Photo Of The Day XXXV

Photo Of The Day XXXV

Another KDian says: My Ass Is So Bigger Than Yours, I’ve been called the African Male Kim Kardashian.20150720_21374420150720_214039

Believe me, folks. The KDian who owns this picture has an ASS for Africa! Dear God! I’d never had ass envy until he was my house-guest one time and stripped to his boxers before me. Right then, I murmured a ‘We need to talk’ prayer to God.

But I’m having the last laugh now. Hehee. He tells me that he’s gotten so bootylicious that even his male and female colleagues rib him over his generous junk. (Sorry, buddy, I had to share 😀 )

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  1. Ringlana
    July 27, 07:50 Reply

    Honestly,that’s a Good Ass,But African Kim,His is still a. Learner.PP wait until. You gat some Bootylicious. Ass Email

    • Pink Panther
      July 27, 07:57 Reply

      Oh dear. You’re about to send me yours, aren’t you? 🙂

    • Masked Man
      July 27, 08:52 Reply

      Ringlana, do you have my email? You can send to me as well. God will bless you.

      • Masked Man
        July 27, 09:17 Reply

        It’s not that Pinky. Just as a back up email to yours, just incase you are receiving sperm mails. Oh sorry. Spam is what I meant.

      • Ringlana
        July 27, 09:41 Reply

        @MM you gona Kneel and Beg for More,heard you are the Pitakwa

      • Eros
        July 27, 10:00 Reply

        Negodu. Just negodu. Today I give you the title “WHora The Explorer”. Ashewo!!!

        • Masked Man
          July 27, 11:19 Reply

          Bia Eros,
          Leave my matter alone.
          Look who’s calling me whore.
          Lol, I smh for you.
          Queen Babylon like you.

  2. ambivalentone
    July 27, 08:19 Reply

    He does av have an ASSet to die for. Now to the front. Any corresponding belly? *files nails*

    • Pink Panther
      July 27, 08:25 Reply

      Hahahahahaha! I saw that coming. Trys, you’re such a flat-tummy whore

    • Pink Panther
      July 27, 08:25 Reply

      Trust me, Foxy, you don’t. Take it from someone who knows you two.

    • Deola
      July 27, 09:35 Reply

      See as this tea is flowing this morning eh?
      What a day! What a lovely day!

      • Pink Panther
        July 27, 09:37 Reply

        LOL! Deola, your amebo just stinks to the high heavens.

      • JArch
        July 27, 10:18 Reply

        Asin eh… Lemon tea at that

        Meanwhile Deola… You and I have some unfinished amebo tho

  3. Masked Man
    July 27, 08:24 Reply

    When you pin him down, stuffing and banging him from behind, the way this butt will vibrate like earthquakes in Nepal and Haiti.

    And then when you begin to slap it, the joy that comes from the sound it makes. Like banger sounds in Christmas.

    And the slurping, squishy noise when it is excessively lubed, like waterfall on rocks.

    • Pink Panther
      July 27, 08:26 Reply

      MASKED MAN!!! *sign of the cross* May God sanctify your soul.

      • Masked Man
        July 27, 08:36 Reply

        But let the sanctification begin from my groin and butt.
        Need to get rid of them hairs.

  4. Sinnex
    July 27, 08:56 Reply

    This is just too much for me.

    When you get a muscularly perky butt, you can give me a call.

    I am not ready for something that looks like a stuffed bear.


    • Pink Panther
      July 27, 09:04 Reply

      Are you sure you’d know what to do with a muscular perky butt when you see it? 🙂

      • Mandy
        July 27, 09:17 Reply

        Hahahahahahahaa! Pinky, onye onu ojo. Leave Sinnex alone o. Shebi he’s no longer a virgin. I’m pretty sure he’s now actively beefing up his lovemaking resume

      • Sinnex
        July 27, 09:37 Reply

        Baby boy, you don’t want to try me.

  5. Peak
    July 27, 08:58 Reply

    Ok this is impressive.

    A couple of trap songs and a pole came to mind by just looking at it. Imagine him just bending over and twerking to Big sean and Nicky’s ASS song.

    Baeby boy how did you get all of that Azzz?

    • Pink Panther
      July 27, 09:08 Reply

      The person who owns it has been wanting to meet the great Dennis Macaulay. So, no, hon. You don’t know the ass owner.

    • Mandy
      July 27, 09:15 Reply

      This pitakwa lord sef. All it took was a look at the ass and you knew whose it was? Tomorrow, you’ll cry foul now when you get called a hoe on KD.

      • Dennis Macaulay
        July 27, 09:22 Reply

        My dear there is another KDian who has a nyash just like this that I have had the pleasure of sticking my face in amongst other things! So pardon me, I thought twas the same!

        • pete
          July 27, 09:36 Reply

          So, people have been meeting outside KD to stick their heads inside assessment?

          • pete
            July 27, 10:04 Reply

            Pete ezigbo nwanne m. Kee nke na-eme?

            Dennis, O di nma.

            • Pink Panther
              July 27, 10:06 Reply

              LOL. Pete, thank you very much. I was itching to go Nazi on him.

            • Dennis Macaulay
              July 27, 10:34 Reply

              Can I ever please you people with igbo? You will always find fault! Abeg have a seat next to PP

              • Max
                July 27, 12:41 Reply

                I think you do it on purpose..

  6. JustJames
    July 27, 09:19 Reply

    Breakfast Is served.. Could I have that with a nice warm sausage, eggs and hot creamy milk. Hold the lemon juice..

  7. pete
    July 27, 09:35 Reply

    Are we allowed to guess?

  8. Frankعnstein
    July 27, 09:36 Reply

    Really, ‘the great Dennis Macaulay’? I agree with you sinnex… This is waaaaaaaay too much booty to handle

    • Dennis Macaulay
      July 27, 09:39 Reply

      What are you people saying? Ass is never too big! Don’t speak such sacrilege here please!

      • Frankعnstein
        July 27, 10:15 Reply

        Now that you’re probably bi, do you think you can handle Kim Kardashian?

  9. JArch
    July 27, 10:24 Reply

    This kind of booty is called the “Milkshake smoothie” cos its soft, warm, juicy, smooth and contains healthy proteins that makes it appealing and delicious to the eyes and other body parts

  10. Samsey
    July 27, 11:16 Reply

    Good Lawd! I so love cakes ehn……the things i would to a booty like this

  11. yinkss
    July 27, 11:17 Reply

    I’m new here. Please what exactly is this blog about? Is it just for us LGBT to read news and gist online or do we hookup as in exchange contacts too?.
    PS- I’m madly in love with korede bello and I heard he is gay too. Please can anybody hook me up. Pleaseeee I’ll appreciate it.

    • Masked Man
      July 27, 11:35 Reply

      Hahahaha, ewo!
      Madly in love with Korede? And you heard he’s gay? Dennis Macauly will spare no seconds to top you into shreds. Best thing for you is to back off.

      No exchange of contracts here, thank you.


      • Ringlana
        July 27, 11:58 Reply

        Are Mine the only One ,Noticing that Korede looks like someone who cry when Banging?

  12. Max
    July 27, 12:10 Reply

    Ahaa, 54 comments… Typical

  13. Posh6666
    July 27, 12:34 Reply

    I guess its safe to say i officially have a list of those that will be in d vip section of hell with pinkie top most on d list

  14. Ace
    July 27, 14:45 Reply

    *Runs to the gym to squat* someone here once said the gaybourhood is like a market, only the hottest goods gets picked. Well, people like this will make me hit my best before date and expire before anyone notices me. That is after I have finished hitting this very juicy good in the storeroom.

  15. kacee
    July 27, 17:44 Reply

    Chai i miss chumchin today o lmao

  16. kacee
    July 27, 18:00 Reply

    Mhen this ass….no comment.

    July 28, 11:00 Reply

    sinnex is no longer a virgin??? Hey! Since DM nd Max dont wanna take what av been offering in a platter of gold, sinnex try been the lucky one… Dat ass thou, o ndia na eme anyi njo ahia…how would i sell my watermelon when a melodious apple like the above is on its way to the market… Guys go buy both the tray sef

  18. Ven
    July 28, 20:10 Reply

    Okay, I’m kinda new, and I rarely speak up. But I gotta say, even I have a bigger ass than that tbh. Male Africa Kim K is a bit of an oversell. Plus, I cry foul because of the camera angle

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