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A New Mr. Gay World: Emmanuel Mass Luciano

Meet Emmanuel Mass Luciano, aka Mr. Gay Hong Kong 2015, who has officially been crowned the new Mr. Gay World, making him the first title-holder to ever come from an

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Photo: When Taylor Swift And Justin Bieber Became A Lesbian Couple

You can thank (or blame) Miley Cyrus for bringing this to our attention — face swap Taytay and the Biebs and you’ve got yourself one adorable lesbian couple. Taylor’s response?

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Can someone please help me out here with something to say?


  1. ken
    November 30, 07:42 Reply

    What a dream!

    Maybe if gay peeps werent too shallow, self absorbed and utterly consumed by sexual fantasies, we could actually begin to focus on more serious aspects of relationships

    • Max
      November 30, 08:01 Reply

      Cynical, stereotypical, but true.

  2. bruno
    November 30, 07:48 Reply

    …or maybe you should work on fixing your broken pieces first before becoming an emotional liability on someone else.

  3. sinnex
    November 30, 07:50 Reply

    Unfortunately, one day might never come. Why wait for someone to fix the broken pieces when you can just fix it yourself.

  4. Delle
    November 30, 09:45 Reply

    *wiping off tear beads*…I wonder that man that would not want this.
    I need this in my life! Oh *resumes sobbing fit*

  5. nonchalant
    November 30, 10:13 Reply

    #yawns boring!, no skin.
    one day ,am gonna hug yhu so tight so all yhur lose pieces fall off.
    so I can f..k yhu silly.


  6. nonchalant
    November 30, 10:32 Reply

    why would anyone wanna stick yhur pieces together, when all I wanna do is take’em off.

  7. Chizzie
    November 30, 10:43 Reply

    I hope they grab my ass while hugging me. *wipes tears*

  8. King
    November 30, 11:35 Reply

    Be the change u desire…if u want that kinda person…be that person

  9. Otega-Lag
    November 30, 13:42 Reply

    I believe dat one day i’d fynd dat guy dat wud do dat 4 me…#Optimistic

  10. Aj
    December 04, 18:35 Reply

    If only we were not too sexually conscious.

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