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  1. façade
    February 02, 05:34 Reply

    yes! n ma barber is bad enough that he keeps brushing that big thing against ma shoulder, at a point I even felt it get harder **sighs**

  2. tee
    February 02, 05:53 Reply

    My barber like pushing it on my arm .I don take style poke am till he hard e be like say he dey enjoy am na liver to hold am I dey find

    • ambivalentone
      February 02, 08:29 Reply

      Dear Lawd!!! They dinnor share these guts for me at production line o

  3. Mandy
    February 02, 06:00 Reply

    There is no hell greater than when your barber is hot and not shy about moving his crotch about your face when giving your head some loving. And you keep having to stifle that temptation to touch.

  4. ken
    February 02, 06:29 Reply


    We the sisters of st chastity convent have never thot of such. We recite rosary while barbing to avoid the decadent lusty sins of the flesh. Thanks

  5. Kenny
    February 02, 06:32 Reply

    Yes! I sometime point my elbows outwards so his groin can rub them when he moves around *covers face

    • #Chestnut
      February 02, 07:11 Reply

      @kenny: I thot I was d only one that used to set that “elbow” trap o!(And there was this particular barber of mine that used to enjoy it so much…too much,infact! #OkBye)

  6. Rapum
    February 02, 06:47 Reply

    Okay, it’s official. Some people want their heads sliced with clipper.

  7. charloxy
    February 02, 07:05 Reply

    My barber is so cute dat i alwayz wanna grab his dick..

  8. JoshDeity
    February 02, 11:56 Reply

    No, not really. I already have enough stimuli coming from the vibration of the hair clippers. I need not add to that…
    … But this particular barber went far when he was cute, wore plaited hair and was sticking his finger in my ears to position my head. OMG, I was so turned on… Had to stop him from doing that.
    There’s a time to be turned on and there’s a time to NOT be turned on…

  9. segs
    February 02, 12:26 Reply

    Sigh my barber is so fucking cute and its annoying cause he brings it everytime and I use to be like oh lord save me, cause if I make any stupid move they will cut of my head

  10. lluvmua
    February 02, 13:14 Reply

    *screams into speaker* hell to the yea baby………….Lol… there is this particular barber in my school back then that was so cute jeez , that every queer guy in school then usually goes to his saloon to cut hair…….oh jeez*fans self* when ever any queer guy comes, he plays with them #tickling and stuffs….. and he’s specialty is rubbing the almighty D on your arm or elbow……. …… miss school sha….

  11. bountyhunter
    February 02, 15:37 Reply

    I think some barbers derive pleasure from rubbing their Ds against guys… I have had this experience with multiple barbers and they don’t seem to mind when u brush your elbow against it.

  12. GAG
    February 02, 18:20 Reply

    Yes yes yes, I intentionally put my hand on the arm rest, and whenever he wants to shape my hairline, he leans on my fingers. I tried removing it on 2 occasions but the day he got hard, I stopped removing my hand. Just praying for the courage to grab it. Pls visit

  13. Ruby
    February 02, 20:22 Reply

    You haven’t the slightest idea!
    Virtually every barber I’ve patronized in Мy adult years have made it a point of duty to rub their crotches against Мy shoulder, arm or elbow.
    I’ve even had a bus conductor rub against Мy shoulder n Мy friend’s hand @ the same time!

  14. Oluwadamilare
    February 02, 22:21 Reply

    Ah I remember this porn scene … *runs off to pornhub to find it*

  15. Eddie
    February 04, 03:36 Reply

    I remember being on a bus and I was at the edge of the seat closest to the door and then the conductor’s legs and mine got intertwined with my knee rubbing his crotch and his rubbing mine… we were both hard but refused to meet each other’s gaze…I had to think bout blue skies and green grass to “calm down”

  16. Tobby
    February 04, 14:22 Reply

    Well, my bro barbs me. So…

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