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Photo: For The New Year

Happy New Year, guys. Hope someone crossed over into 2015 with a little sum’n sum’n… 😉

Gallery 33 Comments

Photo: Is This Love Or What?

The picture below was someone’s update on Whisper. When I saw it, I simply knew I had to share it here. What do y’all think?


  1. KryxxX
    June 05, 05:17 Reply


    We r gay! We are queer! We r here! We’ve been here! We ain’t going nowhere! We r here to stay! WE R TAKING OVER THE WORLD!

    They ain’t seen nothing yet! ITS Remaining naija! That national assembly building would collapse on d day they r having a joint section!

    GIVE IT SOME TIME ND One idiot now would come with his own analogy that d sins of d gay community caused d flood just like in d days of Noah nd Sodom nd Gomorrah! And that the rainbow was man-made nd not natural! Smh! Afujugo m anya! Iberibe @ its peak!

    • pinkpanthertb
      June 05, 05:36 Reply

      Hahahahahahahaaa!!! National assembly Building collapsing… Chai! Kryxxx, you have no chill.

    • Mitch
      June 05, 06:44 Reply

      KryxxX onye oma m, I don miss you scarra!

  2. Ringlana
    June 05, 05:19 Reply

    All I Know is “There is God ooo”wink

      • Max
        June 05, 07:20 Reply

        Countries are having double rainbows, others are flooding.. And he still haven’t got a single activity in his backyard… And you’re wondering why he’s yimuing..

  3. Mitch
    June 05, 06:46 Reply

    Wonder what Nigeria would be getting. Famine, drought, war, hurricanes or an earthquake!

      • Mitch
        June 05, 06:59 Reply

        Me, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for an earthquake that’ll hit only that yeye House of Assembly.

    June 05, 07:17 Reply

    Aswear this is is the best thing I’ve seen all week…

  5. Diablo
    June 05, 09:28 Reply

    God? Ha! …or the Association of Gay Satanists world wide. We had to sacrifice a couple of ( straight) humans to get the Job done, and the results are what we expected. Nigeria is next…

    • pinkpanthertb
      June 05, 11:03 Reply

      Hahahahahahahaa @Nigeria is next. You sound so deliciously ominous, Diablo

  6. posh6666
    June 05, 10:17 Reply

    Lmaoo ok this pics is soo wrong.Btw Korede Bello has suffered o eversince d release of his Godwin video the gay bashing is now unto anoda level,with d way he was dancing.Nigerians and dia hypocrisy so quick to label one gay when sucking dicks is dia own favourite hobby.

    • Ringlana
      June 05, 11:27 Reply

      I can’t stop Laffing ,he wants to bring out. His own Style #Shoki

      • posh6666
        June 05, 11:35 Reply

        Lol me too lezbee honest dat dance sef get k leg abeg…the boi jus dey dance like say him jus receive finish

  7. mrFresh
    June 05, 10:35 Reply

    Its so great …and it gladens my heart to see dat picture up ….only God knows wat wld happy to Nigeria oooo…keeping my fingers crossed…
    PS:Am new here ….good to be here

  8. Ruby
    June 05, 10:40 Reply

    Most likely I hope our National Assembly will experience a Landslide dat will only affect the Legislative chambers only should they revisit this matter.

  9. Khaleesi
    June 05, 11:18 Reply

    lool… how apt!!! Does anyone else find it ironic that Ireland which for decades was renowned for its two major exports; potatoes and – – Catholic priests/nuns has granted full equality to gays? Day after day, any justification for homophobia is being erased and evaporated yet Nigerians (typically), still cling staunchly to their homophobic hatred … Good job Ireland! Now, where next? and … don’t hold your breath for Nigeria, its not happening anytime soon! sorry to burst your bubbles …

    • pete
      June 05, 14:06 Reply

      how can you forget Guinness?

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