex
    October 23, 07:36 Reply

    That is life jare…see how the guy dey even enjoy am sef…he reminds me of Bryson or wetin be im name again in LSITC.

  3. Dennis Macaulay
    October 23, 07:53 Reply


    The kind of shit you put up with when you date bisexual men.

    • posh6666
      October 23, 09:24 Reply

      Mr Dennis u sef na bisexual now are u subbing yourself?????? off b4 aunty pinkie beats the hell out of me.

      • posh6666
        October 23, 09:30 Reply

        Or rather heteroflexible runs of again in high stilletos?????

          • posh6666
            October 23, 10:03 Reply

            Lmaooooooooooooooooo but na true na.

          • sinnex
            October 23, 10:07 Reply

            Please can I watch? I promise to be good.

            • posh6666
              October 23, 10:12 Reply

              Lmaooooo see ur yeye dirty mind am not Dennis type o he likes them twinks i like them more older.

  4. john
    October 23, 09:11 Reply

    hmmm. I am always happy when that happens. if it were to be a guy and I know he is of same orientation, na die be that. he ll go on s*x fast for 90 days

    October 23, 11:05 Reply

    Bitch yo ass had better re-route away from ma Man, or i’ma bitch slap yo like a punta that you are….

  6. Chizzie
    October 23, 12:00 Reply

    Lol this is so me and the current potential bae rn

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