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Photo: There was a Bottom Appreciation Day

So apparently, there was a Bottom Appreciation Day, and I didn’t get the memo. Well, even though it has passed (September 2), here’s to all the Bottoms out there: either

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Photo: The Gay Man’s Malaria Drug?

Well, here it is, gentlemen. The antimalarial recommended for a special demographic. 😀

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Man Crush Tuesday: IK Ogbonna

The day I met the actor cum model, the day he walked up to my work station for me to render him some service, I nearly hyperventilated with lust. Kai!


    • MacArdry
      May 01, 04:10 Reply

      “Real niggas do real things”,for family,loved ones

  1. Ola
    May 01, 04:48 Reply

    This bitch is vindictive, she does not have a good motive

  2. pete
    May 01, 04:57 Reply

    people can do lots for love

  3. Chris
    May 01, 05:28 Reply

    Kai! i thought i ve heard it all,
    biko, The dude in above text
    is DL. bro recognising bro.

  4. Masked Man
    May 01, 05:29 Reply

    There are other things he could go for money, like fucking a cougar. He’s just a nigga fucking in the down low and using his kid for an excuse.

    • Chris
      May 01, 06:43 Reply

      @MaskedMan, we are on the same page this morning.
      Yes how ridiculous, he didnt see women there to go knack,
      some babymama or wifey sef are so ignorant oh Lord of mercy.
      Unless, hangon, maybe the babymama above is just being
      sarcastic and was indirectly trying to call out her babydaddi.

  5. kendigin
    May 01, 05:56 Reply

    Lol, this scenario is very popular among black americans. I once watched a documentary where the lady was pissed cos the guy couldnt provide. So she’s “why cant yo go out there and sell yo ass like everyone else?”. Lol

    Anyway, this is not unexpected when people believe that being gay is by choice. So the guy can easily choose to “get down” when necessary so as to get some cash for baby. I guess the man is having the time of his life, head or tail!

  6. obatala
    May 01, 06:03 Reply

    no honey, he’s not a GOOD dad, he’s a LAZY dad

  7. Ace
    May 01, 06:34 Reply

    Saw this some time ago online. I didn’t know what to make of it. People be looking for reasons to justify their reasons to be taking D on the low. I bet he now prays for the babies diapers to finish ASAP so he can go play with Mr. Jackson dick.

    • Chris
      May 01, 06:49 Reply

      ….what is the matter with you guys this morning, is it because it is public holiday
      “i bet he now prays for….. Mr Jackson’s dick. Kendigin too, listen to this…”having
      the time of his life , head or tail, boy am in stitches oh, good jokes.

  8. GOld
    May 01, 07:22 Reply

    Awwww now isn’t that a good dad??
    No he’s not a good enough dad.
    His motives are so wrong and misplaced.

  9. Sinnex
    May 01, 09:19 Reply

    Na wa oooo…

    What about now, Is he still sucking and taking dick to pay her college fees?

  10. Ruby
    May 01, 10:38 Reply

    I smell a rat!
    A DL rat!
    I can’t!
    I just can’t!!!

  11. Khaleesi
    May 01, 10:52 Reply

    Lol, he’s a good dad with a good excuse for sucking and taking dick …

  12. Gad
    May 01, 20:22 Reply

    I’m sure the so called Dad started earning a living with his ass/dick as a teenager. Its now the only source of livelihood he knows. Pity

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