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Photo: Most Wanted

Anybody with information for the police should please call it in. This woman with a crime of bisexual activities could be armed and dangerous.

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Photo: What Alex Ekubo Could Be Talking About

A KDian sent me the screengrabbed photo below along with the words: “I don’t think he was talking about the clothes, but my mind was miles away from that. I

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Morning Humour XIII

First, they were straight. And then, a hand made all the difference. lol


  1. Ace
    August 18, 05:49 Reply

    Lol… Photoshopped but still true

  2. KingBey
    August 18, 06:04 Reply

    Is that not the legendary John legend? ????

  3. JArch
    August 18, 07:36 Reply

    He compliments her in the areas that she’s lacking… Is that not what love is about? Completing each other. 😉

  4. Dennis Macaulay
    August 18, 07:41 Reply

    Her ass was photoshopped!

    But the man is packing!

    Isn’t this the point of marriage? Complementing one another?

  5. kacee
    August 18, 08:18 Reply

    Omg hahahahaha, are u kidding me omg *blows face* johnny johnny johnny.

  6. bobby
    August 18, 08:27 Reply

    johns ass was doctored. .he got cakes ..yes!..buh it aint that big.

  7. Mandy
    August 18, 08:50 Reply

    What a gentleman John is, helping his wife to carry her ass. 🙂

  8. kacee
    August 18, 11:33 Reply

    Lmao U guys won’t kill me with laughter.

  9. Max
    August 18, 12:30 Reply

    Photoshopped but true. That girl is a size 2 living pencil. And John is a total bae.

    • kacee
      August 18, 18:27 Reply

      BAE, lol See ya mouth…

  10. Bryannnnn
    August 20, 22:19 Reply

    The Ass on John Legend, is in all shades……LEGENDARY!!!!!!

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